Lessons Learnt

by Sedaine Sedi

Kathy was in a very silly mood.

I nodded my head disapprovingly, which only fueled her silliness; she pulled her arm from my grip and began to skip away.

"Kathy, wait up - slow down you'll get us caught."

At this point I had decided I was taking her home. She couldn't wander aimlessly around the school like this. I really wanted to ask her what she had been doing with the 'Jock' but something told me I wouldn't get s straight answer today, besides she was free to do as she pleased with the 'Jock,' she wasn't my girlfriend.

Kathy had on a gray cotton track suit bottom with the words 'CUTE' arching accross her rear, a black button-down shirt that stopped just above her belly with a lollipop sucking 'Care Bear' affixed to the shirt pocket.

We had to jump a fence to get out the school grounds. In her state it would be next to impossible to get her over if she was wearing anything else I thought. The darkness at the section of the fence I picked would not make matters any easier. But under the guise of darkness it had to be so.

"Kathy can you make it over the fence, you ok to do that?" I closed my eyes praying for the right answer.

"Tis' how I got in silly cow, I'll lead the way" she headed for the 5-foot high fence and began to climb it.

I dashed towards her fearing she could fall; held her steady on the C and E of 'CUTE'. Kathy muttered, "I can get over, really. I'm not drunk, I told you I'm just tipsy."

I wasn't sure I could believe her.

"I'd rather not take any chances Kath, what were you guys doing here anyway?" I pushed her upwards; my hands still firmly on the C and E and guided her over the fence. She landed on her feet and fell clumsily on the grass and started to laugh.

"We came to see the boys silly, whdya think?" She rotated herself, still sitting on the grass, to face me. "Well, are you coming over or going back to bed, you said you were going to walk me. You coming? Well..."

I couldn't leave her there, but I half considered doing it. "Hold still Kath, coming over."

I pulled my self over the fence and jumped to the ground. She was still sitting on the ground 'tweedledee tweedleduming' her fingers. I reached down to grab her hands and pulled her up. Why did she have to be tipsy? I wasn't even sure if she meant what she said about coming here to see boys. I bet she saw them! I had just realised that I loved this girl, She had to come see boys for me to realise it.

Why did she have to be tipsy? I suppose it didn't matter why anymore.

The point is, she was tipsy and I had to deal with it. We began to walk towards her house; I was intent on getting her home safely.

Seeing her tucked in would be the most satisfying task I could complete this evening.

She clung to my hand; humming a popular raunchy rap song, occasionally peering into my eyes - perhaps to show she was content and happy - or was I kidding myself? How I loved this girl.

The darkness on her street was absolute.

Even the stars had been turned off.

Tree branches reached down towards the road from either side of the street, humidifying the air with heavy fragrance. The Jacaranda vibrant purple petals recessed into the camouflage of the trees' darkened silhouette. Two lone lamps beckoned, bright beacons pin-pointing our destination a quarter of a mile away.

We stayed in the middle of the road, far away from the dangling arms of the Jacaranda trees. I imagined being besieged by a Jacaranda army - suffocating us with its summer sweet petals.

A light gust of wind blew; gently swaying the gangly Jacaranda branches and fluttering purple petals to the ground.

Kathy suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. The warm breeze seemingly died at that very moment as well. We had reached the bronze spiked gate leading to her house.

"Thanks for walking" she paused, and thought for a few seconds. "I don't want to go home. Do I have to?" Kathy had a questioning, pleading expression on her face.

I put my finger on Kathy's lips; she'd probably wake her parents speaking this loud. I whispering, "Kathy you're tipsy you really need to go sleep, besides..."

Kathy raised her voice, "No, I want to stay with you. Can I come with you? I'll behave I promise. I'll even keep quiet if you ask me to, why can't..."

"Kathy, NO! And be quiet" I whispered more authoritatively.

Kathy stood and stared at me. Thinking.

She brought her thumb to her lips and sucked on the tip of it, a sexy habit she had whenever she schemed.

"Ok fine, but you have to help me into my room cause there's no way I can make it..."

I put my finger back on her lips, "Sshhhhh.... Kathy keep it down.... ok? ok? Alright... ok" I took a deep breadth. "Fine, give me you hand, and KEEP QUIET!"

Kathy immediately sprung her hand forward and gave it to me fighting to hold back her smile. "I'll be quite I promise."

I led Kathy between the illuminated lion sentry pillars guarding the bronze gate.

We looped the long way to get to her room. I was not about to take my chances walking by her parent's room the way she was. She kept quiet though, and even managed to wink and smile at me.

We finally stood by a barely open window that was about 8 feet of the ground. Fortunately it was her window, I'd be able to hoist her up into her room with out the complexities of using lord-knows-what to climb up if it had been any higher.

