Yellow Moon

by Doc Byron

A hot summer night.

warm air.

A high, yellow moon.

Sparkling stars.

Crickets thrumming the darkness.


The sidewalks bare of pedestrians.

Bill leaves the horror movie and starts home.

Bill stops.

Not knowing why, he shudders, then moves on quickly. {slitted eyes, unblinking evil}

Bill walked even faster, deep into the summer night.

{The eyes...the eyes reflect the moon...}

Alone, walking in the night...

{shadows...shadows surrounding me...}

He moves faster still...

He's almost running now, sweating profusely, his heart thumping in his ears....

{their smells of decay...dead orchids..}

Bill begins to stagger, groping at the air, gasping for breath...

{stop! stop the screaming....}

....falls to his knees....

{the inhuman screaming of....}

gets up running!

{The cats!!}

Must....reach the!

Find your key! Unlock the door and get inside!

{Too late!}

The yellow moon in their eyes, sucked from the sky, the moon turning red...

....the cats up and on him, clawing his face, biting, slashing, drinking, sucking the very breath from his lungs....

A hot summer night.


A high pitched howling pierces the dark.

Bill lies within the shadows, his yellow, slitted eyes reflecting the moon.

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