by Steven T. Serna


Coco sat soaking in the sun while watching the waves wash ashore. Jamaica was the one place she wanted to go on vacation to get away from the life back home. With only one more night on this wonderful Island her dreams were coming to an end. By tomorrow-late night she would be back home, alone, once again.

In the last thirteen days Coco spent all her time shopping or soaking up the sun on the beach. With the hot pink umbrella in her drink Coco stirred the ice around. Her thoughts lingered to how alone she felt, more alone now then she's ever felt before. At least at home Coco had all her personal belongings, and her cat Shadow. Here she had nothing but her cloths.

Just above a whisper Coco spoke to her Bacardi Breezier. "I must be the only twenty six year old virgin." At the sound of her voice she started to laugh on how pathetic she sounded. With the full moon already in the sky and the sun spreading the last of its rays across the sky Coco stood to take her last walk along the beach. After walking for several minutes with her toes pressing in the, soft cool, sand and the cool water around her ankles Coco saw some one walking towards her in the distance.

Coco's heart rate increased when she noticed it was the same Spanish man she had seen all week on the same beach. For a moment her thoughts drifted back to the sweet smell of coconut mixed with ocean water. Coco could remember the eye contact followed by a smile as they brushed each other while having dinner I the hotel restaurant. His, fine muscled, body looked golden in the moonlight from the oil on his skin as he took each step towards her. The feel of sweat on her palms made her blush. They stopped with in five feet of each other while holding each other's gaze. Coco felt a lump swell in her throat as she spoke one word. "Hello"

"Hola," he replied. "It's a gorgeous evening don't you think?"

" is." Again it took all she had to say three simple words.

He took a step forward with his hand out. "I'm Monico Cruz."

"I'm...I'm Coco."

When he took her hand she expected a shake, but he took her hand palm down gently kissing the top of her hand.

"It's a pleasure to finely meet you. I have seen you many times through out the week. My courage failed me each time I tried to say something to you."

Coco couldn't help but look at his tight abs and chest. Looking up she saw his deep blue eyes looking back at her. Before her legs buckled under her she forced her self to speak.

"I...Ummm...I saw you to but I'm to shy and there was no way I could approach you. Its funny how thing turn out though.

"It is, look at us now. Talking on the beach in the moon light." Monico looked across the Ocean as the moon and stars glistened off its surface.

Its to bad we didn't do this sooner." Coco looked at the ground knowing that she would be going home in the morning. As she looked back he had a confused look on his face.

"I will be going back home in the morning." Her voice was filled with regret.

At first he didn't' say anything as he saw the sad look on her face.

"I see. I would be honored if you would spend your last evening with me?" he spoke with a soft and gentle voice.

Coco looked up doing her best to smile. When he took her hand and gently kissed it she felt goose bumps form on her body. Still holding her hand he spoke in the same soft voice.

"I know how you feel, Coco. I also have to go back home in the morning. Would you care to have a drink at the beach club?"

"I would like that."

Hand in hand they walked along the beach. They walked more then half way to the beach club before they said anything to each other. Both were content to in each other's company. Despite just meeting they felt as if they have known each other for years. Coco couldn't help feel the softness of his hand, yet she could feel his strength as well. Every time she glanced at his bare chest tingles formed on the back of her neck. With the feel of sweat on her palms Coco let go of his hand, and played as if she was adjusting her bikini strap.

"How long have you been here?" Coco asked to break the silence.

"It will be two weeks today. And you?

Coco let out a little chuckle. "It's been two's to bad we just meet."

"I know what you mean. I wish I would have had the courage to say something in the restaurant when I first saw you."

Coco could remember that day all to well as they held each other's gaze before going their separate way. "Yes, you took my breath away that day." The blood rushed to her head as she spoke out.

They found a secluded table off in the corner of the beach house. They stayed on the deck to enjoy the cool air. Monico ordered a crown and sprite and Coco ordered a Strawberry Daquiri when the waitress came to their table. Over the next couple hours they talked and laughed while enjoying each other's company.

Before she lost the courage Coco reached over and put her hands on his. "Monico, I have something to ask you, but I don't' want you to take it the wrong way."

"Coco, you can ask me anything." Monico squeezed her hand to assure her she could speak her mind.

At first she didn't say anything then after a long sip of her drink she looked into his deep blue eyes. "Monico, when I first came here I didn't know why I came to Jamaica. Maybe it was to find a true love, or maybe it was simply to find myself. I don't know...Now I know it was to find myself. Monico I'm going to be totally hones with you. I..." she paused for a moment as she bit her bottom lip. "I'm twenty six years old and I've never been with a man before."

Looking at his smile she knew he wasn't' going to make fun of her so she continued. "I'm not sure why I just told you that. Maybe I've had to much to drink." With a chuckle she took another sip of her drink. "Maybe...Maybe, I thought we could go back to your room and you could show me how to make love."

She started to blush as the last words came out of her mouth. 'I can't believe I just said that' she thought to her self. Coco looked up from her glass and saw that he was blushing.

