by Brian

The cold air began condensing on his defroster as he drove slowly home. His AC was neglected as he drove deep in thought. The window was down, his left arm out, feeling the air pass by his fingers, music playing in the background.

Hey, are you lonely?

Has summer gone so slowly?

We found the ground

And that damage was done

It's cold as you fade into the sun

Where'd you go? To me?

She confused him. They had already gone through this, and it hadn't worked. Or had it? Apparently now she felt something for him, but what? She asked for the ride because she wants to be with me. She didn't let go of me when I hugged her. But I can't get my hopes up. Not again.

But you're alive!

Well, it's only

Fallen frames, they told me

You stand out, it's so loud

And so what if it is?

It's cold as you face into the wind

Where'd it go to? tonight the sun shall see its light

What if my feelings are right this time? What if she actually does want me, not just as a friend, but as a man? What if she finds me desireable? What if she reciprocates the same attraction that I feel for her? What if she aches for me as I do for her?

So what if you catch me,

Where would we land?

In somebody's life

For taking his hands

Sing to me hope as she's

Thrown on the sand

All of your work

Is rated again

Where to go?

No, that can't be. Don't delude yourself, you loveblind fool. I am not lucky enough to be that happy. It won't work out. It never has. It never will. Oh God, why does this confusion always rack me? Why do I suffer the compulsion to over-analyze? Help me to know what to do. Please let this work out. Please!

When I was sure you'd follow through

My world was turned to blue so thin

When you'd hide your songs would die

So I'd hide yours with mine

And all my words were bound to fail

I know you won't fail

See, I can tell

I just don't understand. Why? Why? WHY? Why does it never work out? Why does she act like a tease? Why doesn't she love me? Why does she love me? Why can't I ever understand? Why do I always have to understand???

So what if you catch me,

Where would we land?

In somebody's life

For taking his hands

Sing to me hope as she's

Thrown on the sand

All of our work

Is rated again

The drunken driver ran the red light. The drunk's car, travelling at 65 mph, collided with the boy's car with the force of a train through a house of sticks. Shattered glass and twisted metal filled the sky and rained down upon the ground. When all came still, the drunk staggered from under his vehicle. The sounds of stressed metal groaning could still be heard as the drunk's eyes slowly focused on the bloody wreck in front of him. That mangled wreck could never have been a car, he thought. He stumbled towards the shattered vehicle. The entire passenger side was gone and the engine had ended up somewhere in between the front driver's and passenger's seat. He could not help but stand and stare, his thoughts becoming slurred and delirious from the alcohol within him. He slowly made his way back to his vehicle and slumped down in a drunken stupor, forgetting the world's troubles, at least for a time. The mangled wreck that once was a car sat silently on the shoulder of the road. The only trace of of occupancy left was a left arm, jutting out of what once was a window, still feeling the wind blow through fingers.

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