Dogs, Cats, and Babies

by Doc Byron

Dog no like baby.

Dog no like cat, either, but dog nice to cat; cat has sharp claws.

Dog used to center of attention; here boy! Nice doggy! Here's a doggy treat!

But.....then came baby.

Baby cries all the time, shits and pisses on self. Baby no good.

Dog must get rid of baby.

Baby not hard to get rid of; small, pink, soft. Easy to tear up.

Dog just snatch baby out of crib, duck into closet, and then CHOMP CHOMP...GULP! baby all gone.

Dog wishes he could get rid of cat, too, but cat not so bad; cat no cry alot, piss and shit on self. But, cat licks balls all the time. Dog think cat kind of queer.

Dog sneaks down to baby's room now; all quiet, sneaky. But...OH NO!

cat jumps on dog, claws dog's eyes! Dog fall down, blind and yelping.

Cat licks blood from paws, proud of blinding dog. Now, cat be center of attention.

Cat sneaks down to baby's room now, all quiet. But....OH NO!!

Big, mean looking dog standing outside baby's room! It is blind-yelping-dog's PAPA dog!

Papa dog looks really pissed off, too.

Now cat cries like baby.

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