"Ok, Kath listen up..." I clasped my fingers together and looked down at her feet, "I'll boost you up through your window, think you can do that?"

Kathy nodded and put her right foot into my clasped fingers. I lifted her up slowly towards her window. She slid the window all the way open, then grabbed the panes and pulled herself in. She disappeared through the window, but there was a solid thud that came from her room.

"Kathy, are you ok?" I whispered as loudly as I would dare. "Kathy, Kathy, can you hear me... Kathy are you ok?"

Kathy didn't answer.

My first thought was that she hit her head. Maybe she had passed out. Her window was too high for me to peep through - I could jump and hold the ledge and perhaps pull myself in.

I easily grabbed hold of the window ledge. Using my feet on the wall siding; I climbed onto the ledge and stared down at Kathy. She was lying on the floor passed out. I quietly jumped of the ledge into her room and moved to were here head lay.

I was now scared, what if I had killed her. I gently shook her, panicked and clueless as to my next move. I knew I'd have to wake her parents, what would I tell them?

"Kathy, are you OK?" this was my last whisper I decided, before I charged towards her parent's room.

Kathy's eyes sprang to life. Her cheerful smile reappeared. She jumped to her feet " I stood still surprised by all this " and she walked towards her window and slid it shut.

"Kathy are you ok?"

Maybe she had hit her head after all, why was she acting so strange? She stood facing out her window for a few seconds, staring into the darkness. She exhaled a heavy breath and then turned to face me.

"I'm not tipsy and I never was... I mean, I had a little to drink, but I'm not tipsy... I..."

"So...what's this all about Kath?"

Kathy closed her eyes and took a deep breadth, held it and brought her chest down letting the air hiss out slowly. She walked towards me, biting her lower lip. She was nervous.

She stopped two inches away from me "I was never tipsy, I just wanted to see you."

She spoke slower and more deliberate than she had the whole night. She stood looking into my eyes, her lips almost kissing me as she spoke, but she didn't.

"You're not angry with me, are you?"

I suddenly remembered how hours earlier she had gone of with the 'Jock' in the same darkness we had crept in. If she wanted to see me so much then why didn't she ask for me? Why did she have to go off into the dark with the 'Jock?' What happened in the darkness between the two off...

Kathy undid the top button on her 'Care Bear' blouse. "I really hope you're not angry with me, are you?"

She grappled with a succession of buttons until the blouse was split in half, each half hardly covering her bare breasts. Her smile dared me to answer but my tongue was in a knot.

"I guess that means you're not angry, right?" Her blouse fell from her shoulders to the floor.

She took a baby step towards me, closing the little air gap that had existed between us. She looked down at her breasts, which were now pressed against my chest. I followed her gaze and looked as well. She was being careful not to put her hands on me; instead she placed them on either side of her hips and slowly raised her head to look at me. She half looked as if she was in pain and half pleasure from the way her mouth opened as she looked up at me.

I gained a little composure; she had unarmed me with her appeal. "Kathy, what are you doing? You know I can't stay he..."

At that moment Kathy kissed me. I loved Kathy but she scared me. I wasn't sure how low my guard could be with Kath. She was wild, just like a lose fire spreading and devouring anything that it wanted. She seemed to love me. I loved her.

Kathy stood back; her tracksuit bottom now lay next to her black blouse (Damn!). Her panties were a fire red with a flowery pattern scattered in yellow. She wanted me to look at her. My eyes were locked onto her body; she knew how crippling her curves could be.

(I can't do this; if she just pulls me towards her I won't be able too...).

She put her hands around me and pulled me towards her. She tugged at my shirt, lifting it to just above my chest, then dove for my nipple with her tongue. I wanted to stop her but couldn't, what if her parents wake up? Soon my shirt was over my head, her tongue jumped to my other nipple, the shirt fell to the warm floor.

My mind was still working, running through the different scenarios. What if her dad burst in caught us? Would they call my parents? Would they let me live? Would that mean Kathy and I would cease to be friends? Could I ever visit Kathy if... my pants fell to the floor joining the smile pile of clothes already assembled and question our intentions as they stared up at us. When her hand reached into my boxers two things happened. My brain ceded all logical communications with the rest of the body, and the smaller devil had come alive.

I was now filled with want. I knew we couldn't do this, but I had being pushed -- the lust seemed to be winning. She nudged me backwards towards a chair, skillfully dropping her panties down to her ankles and wobbled them free. Instinct drew my hand to her thigh. I squeezed her left thigh, then greedily moved upwards towards a shaven mound with a slightly peeping volcanic wetness revealing an earthquake slit, which I pried open by sliding a forefinger lengthwise across. The hot wetness sailed outwards releasing the volcanic earthquake and engorging my forefinger between its walls. She breathed a harsh, quiet repetitive breath into my ear, driving the devil even more out of control, harder, flapping widely and eagerly in my boxers.

