Choose a Moment.

by JerryBlack

Over the years Michael imaged," If I were to invent time travel and come back to the past, what day would I choose?" Just for the fun of it he would think of new places to meet his future self. As time worn on he could never really remember any of these places no matter how hard he tried. Then one day the idea dawned on him, "I would pick a spot in the mountains and carve a date and time on a rock." He thought. This new idea made him very excited. He know it was really unlikely but, it was kind of fun to think about.

On Saturday he hiked to a favorite spot and begin to carve the date in a rock. In the woods he believed he was along and was startled when Jeff came out of the middle of nowhere. "Oh, Hey." Jeff offered as he clambered out of the trees. "Hello." Michael responded but, just keeped on carving. "What are you doing, carving your name?" Jeff's question kind of annoyed Michael. "Ok, I guess it just us here, I don't really know why but, I will tell you." Jeff kind of perked up and put out his hand, "Jeff." Michael grabbed his hand carelessly and shook. He responded,"Micheal." Jeff began, "Will Michael what are you doing?" Michael postured himself and said," Over the years I have had this little game I liked to play. I would pick a spot and time and try to remember it, so that if time travel was ever invented I could meet my self there. I know it sounds kind of dumb, but it is just for fun. Today I decided to carve that date and time into a rock so I could easyly see it in the future." Jeff kind of gave a sly smile and said," You must be bored. Any way I got a hike to finish. I hope that time travel meeting yourself thing works... Bye!" Jeff waved and headed back into the woods. Just before he disappeared he stop and looked back, "Just out of curiosity, what time are you going the carve on the stone. If I where you, I would carve one hour from now so you can have some time to get ready to meet yourself." The grin on Jeff's face was obvious. Michael liked the idea though, and he carved the rock for an hour ahead. What could it hurt?

Michael hiked around the woods for a short time but, when the time drew near he begin to head for the meeting spot. As he clambered out of the tree into the clearing by the rock he had carved earlier, He got quite a shock. A stranger was standing by the rock. It obvious from a distance that he was not dressed to hike. As Michael got closer he begin to recognize the stranger as if he had seen him before. He was not sure where though. As he came close to the stranger, the stranger said,"Micheal?" Michael was stunned. Had it worked? Did someone come back from the future and see me? "Yes, my name is Michael." The Stranger pointed to the carved stone and said, "Did you carve that stone?"

Michael was kind of excited now and responded, "Yes, I did." That's when the stranger pulled out a gun and pointed it at Michael. "WOOO, Wait a minute. What are you doing?" Michael responded with his hands in front of him. "I must kill you to stop it all. I have to." Stranger with strain in his face responded. "Stop what? This was just a little game I liked to play, I am sure nobody got hurt!" said Michael. The Stranger waving the gun said," No. It's not about the date of the rock it's about what you do in the future. You have to be stopped!" Michael was very scared but he was also getting curious. "What do I do in the future that is so bad?" Just then Jeff comes out of the woods and that is when it dawned on Michael. The Stranger is Jeff, just older! Young Jeff noticed the gun and covertly picked up a rock before he approached. Jeff still had no idea who the stranger was.

Michael did not know what to do and stood in stunned silence. Older Jeff looked over and younger Jeff and then back at Michael. With determination in his face to shot Michael, he straightened out his weapon. That's when younger Jeff thru his rock with precession and struck older Jeff on the temple knocking him to the ground. The gun went flying. When older Jeff hit the ground, a strange blue light totally engulfed him and he was gone.

Jeff walked up to Michael and said," Was that you from the future, because you looked kind of pissed at yourself." Michael did not know how to responded, "I...Ah... No it was not me." Michael looked at Jeff and asked," Are you going to tell people about this?" Jeff stops as if he had never thought about it and responded," I don't think anyone would believe me. Who was he and why was he pointing a gun at you anyway?" Michael choose to address the second question first," He said I do something bad in the future..." Jeff responded," That seems stupid to me, killing someone from something they have not done yet. That's not right." Michael was kind of surprised and said," It interesting you say that."

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