Unknown Sister

by Candice Beatty

Linsey is sitting on her livingroom sofa and turns on the 5'oclock news channel.

"Supposedly, new evidence has been found identifying a person connected to a 4 year old robbery case in Portland, Oregon and a finger print was able to match with one of the perpetrators at the last crime scene." reporting from channel 10 news. scrolls across the TV screen in bold letters. A picture is shown on the screen identified by the finger print accumulated by the evidence. Linsey views the photo and is in shock because it's her or her twin sister Sara being accused of the robberies. Linsey and Sara are identical twin sisters and their personalities are the only link to distinctively tell both sisters apart from the other one. On the other hand, Linsey is quite and conservative, yet Sara enjoyed parting with her friends and the company of many male friends in her life. Sara was killed last year at 21 years old in a car accident. She was hit by a drunk driver and died instantly before the paramedics had a chance to arrive on the scene.

Furthermore, Linsey has been getting these strange dream recently at night, and she is the perpatrator. The dreams involve her robbing an elderly couple in broad day light of their vehicle and expensive jewels. Other dream involves her torturing and burning an older man on his chest and face with an iron pipe as he's tied to his bed in his home. Linsey is unclear as to why she is having these images, nor she doesn't know where these crimes take place. Linsey replays the broadcast message in her mind and wonders of her images and the robberies have a slight connection.

"Hello, mom did you see the picture of me or Sara on the news a few minutes ago?' Linsey asked in a slow tone of voice."

"Yes Hun why is your photo on the news?"

"it's not me mom, it's Sara I've never lived nor stayed in Portland Oregon."

Lindsey hangs up the phone before her mom could say another word. Linsey realizes that an extensive search on her part is going to be required to remove her off the case. Moreover, she's going to locate the destination Sara was living in 4 years ago around the time of the crimes. Linsey drove over to Sara's home in search of anything left behind linking her the Portland area. Her home is still the same, because their mom has the home after Sara passed away. Linsey enters the livingroom and the dinningroom, and kitchen, the livingroom looks very clean kept. Linsey was with Sara when she brought the home and it seems weird walking back into the home and her sister isn't around. Linsey isn't surprised at neat and clean kept the rooms seem to appear. Linsey looked shocked as she entered into the bathroom, which was a mess with trash on the tiled floor and a dirt ring around the tub. Next, Linsey walked into her sister's bedroom and viewed her bras and panties thrown on the bed and floor, and the TV was unplugged sitting by her water bed. Linsey proceeded back into the kitchen and found Sara's address book on the counter. She found 3 numbers, which were for 2 female friends and an ex-boyfriend named Johnny under Oregon area codes.

Lindsey took a chance and spoke with both women who agreed to meet with Linsey the following day at their homes once she arrived. The following day, Linsey boarded the first flight out to Portland, she arrived at a hotel near the airport. Once she checked in she immediately called both women to confirm the meeting for that afternoon. Linsey took a cab over to the first young women's home and spoke with her for about an hour and then she left and went to the other other friends home. She was given pictures and she had her notes that she wrote down from their conversations. Linsey took a cab out into town and did some clothes shopping and sight seeing in a matter of a few hours. Later, she returned back to the hotel and rested for the meeting with Johnny the next day. She arrived at the dinner near the hotel the next morning. Linsey was there 15 minutes early to gather her thoughts and to prepare herself for the initail conversation with Johnny. A young man walked into the dinner needing more sleep by the look on his face. His clothes looked worn and his sneakers were covered in mud, and his hair was all over his head. Linsey knew that this wasn't Johnny because he wasn't the type of guy that her sister was attracted too.

Nevertheless, the young man sat across from Linsey at the table, introducing himself as Johnny. She was blown away by her thought and it was him. She was intrigued by his willingness to express his feeling and the relationship he had with Sara. He also spoke about the robberies, and that Sara went with him on 3 of the crimes. He mentioned that she wasn't scared yet, she took it as a thrill. Johnny gave a few pictures of him and Sara at his apartment when she lived in Portland. Linsey noticed how he fumbled with the zipper on his coat for the majority of their conversation. Afterward, she and Johnny went their separate directions as if they didn't knew each other. Otherwise, Linsey could see why her sister stayed in the area for a long period of time, it was beautiful compared to their hometown of Churchland, where nothing ever happens.

Linsey returned to her hotel room later that day to pack her things to leave back to Churchland the following morning. In addition, she was looking forward to going back home because she had her proof and finished her investagation. The following day, she called her mom and gave the details of her trip to her mom, yet she couldn't help feel her mom was hiding information by her tone on the phone. However, early the next morning, Linsey went to the police department to speak with someone in charge of the 4 year old case. She was escorted to 2 detectives in a small room, only deam light shown. Linsey was anxious and foregoing with the papers she had in her hands. Both men were very intrigued by Linsey's extensive time, effort, and money she put into clearing her name from the case at hand.

She was very sure that she would be eliminated from the case due to her proof she handed to the detectives. The detectives had a different story to inform Linsey. She went on to tell the detectives that her twin sister Sara wasn't alive and that she had pasted in a car accident the year before.

"Your sister Sara is alive and your mother is with her down stairs with a police officer waiting to speak with us." replied detective Ames.

"Your lying to me, I was there and viewed my sister in her coffin before she was buried into the ground and I helped pay for her tombstone." Linsey answered back in an angry tone of voice at both detectives. Linsey moved herself to another chair located in the corner of the small room and put her head in her hands. A knock at the door and Sara and their mom walked into the room. Therefore, Linsey was shocked looking at her sister standing in her face with a disturbing look on her face. She looked nice in a black pantsuit and her hair was draped around her face. Their mom wore a pair of blue jeans and a tan sweatshirt, yet her hair was pulled back from her face in a ponytail. Both men couldn't believe that Sara had anything to do with the robberies that took place in Portland, Oregon. When Linsey viewed her sister and mom, she knew the detectives weren't going to believe her story after all. She didn't understand how they couldn't belive that her sister was died when there had to be a report from the altopsey taken before her death. Linsey felt betrayed by her family and she knew that her instinct was right when she felt her mom was hiding information the previous day. Both women turned and looked at Linsey with disappointment as if she just made up the whole entire story. Linsey knew very well that the detectives wanted to solve the case and get it off their desks.

Finally, with out further a do, Linsey was handcuffed and charged with the robberies taking place in Portland. She was escorted to the jail near by for booking. Linsey went to court and the jury found her guilty of all the robberies and she was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The police were happy to have solved this case and to have the right twin in prison, yet the sister in prison wasn't Linsey nor Sara. Their mom gave birth to triplets and the women behind bars is the other sister Cindy.

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