Her hand pulled at the seam of my boxers, urging, guiding them to my knees and let them tumble downwards on their own. We both stood naked in the dimly nightlight lit darkness, with her breasts jelled against my chest and her tongue snaking on my neck like a hypnotized cobra. Her left hand split our bodies apart as she wriggled it between our bellies. She wrapped her hand around my wild untrained animal and stroked it, perhaps to make it even wilder. Her mound erupted with hot engulfing lava as my finger dove into her abyss. She was choking for breath; captive to the emancipation of the near eruption she was fighting between her thighs. She grabbed my hand, and pulled it away from her wetness. She was panting heavily.

"Si..si..sit." The one word instruction escaped through her heavy breathing.

I looked behind me for the chair, which was positioned next to a draw of clothes. I sat down looking at her body and marveled at how attentive her breasts were. She sat on my lap.

"Kath, I don't think we can do this." I was now thinking again. The once docile brain ignited thoughts on the consequences of what we were about to do.

"Yes we can, it's fine," Kathy reassured. She was sexually crazed.

"What if you get pregnant, you know we can't..."

"I won't get pregnant," she cut in, in protest of what I thought to be a justifiable concern. "Trust me I won't get pregnant." She lifted herself off my lap, her hand clutching my stiff shaft and repeated again, "trust me."

She brought my shaft to the opening in her mound, still hot with her fiery wetness. I tried to move, but it was too late to stop it. My penis chugged purposefully into her railroad, digging deeper and splitting her silky flesh apart. She pulled herself up, sliding my shaft out of her, and suddenly lunged forward sinking me even deeper into her. She threw her arms around my neck, bouncing rhythmatically on my penis, and leaned a nipple towards my open mouth. I reached both my hands behind her and grasped her bouncing firm buttocks and guided her, sinking me even deeper into her vagina. Her boiling wetness washed my penis with its warmth.

My mind came alive again, and latched onto the idea of Kathy being pregnant. This felt so good, but was I ready for this.

"Kath, wait... wait.... please... stop" I tried to hold Kathy still, but she let herself fall into my lap, sinking my penis back into her, then clutched even tighter around my neck.

"Kathy, No... stop" I held her still by wrapping my hands around her back, but she continued to move her buttocks, she was breathing heavier and digging in deeper... I pushed myself upwards and stood up, forcing Kathy off me.

"Kathy," I looked at her for a second and she seemed puzzled. I walked towards the pile of clothes and began to slide my boxers on. "Kath, we can't you'll get pregnant."

Kathy again protested, "I told you I won't get pregnant... how many times do I have to..."

"Kathy, NO! I just don't feel right about this," I continued getting dressed.

She sat on her bed, staring at me, probably hoping I'd change my mind. But my mind was well set. I pulled my trousers up, buckled the belt and tucked in my shirt. She just sat and watched.

"I'm sorry Kathy, I just can't" I walked over to her, looked at her for a second, I could hear her breathing in the darkness. I put my hands under both her elbows and pulled her up off the bed. I hugged her. "Kath, I'm so sorry I just can't, I think I should go.... Are we ok?"

"It's fine... hey, it's cool." She smiled a little "Thanks for bring me home."

"No problem, we will definitely talk later, right?"

I headed for the window and balanced my self on the ledge "See you later Kath, ...oh yeah, by the way... cute bum!" I smiled at her and she smiled back. Then I jumped into the darkness.

The walk back to school was filled with contemplation. What had just happened? The biggest fear I had was Kathy getting pregnant. I tried to recall the biology lesson on the birds and bees, and cursed myself for being inattentive during that lesson. I had to know, could she be pregnant? I made it a priority to ask one of the science seniors a hypothetical question about 'a friend' who had just had unprotected sex with a girl. With that decided, I hurried up the eerie street back to school.


Melissa sat on the bed staring at her gift. It was a smooth abstract stone sculpture of a woman holding a man. It wasn't what she expected, but she never knew what to expect from Trent. He hadn't called her the whole time he was in Cape Town and all he could give her was a sculpture. Well, she supposed, at least he thought about her whilst he was away somewhere obviously having the time of his life. Why else wouldn't he call?

Melissa had not really expected him to call; considering they had fought on the way to the airport. They fought the day before he left, and she was certain they fought the day before that. The fights seemed to define the relationship. She was relieved when he left that they would have time apart, yet she was surprised that he didn't call. It was good that he didn't call, but he should have called. Why didn't he call? Melissa had a few questions she needed answered, just as soon as Trent stepped out she would start by unpacking his suitcase and then do his laundry. She looked down at his suitcase, certain it had a story or two to tell, but Trent could walk out of the shower any second and she didn't want any awkward moments. Surely he was like all other men, carelessly caught-up with himself that he would make the simplest of mistakes. Most of the times it was a number forgotten in a pocket, or a text message that was not deleted. There was always a mistake and Melissa needed to find one.

