Lovers Garden

by Cornelius Hampton

Lovers Garden

There his queen was standing in the dawning sun smelling the roses of her garden. "I have found you my sweet", whispered King Trayel in his Queens ear.

"Your beauty is unbearable, my love. I am desperately trying to contain it, but..." Queen Seer pressed her face into his hand as he gently rubbed her cheek from behind.

"Then don't, my lord. Release your inhibitions upon me. I am here. My entire life I have prayed for a love such as this. Now that my please have been answered, I wish to feel the love I so longed for." He turned his new life around to face him.

"Your eyes set me ablaze. I am a prisoner to your stare. Your gaze paralyzes my soul, and my heart is in constant search for the words to explain your feel to my mind, for my love for you is not rational. I have yet to swim in your ecstasy, but my soul is wet with anticipation. I am shackled with passion and I now beg you to set me free. Please, my sweet, set me free. Please."

"Your wish is, and always will be, my command. However, do not make haste. I wish to feel every minute of you. Slowly you will pour your love into me, and I will drink you in completely. Take me. I am yours." His fingertips absorbed every curve and crease of her person. His hands loved her, as so his lip, as he kissed her between the nap of her neck.

"Yes my king, command me. I am yours to please." Her breath quivered as she exhaled those words.

"Will you submit to me, my dear?"

"I already have. I am at your mercy. I am your queen."

"Then let me uncover your blessing and witness the fullness of my prison." While he held her in his arms, he pulled the laces of her dress. She felt the tight hugging of the fabric loosen, but the power of her lovers passion increased as he squeezed her, making that raging lust for her king all the more explicit. He uncovered her shoulders to feel more of her skin. "Not even the spring breeze can compare with your feel," he whispered. "The flow of your person is musical, and today we shall dance." He pulled the dress down to her waist, and with the gentleness of a feather coursing the skin, his hands move smoothly across the front of her breast. Her beating heart quickened. Her nipples came out from hiding. They felt his call. "Your nature knows me, for they respond to my plea. I can feel your throbbing heart; your soul screams my name. Do you hear my answer, love?"

Her words spilled out like warm water on a rose bush, nourishing his spirits with the sunlight of her breath. "I have no need for hearing you, my lord. For I feel your response." Her king's hands crawled down to her stomach, savoring every blissful second. The warmth of the small of her back nearly pushed him over the edge. He tasted the salt of her lust as he kissed her shoulder. Lightly, his palms ran down her thighs. She grabbed his hands with her own and slowly moved them to where she wanted. "Touch me. Feel me, my king. I'm ready." The wetness of her river saturated his fingertips. She shook in ecstasy. "Oh... Oh my... Yes, feel me, my lord. Yes." Her knees began to buckle under the weight of his passion. Her rivers water shined with the suns light from his fingers, and her sweet aroma trickled out filling his nostril.

"The sweet smell of you enrages me. I can't contain it any longer." In two smooth steps he placed himself in front her and bored into her eyes with his own. Her gaze followed him as he went to his knees, and began kissing her bare stomach.

With a smile on her face she playfully whispered, "Stop teasing me, my lord, before I crumble into your arms. Squeeze me. Hold me together with the strength of your passion." He put his arms around her waist and pressed her into his chest, exhaling heavily. "Go ahead, my king, finish uncovering your possession. Witness and take pleasure in what is yours." Gently he pulled her dress down the rest of the way and helped guide each foot free. He ran his nose across the surface of her nature. Her soft bristles tickled his upper lip. He looked and saw a droplet scurrying down between her thighs, leaving a thin moist trail that told the truth of where his treasure chest lies. "Show me, my lord. Show me the gentleness of a king. Show me how soft your righteous soul can truly be."

King Trayel, still on his knees, pulls her down onto his lap. Slowly, with resisted ease, he pierced her being, and instantly he began drowning in her ecstasy. She held too great a passion for him to hold. "Ride the seas with me. Do not resist the breaking of our waves. Flow with them. Traverse with this ship called passion."

Her head rolled back and her eyes did the same. Each breath she exhaled grew heavier and heavier, came faster and faster. "I'm falling. Stop me, my lord. Oh GOD, I'm falling too hard."

"I'm here, my queen. Fall if you must. I will catch you. Yes, fall to me and crumble."

"It's too much, my lord. I cannot take it."

"Yes, you can, love. Give in to it." He rode one lust fill wave after another deep into her ocean. "Hold on to me." She squeezed him tightly as he laid her down on a bed of flowers.

"Its time. Time for you to show me how hard a righteous king can be. Make me submit to you. Take all that I have left in me. Let's fall together."

"My queen, are you sure?"

"Yes. Fall with me."

His muscle tensed. His veins bulged, and like a ragging general, his commands came harder and harder, until he to began to fall.

"Follow me, my king. Follow me into he depths of our love. Together in this moment, we shall die and live as one. Release your soul into me. I need you in me."

King Trayel's words quivered out in a whisper, "My grip is loosening. I cannot hold on much longer."

"Let go, my king. I am ready. Descend with me, so that we may rise together."

"My Queen! Yes, my sweet queen!"

"Give in! Show me what I was made for. Yes, give it!"

"Take it! Take it!"

"Yes. Yes, all of it!"

Their worlds exploded simultaneously, and for what seemed an eternity of seconds, they trembled in each other's arms, wallowing in what love truly is.

"How long will this be mine?" King Trayel asked.

"Forever, my king."

"Forever is not long enough, but I will settle for that for now. Let us take our leave, and go to our chambers. For I do not wish that this garden should die because of our love. Follow me to the edge, and let us fall again."

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