Monico cleared his throat. "Coco I would be lying to you if I told you I could...Thing is..." he took a sip of his drink to take the dryness out of his mouth. "I like you Coco. I like you a lot. Like you I am also a virgin." He looked down at his drink with embarrassment.

"Monico, would you like this to be our first? I know I've always said I would wait until I got married, but at this rate I'm going I may never get married."

"I would love to." Was all he could say as his heart pounded in his chest.

Love at first sight

"Make yourself comfortable." Monico said as he closed the door. While Coco looked around she was surprised how big his room was. Monico moved behind the small bar and turned on the stereo filling the room with a soft jazz.

"This is nice."

"Thank you. It's the ambassador suit. It was the only one they had left with a computer. I like to keep tables on my stocks."

Against the right wall sat a desk with computer and phone. The opposite wall had a full bar with stereo. Just to the right of the door was the kitchenette. Coco peeked into the next room. "Wow!" she gasped. A couch and love seat sat in the center of the room facing a stone fireplace. On each wall hung a painting with the scene of the Ocean. On the back wall a bay window looked across the Ocean. On her left side was a close door. Coco opened the door where a beautiful, oak, king size canopy bed sat. With out a word she moved to the sliding glass door. A cool breeze moved in the room as she pulled it open.

Monico walked in the room and saw Coco standing at the open door way looking out. With out a smile he set the two glasses he had on the dresser.

"You have such a breath taking view." Coco said with out looking back.

"Thank you." He whispered as he put both hands on her shoulders. Pulling her long, dark, hair back he gently kissed her ear then started to kiss her along her neck. Sliding his hands down her arms as he kissed the top of her shoulders. With his strong yet gentle touch Coco felt the goose bumps run through out her body.

In a soft voice he whispered in her ear. "I'm scared I'm not doing this right." With a soft touch he ran his hands across her firm stomach.

In a whisper that could barley be heard. "You feel wonderful." With her right hand she pulled the tie on the wrap around her waist letting it fall to the floor.

Monico continued to kiss both sides of her neck, at the same time he ran his hands over her shoulder and down her back. With one hand on her thigh and the other on her back he pulled the string that held her top in place. As the top hit the floor he ran both hands up along her side. With a slow caressing touch he ran his hands up and around her fully erect breasts.

As Coco felt his hands touch her nipples she could feel herself become moist with the excitement that coursed through her body. With her soft hands she reached behind her to feel what she so desired. As his fingers traced her nipples his lips moved along her neck. Coco slid both hands down his shorts along his pulsating man hood.

Coco turned and they gazed into each other's eyes for what seemed like a lifetime, yet it lasted only a few seconds. Monico leaned down their lips touched for only a second then Coco pulled away stepping towards the bed with her hand in his. With out a word they both slid off what cloths they had on. With a smile she crawled on the bed. Monico froze as he watched her move to the center of the bed. Her soft, firm, body moved with such grace he became fully erect. Monico knelt on the foot of the bed then as smooth as a panther he moved towards her. When he reached her ankle he bent down and ran his lips along her leg as slow as he could. As Coco lay there she could feel her heart pounding in her chest, and the heat between her legs was almost unbearable. When Monico's lips moved across her stomach Coco grabbed a hand full of sheets fully lost in his touch. Monico pinched her nipple between his teeth with only a slight pinch causing Coco to let out a soft moan. Along with the moan Monico slid between Coco's soft legs. Holding each others gaze for a moment before they kissed with heated passion. In a slow smooth motion they were made as one. As the fire of pleasure coursed through both their bodies they both drifted off into total submission.


Before sunrise Coco gathered her things and slipped out of Monico's room. With the thought of never seeing Monico again, she knew this was best with out having her heart crushed. Coco felt a great sadness as she walked to her room.

After a quick shower Coco stood at the open door way looking around the room one last time. With her plain ticket in hand and her luggage already on the way to the airport she was ready.

Coco was floating on a cloud from the pleasure she felt last night was like nothing she could have ever dreamed of. Leaving the hotel in a cab regretting the way she left. Was it love she felt, passion, lust? These were emotions unknown to her. The fire was something she would never forget.


Monico woke with a shock as the phone rang. "Coco" he called out. Realizing she was gone he felt great pain in his heart. Monico sat on the edge of the bed as a tear rolled down his cheek. In love with the women he just meet, now with the thought of never seeing her again filled his soul with regret.

In the cab ride to the airport his thoughts were of Coco and the emotions he felt. Monico realized he never got her number or her address. Feeling complete idiot he started to laugh.

"M'on you ok?" the driver asked with a thick Jamaican accent.

"I never asked her address."

"The driver looked in his mirror and drove humming to a ray-gay tune that was playing on the radio.

Seated on the plane with thoughts and images of the lady he knew only as Coco. Nearing the end of the flight Monico decided to use the bathroom, but the 'in use' sign was lit. Monico's knees went weak as Coco stepped out of the bathroom. Speechless, they embraced with tears of joy.

Upon touchdown they sat in the airport coffee shop talking for hours.

"I don't believe this. I live on 53rd and 6th east." Coco said in shock. Neither one could believe they lived less then a mile from each other. For the love they had for each other their lives were complete now that they were together again.

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