The phone rang, startling Melissa. She fell backwards on the bed and bumped her head on the wooden sleigh headboard of the bed. She began to curse the bed, and the phone rang again. She reached for the phone, rubbing the back of her head, and the caller ID had Trent's brother's number on it. They must be back home now.

"Your brother called five minutes ago," Mel informed Trent, "you should call him back."

Melissa continued to examine her sculpture. She was sure she was going to throw it away someday.


Kathy stared out the open window into the darkness. Her knight in shining armor ten minutes ago had gallantly alighted from the ledge and disappeared into the night. She had many secrets she kept from Trent. Yeah, they were best friends, but she wanted more than just best friends. If there was to be a relationship, she knew her secrets had to remain just that, secrets.

She finally had slept with Trent. She knew she was going to sleep with him the day he walked her home after her masterful stroke of getting rid of Joan. Everything was falling into place and it was a matter of days before Trent would make their relationship official. How would he ask her? She pictured Trent on his knee with a rose gently clutched between his teeth and his arms reaching upwards towards her. Kathy's secrets had to remain locked away, just a few more days and she'd have Trent, she was sure of it.

Kathy felt a little uneasy though. Maybe she had been too careless. Perhaps she should have been a little more cautious. Kathy's mind see-sawed back and forth between the fantasy of Trent proposing to her and the little secret she had to keep locked away from him.


Trent said a quick meaningless good bye, and stepped out the car. Seconds later the trunk popped open revealing the last pieces he needed to retrieve before he could dart towards the airport terminal. It was a humid hot summer day and he didn't care much for standing outside chit chatting whilst drenching his shirt with sweat in the process. Not that he would have much to say. Once his two large suitcases were out of the trunk, Trent began to walk towards the terminal entrance. He didn't want to turn towards the car and wave good-bye, but he did. It was part of the daily routine. The wave that came back from the car was the same expressionless wave exchanged each morning before departing for work.

The car pulled away as Trent reached the terminal door 10 feet from where the car was parked. Trent didn't mind the car leaving so soon, he preferred it this way. Why hide behind formalities when the truth was evident? Trent pulled out his ticket and searched for the United Airlines check-in counter. Trent looked at his ticket and read 18 hours to Cape Town.

Melissa pulled out her cell phone and made a quick call to a friend in another city. She informed her friend she'd be there in a couple of hours. Melissa accelerated from the airport and quickly forgot about Trent and began planning her next 4 weeks of freedom.


Trent frantically searched for a phone he could use in the airport departure lounge. He barely had 40 minutes to spare before his connecting flight took-off. When he found a phone, he began the traveler's ritual of searching for numbers rarely used. Soon he found the number he was looking for and began to dial.

"Hey Mike, guess who?"

"Hey, fool! What's up? Where you at?" an exited Mike responded.

"Mike, you'll never believe this, well, I guess you will... but I'm coming down there." Trent paused and waited for Mike's response.

"To Cape Town?" Mike quizzed.

"Yes, see I knew you wouldn't believe it!" Trent joked, then suddenly become serious, "Mike, check this out, I'm in Frankfurt right now and my flight leaves in about 30 mins so I have to make this quick. I need a favor, it's small so don't worry..."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Mike interjected, recalling that Trent's favors were always classified as small and usually turn out to be anything but. "Fire away, what is it?"

"Serious man, it's really a small thing." Trent reassured his long-time friend before making his request. "Can you call Alice for me?"

"Alice? You mean Four-Eyes Alice? Isn't she in France or some weird place like that?"

"Yeah, well she was, but right now she's in Cape Town."

"Ok, what you want me to say?"

"Oh yeah, right... well, it's a lie but hey... tell her you have a gift from me and you want to give it to her tonight. Give her some silly excuse, like you're leaving town tomorrow or something like that, so it has to be today."

"Hmmm, I see, but what's this about then?" Mike sounded a little confused.

"Mike, catch up with me, I'll be the gift."

"Oh... ok, I see. So what time you get here?"

"Eight in the evening. Well, that's if the flight doesn't get delayed."

"Ok, hey should I pick you up?"

"Yeah... hey got to go, they're calling for my flight. Mike, eight... your ass better be on time!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Punk! Ok safe journey man."

Trent dashed to gate 7F where the huge Airbus A380 had just begun boarding. He smiled to himself and thought, 'gee this has got to be destiny.' Imagine Alice being in Cape Town at the same time as me. What are the odds?

Trent had last seen Alice seven years ago, and their lusty passionate relationship never quite ended. She went to one country and he to another. The passion endured the distance, and he knew in his heart that she was his real first true love.

