A Loving Act of God

by Roger Vincent

And so it was in the year of 2100 A D that most of the world had become a seithing mass of violent, tortutous death, agony and destruction. The world had been at war for over 75 years and civilization had fallen apart. So many soldiers, both men and women had been lost that the military had appointed sientists to create machines to fight the war. The United States as we knew it had given all she could to withstand the failure of democracy but had been overrun by some combined groups calling themselves The One World Revolution. There had been so much war that famine and sickness spread all over the land. Russia had fought valliantly along with France, The United Kingdom, and Germany to save themselves from the onslot of the brink of distruction. Within the many cities of these countries there had been man made tunnels containing many townships. For the many wealthy people who had worked to create these underground cities that had mimicked civilization, many had been prosecuted but some had managed to hide deep within the rocks of the earth. Within these thick walls lived many families. Deep within the hills of West Virginia lived two people. Marques Bobinsky and his wife Caralee. Marques had been born of a mixed race, his mother white, and his father of African decent. They both met here in this underground city and fell in love. Caralee was of a deep coco complection, smooth, sleek, slinder and shapely. She was so beautiful. Caralee knew of having been a child but never really quite understood her memories. It was as if she had never been a child but always remembered playing among the peach trees in Georgia. Marques had lived in base after base with his father as the military fled from place to place to avoid enemies. There had been so much destruction that most of the technical data and equipment had been lost to help gather inteligence and there were fiew scientists left who even had enough time to even begin to recreatre the diagrams.. But Marques and Caralee had had a wonderful life together. There could never have been a greater love than the love that they had for each other. Although they never had children of their own, they had adopted two, a beautiful girl and handsome young boy. In their simulated underground to look like the typical earth, with a false sun and stars no place could have been better to live. Caralee was so passonate and benevolent, so caring and giving, loving and kind to her children. You almost could not believe that she was human. She must have been an angel come to bless her husband who tried as hard as he did but often sometimes lost his temper, pounded upon things, cursed, and often made Cara, as he called her, cry more than the children. He was a good man though. One day by chance Cara had come upon an old diary whch had suppposedly been written by a renegade scientist who had been captured and killed. He had spoken of a machine that he had made to resemble, sound, live, act like and have the feelings of a human. He never cared for the work that he had been asked to do and rebelled. Many defective machines had been destroyed and since they were machines they were simply dismembered when defeated in battle by the enemy of just destroyed or reprogrammed.

As the sun shined from the man made sky overlooking the beautiful simulated flower garden upon which they sat, Cara told her story to Mark, as he was called about the diary. Ah, Cara, he said, get out of here, you know you are not a machine. After all you do breathe and bleed, how can I make love to a machine?

It was in the year of 2125 that Mark began to notice that his chldren had grown and aged and were becomming beautiful adults. They had become educated and had found good work. He noticed, however that even though he'd aged and suffered pains and aches, that Cara had remained youthful, supple, flexible, She had been still agile and forceful in her walk as her lovely body swayed in the false wind and it reflected in what seemed to be a real ocean. Her long, black hair never grayed. She really must have been some sort of an angel. His love was so overwhelming for her that he just let it pass.

One day as they sat eating breakfast they heard a loud sound. Soldiers had stormed the underground and were coming to capture them. His children had been killed as they were away on a trip. The army had captured them. Civilization had totally been disbanded and no more democracy existed. As his wife was captured one of the generals noticed her and said, you are one of the A157Z hibrid models. Wha"! she gasped in surprise. What are you talking about? I am a real person. Who are you fooling, Caralee? He reached for her, what are you holding in your hand young lady, she was so real he could not help but say what he said before he thought it. He snatched it from her. It was the diary. Marques knew he could no longer deny what was the truth. For nearly sixty years he had not accepted it. Your body was intended to work just like a human's Caralee and you know you are not a human. Your program was altrered by that renagade scientist. You failed to report for reprogramming and now you will have to be destroied. Tears streemed down Marques's eyes as did his wife's as they struggled to embrace one another. She had been part human and part machine.

She was nothing but synthetic material and fluid designed to mimic even human digestion. She had been called a hybrid because some of her parts were designed to act and look as human parts.

Marques knew that he was about to die. The soldiers intentionally relesed them for a moment while they embraced each other, kissed and let go. As caralee cried, he could hear the helplessness in her voice. She was about to be hooked up to another machine and destroyed. Marques's heart raced in stress, anxiety, and desparation. This was two much torture for him. He cried and screamed in a hoarse voice. Please let her go! Deep down inside he had always knew but he had never stopped denying it. Now her sweet tender resonate voice was crying like that of a destraught child.

In all of the hate that he had come to know and escape he had found love from the one thing he'd thought he'd run from.

The scientist who sought to preserve dreams and humanity had given him back his desire to love and live again, to have compassion. Caralee was destroyed. He gave in. He was ready to surrender and die.

He no longer doubted that there was a God. For God had allowed that renagade scientist to show him what love and compassion really was. His chldren had been the best children he could ever want for and his wife was everything he'd wanted her to be. God had overuled man and his machines and Marques knew he was going to heaven. Though his bible had been taken from him and he had been brought atop of the earth to be exicuted, he knew he would not have to bare the pain much longer.

His wife had been a loving act of God. a true angel which had saved his soul.

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