How was she going to react? Would she even go and meet Mike? What if she didn't remember me?

"Boarding pass, sir?"


Melissa parked the car in a large apartment complex parking lot. Candy bar colored vehicles were dotted neatly in the parking lots columns and rows, she hopped she wouldn't forget where she had parked.

The only luggage she had were her purse and cell phone, so she took both. She would have to go shopping. Yippee!

Melissa made a quick phone call and then waited. She stared up at the metal and glass building amazed that some people actually preferred to live this way. The main entrance door buzzed, startling Melissa, then there was a click accompanied by a series of tiny green flashing lights on the door handle. She reached for the handle and pulled.

The reception carpet was an inviting warm autumn orange. Dim lights illuminated the abstract paintings on the walls and subtle rays reflected off the leaf-laden ficus trees.

"Can I be of service ma'am," a voice from behind spoke.

Melissa turned to find a desk tucked away in a corner, and a smiling well-fed man standing behind it.

"You need help find someone ma'am," the man repeated.

"Yes, sorry I hadn't realized there was someone behind me," Melissa recovered from being startled by the concierge's voice. "I'm Melissa, I just spoke to..."

"Ah yes, Melissa," the man cut in. "Take the elevator to the 8th floor, apartment 8C. Turn left from the elevator and walk all the way to the end." The concierge gestured with his hands as he gave Melissa directions.

"Thank you," Melissa nodded and began to walk off. Then stopped and turned to face the concierge once more, "Sorry, where's the elevator?"

"My apologies ma'am, right around that corner," he pointed towards an area that was brightly lit, "behind the wall, you'll see two elevators."

"Thank you."

Melissa pressed the '8' button and the doors to the elevator closed. The elevator beeped as it climbed towards the eighth floor. She had already decided that her phone would be off until the day Trent returned. She thought he would not call, however, it would be best if her phone remained off, just in case he did. She could always explain why it was off if she needed to. She shuffled the dead phone to the button of her purse.

The elevator door made a loud 'ping' sound, she had arrived at the eighth floor. She stepped out, turned left and walked towards the end of the long autumn-orange carpeted passage.

Melissa stood in front of door 8C. She took a deep breath and then pressed the buzzer. It seemed like she was waiting for an eternity.


Kathy was seated on the highest bench on the bleachers with two girls Trent had never met before. As soon as Kathy realized Trent was looking in her direction she began to wave franticly. Trent waved back. She then blew a kiss and mouthed, 'Good luck.' He dared not blow a kiss back, what would his teammates think? They were heading into war and he was blowing kisses?

A few guys in the bleachers continually turned back towards Kathy and her two friends, gawking at the tiniest skirts they probably had ever seen. Kathy's bright red skirt drew the most attentions, it if were any higher she would have been wearing nothing.

The rugby match turned out to be a walkover. The 'Bulls' won, and Trent had very little to do in an unexpectedly quiet fullback roll. The guys teased Trent that his jersey looked cleaner now than it did when the match started, thanks to the half time drenching he got. A win's a win!

Once the coach was done with his post game pep talk, Trent walked towards the bleachers that were even more populated now as spectators awaited the next match to commence. Kathy and her two friends had disappeared from their seats. Disappointed Trent turned to leave.

"Good game Trent," a familiar voice called from the bleachers.

Trent scanned the crowd attempting to identify the owner of the voice.

"Over here!" the voice called back from the right edge of the structure.

"Alice," he remembered not to call her Four-Eyes. "I didn't know you were a rugby fan."

"I'm not, my brother dragged me to watch him play. Their up next" She pointed towards the field, the 'Tigers' were doing their war cry center field.

"Oh I see, so what did you think? Like the game," Trent prodded.

"Yes, but it was a little hard to understand some of the rules. Anyway, I thought you played well," Alice added.

Trent failed to recall doing much in the game, "Gee, I barely touched the ball, I think I just tackled two guys and that was it.

"They were good tackles," Alice smiled.

"If you say so, thanks," Trent responded nonchalantly. "Say, you see where Kathy got to?"

"No," Alice shock her head, "I didn't know she was here."

"I'll talk to you later Alice, hope you brother's team wins."

"Ok, see you later," Alice's smile beamed.

Trent turned and headed towards the food concession stalls, Alice's heart was pounding so loud she thought he could hear it from where he stood. Why was she reacting this way? What did this mean? Alice suspected she knew and this made her even more excited. But he didn't seem to care about me, Alice thought.


Melissa was happy. She was free. She was happy to be free. Her heart had been caged in an emotional prison for so long and now she finally had some freedom.

Melissa took a sip of her apple martini. This was good. That's the problem with Trent; he never takes time to smell the roses. She took another sip of her martini. Well, she decided, I'll have to smell them for the both of us. She giggled to her self.

An arm curled around Melissa's shoulders, she snuggled and moved her body towards the bare chest seated next to her. Her blood bubbled as it boiled in her veins. She wanted to be bad tonight, or was it her third martini just talking to her?


Trent closed his eyes for three seconds, took a deep breadth and exhaled. He looked again in disbelief. Kathy and her friends were comfortably seated on the laps of players from the team Trent had just played. Trent stood some distance away, but could hear the hearty, loud, wild and carefree laughter. Trees hung over the benches dropping teasing petals on where Kathy and her friends sat. Rays glimmering through the tree branches created spotlights on the three girls. They were the center of attention, surrounded by a team of savage rugby players.

Kathy's arm casually hung on one of the rugby player's shoulders, and his hands rested on her exposed thighs. A lot was exposed from her tiny mini skirt. One of her friends, engaged in a kiss, laughed heartily. A few other guys stood around encouraging the two other guys to take action. The second girl didn't have to wait long before she too was being kissed. Kathy chanted with the group of boys "Kiss, kiss, kiss," as her friends lips were devoured by the rugby player.

A light gust of wind blew through the tree branches, seemingly opening new paths for the sun to shine through. A large sunray fell around Kathy. The attention shifted to the guy Kathy was comfortably perched on. The group of boys and Kathy's two friends began chanting, "Kiss, kiss, kiss." Kathy was laughing uncontrollable as the rugby player moved towards her with his lips. Has hands were riding high on her thighs and the boys standing in front of Kathy were now part of the show. Kathy still laughing turned towards the chanting boys who continued with their encouragement for a kiss. As she turned back to face the rugby players lips, Kathy caught a glimpse of Trent walking away.


Melissa lay on the bed, pretending to read a novel she had finished two days earlier. Trent hung up the phone and calmly turned toward her.

"Hey, Mel, seems like I gotta head over to my brothers," Trent opened his suitcase and grabbed a few things from it, "I have to drop of some things for those guys, hope it's fine?"

Trent hoped Mel would not offer to accompany him. She loved the kids, and more than likely would want to come and see them.

Mel eyes lifted from the book, "How long you plan on staying there?" She knew what Trent's answer would be. It was usually the same answer whenever she asked that question.

"I'll be there a while, probably come back at midnight." Trent paused and waited for Melissa's response.

"Ahhh man, well, say hi to the boys then " I have to be up early tomorrow, besides I also have laundry to do." Mel pointed towards a pile of clothes that had accumulated in a laundry basket. "Call me and when you're heading back, OK?"

"Yeah, sure."

Trent gathered everything he needed to take with him; he felt a little uneasy, at least he thought, he'd take care of that uneasiness later when he had time.


Kathy's heart galloped. She was not certain if Trent had seen her. She excused herself from the group, and walked in the direction she saw Trent go in. She saw Trent, and yelled out to him, but it was too late, the car he had just ducked into drove off. Kathy put her hands on her hips and fumed to herself, forgetting what Trent might have witnessed her doing. Damn him, she thought to herself, we were supposed to leave together. What a waste of a beautiful Friday, Kathy thought, all because of Trent!

Kathy returned to her group, no need to be cautious now she thought, and sat on the lap she had vacated minutes earlier. Almost on cue, the chanting began once more, "Kiss, kiss, kiss!" Kathy laughed profusely, almost choking on her own hearty cackle. She closed her eyes and puckered her lips; a tongue parted them and dug in searching for her tongue. She wrestled the strong tongue; an electric excitement enveloped her body.

She pulled away from his lips, not suddenly, but slowly, with a poster perfect smile enamored on her face. She leaned forward and whispered into the young mans ear, "I think you've made me wet!"

The laughing continued, parcel to teenage merrymaking. One young man had grander ideas on his mind. He too had been immensely turned on by the kiss. A kissing game she had initiated.

He whispered back to Kathy, "I know a classroom that's waiting for us, you can't handle me!"

"Is that a dare?" Kathy asked in a whisper, "Or a promise?" Kathy looked at his biceps. He was cute and he did have a gorgeous body. Yeah, why not, you only live once right?

Kathy got up and grabbed his hand. This surprised him; surely he was not that 'James Bond' good?

"Buy me a soft drink." Kathy demanded, a simple excuse so her friends would be kept at bay and not wonder what she was up to. Before the rugby player could answer, he was already being dragged to the food stall, which was out of sight from the group.

"Kathy, you really want a soft drink?" the rugby player asked?

Kathy giggled, "What do you think Mr. I can't handle you?"

"Well, I think we need to walk this way, there's a strong force over there just calling to us," he pointed with the tip of his nose, "it's asking us to hurry."

A few other students milled around the food stall, which looked like a wooden shed you'd find in your own back yard, but larger. Queue rails led to the cut out windows where students were served. Kathy walked towards the rails until she was sure her friends could not see her anymore.

They briskly doubled around the food stall and walked towards the classroom block. Kathy thought about Trent and how he had left. She was mad at him. How could he leave, especially since he was supposed to go home with her? He's so inconsiderate she thought to herself.

Petals carpeted the lawn leading to the classroom block. How beautiful she thought! They ran up a few stairs in the elaborate school garden grounds towards the science concourse.

The door to the concourse was not locked, the rugby player opened it and let Kathy in. She tucked her hands behind her back as innocently as she could, walked into the concourse. The concourse was dark, except for light coming in from the doors from either ends of the concourse. The gray concrete look of the inside was a stark difference to the beautiful garden around the concourse. Kathy noticed how the floor was made of large concrete squares leading 70 feet down to the other end of the building. It felt cold and ugly.

The rugby player tugged at Kathy's hand, "This way," he commandeered.

Kathy trudged behind him towards another door. He tried the handle and pushed the door open. It was a science class with bench seating on the left side of the door and on the right were 6 large tables that had Bunsen burners neatly arranged for a class.

The rugby player led Kathy towards the benches. A flight of stairs led up towards the highest bench, where they final stopped. It wasn't completely dark so that she couldn't see him, light snuck through the sides of the curtains. The player sat down and motioned to Kathy to sit on his lap. She thought to herself, 'Fuck Trent, how could he leave.'

She stood facing the rugby player, he stared right back at her with his teasing smile. She waddled forward facing him, her mini skirt rising up until her panties were exposed, and sat on his lap. The rugby players eyes were drawn towards are light blue panties, he peeked at them, barely covering here little secret.

Kathy, now wet and barely able to contain herself jabbed at the rugby player, "Still think I can't handle you?"


The planes tires screeched on the tarmac. Trent was excited to be in Cape Town. The plane taxied towards the terminal. Trent stared out the window, it look glorious outside. The plane came to a standstill and all the passengers rose as if on cue and gathered their belongs from the overhead compartments. Trent took his time, excited as he was, but he didn't want to trip over himself with excitement.

After Trent had cleared immigration, he went and stood by the carousel with the rest of the passengers and waited for his luggage. It seemed as if every passenger had the same black suitcase he had. Suddenly he realized what a great idea Mel's bright yellow suitcase would have been. As hideous as it was, it would have saved time. He just had to look out for the tags with his untidy scribble, that was his only option.

Trent rolled his suitcase behind him and walked through the green route towards the airport arrivals exit door. The doors slide open and he walked through, overwhelmed by the hordes of people waiting for travelers. He searched the gathered crowd for a face he knew. A hand near the back waved frantically, attempting to draw his attention. It was Mike.

Mike hurled the suitcase into the trunk, finding it hard to hold back his own excitement. They hadn't seen each other in ages and a lot of catching up had to be done. Mike started the car and drove away from the busy airport towards the city. Trent tapped on the dashboard of the car with a smile of satisfaction.

"What are you smiling at? Or you're just happy the plane landed in one piece?" Mike joked.

"Nah, man " stop goofing " ok so what's up?" Trent responded.

Mike glanced over at Trent, "What do you mean what's up? What's up with what? Me? Oh, I'm fine. Thanks for asking!"

"Come on Mike, ok "is this punishment for something? Tell me you called Alice," Trent now getting somewhat anxious replied.

Mike stepped on the accelerator and the car revved into action on the straight road.

"Mike man, what the fuck is this?"

"4 hours dude, we got to rush!" Mike replied now smiling.

"Damn man, you did it " ahh that is so cool!" Trent bounced around his seat the excitement now well beyond containment.

"Yeah, I called her last night. Anyway, she tried to brush it off like she was busy or something " but we're meeting at a party pretty close to my place. She is going to pass out when she sees you!"

"I hope that's the effect I have on her," Trent thought for a second "but what if she's with another guy?"

"Risk you'll have to take 'playboy!'"


The car came to a stop in front of a bronze spiked gate. There was silence in the car and no movement. The two occupants seemed not eager to acknowledge each other. Finally, the passenger turned towards the driver, leaned forward and kissed him.

"I was joking, you can call me after all," the passenger informed the driver.

"Thanks, sorry about earlier on I..." the driver began to apologize and was cut off by his passenger.

"It's fine don't sweat it, call me, gotta go." The passenger immediately opened the door and stepped out, then waved good-bye whilst opening the spiked bronze gate.

Once the car was gone a sigh of relief escaped from Kathy. 'What a loser,' she thought to herself. She barely touched him and he had to mess his pants like that. Well, she supposed, some men sure are all talk. However, Trent, he could handle her just fine; she smiled only for a second, and then recalled how Trent had deserted her a few hours earlier. Maybe she was being hard on him. That depended on if he saw what she was doing or not? If he did, then she would have some explaining to do, if he had not, then he was in some hot soup!

Kathy knocked on the front door and waited. Seconds later her brother opened the door. She ruffled his hair and he tried to smack her shoulder, but she held him back and ruffled his hair again " "Pip squeak!" and she dashed off into the kitchen.

"Hey ma, need a hand?" she walked in as her mom chopped up some carrots.

"No, I'm fine " just fill the kettle with water and turn it on, please," her mom glanced at Kathy lifting her eyes away from her precious carrots for the first time "how was the rugby game?"

"It wasn't just one game ma, there were a whole bunch of them," Kathy corrected her mom, "And they were pretty good."

"Enjoy yourself?" Kathy's mom's eyes focused on the carrots once more.

"Yeah, I did actually," with that Kathy turned to leave the kitchen.

"Kath, I thought you didn't like that skirt " it looks really small now dear," her mom glanced up once more.

"I changed my mind." And with that she left the kitchen and darted for her room.

Her mom made a note to pack it away for good when she did the laundry.


Kathy picked up her phone and dialed Trent's number. She jumped on her bed and pulled up her blanket then threw an arm around her larger than life teddy bear. Trent picked up.

"Hi Trent!" Kathy tried to sound cheerful.

"Oh, hi," it was the most unenthusiastic response Trent could muster.

"What happened to you, I thought we were supposed to leave together?" Kathy questioned. She braced herself for questions about what she had been doing.

"Oh that, I decided to go home," he maintained his nonchalant persona.

"I wish you had told me, I looked everywhere for you?" Kathy's voice echoed concern.

"Oh, ok," Trent again lazily answered.

There was silence. Kathy sat on one end wondering if Trent had seen her on the footballers lap. Trent sat quietly on the other end of the line calling Kathy a 'Bitch.'

Kathy final broke the silence, "Trent, are you angry at me or something " I Thought We Were Friends?" Kathy knew very well that she wanted to be more than just friends, but she decided that if they were just friends then Trent couldn't really be angry about what had happened. It's not like they were dating, well not yet, she thought.

"Trent, you know I care about you and this is just unfair," she protested.

Trent thought for a second, well they weren't dating were they? So she could do whatever she liked couldn't she. Trent realized that it was his fault for not asking her to be his girlfriend in the first place. He was still angry though, how could...

"Trent can I take you out tomorrow for a movie?"

He did want to see her. He had to decide now to either forget her or forget what happened today. Besides it was harmless fun, wasn't it?

"Alright, I pick the movie though!"


Trent could feel firm hands shaking him. He opened his eyes not entirely sure were he was or who was shaking him. It was mike, ahh yes he was at Mike's townhouse.

"Wake up pretty boy, we have a party to attend," Mike tossed a towel onto the bed.

"What's the time?" question Trent.

"It's 8, I told her I'd be there at 9:30 " figured we'd grab a bite first " so get up and shower so we can head out."

That's all Trent need to hear. He had just being reminded that he would see Alice again after more than 6 years. Trent jumped out of bed and headed straight for the shower without any further discussions. He was a man on a mission.

What if she was there with another guy? It's something that he had only thought about in the car. What if she's changed, or I have changed?

Trent realized that there were a lot of scenarios he had not pictured. He decided to stop thinking about it and just get his shower done.

Seeing her would either ignite sparks or show him that the fire since ran out of coals. He didn't mind either, just as long as it was something definite. He turned the water off got out of the shower almost as quickly as he got in.

Trent had not completely unpacked, but he knew exactly what he wanted to wear. He pulled out a black turtleneck sweater and a black pair of cargo pants from his suitcase. It would make him look thin, he laughed to himself. He put on a black T-shirt and quickly got dressed. He began to run downstairs and then remembered that he had forgotten the dab of cologne.

Trent wrestled to open the alligator box the fragrance was in. He was in a hurry to go but also didn't want to make a bad impression. He was nervous and he hadn't even seen her. He dabbed a little cologne on his neck and cheek, closed the bottle and darted down stairs once more.

It was now 8:20, plenty of time to grab a bite to eat. Mike came clambering down the stairs.

"Trent, you ready to go," Mike called up the stairs.

"Yup, way ahead of you," the answer came back to Mike from the kitchen.

"Whoa, that was quick," Mike looked half startled, "I'm sure you broke a record in some country " you even shaved!"

"I'm on a mission dude, nothings going to slow me down!" Except fear, Trent added to himself.

"Well, you certainly look sharp, I'll give you that " it won't be the way you're dressed she'll turn you down for," mike teased.

"See, now you're just trying to creep me out, I have half a mind not to go to this thing."

"Alright " just joking. Well, lets go before you chicken out." Mike grabbed the car keys and walked towards the door.


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