Black Lace Dress

by Lionel A. LaVergne

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I walked into the room and saw her sitting on the edge of the bed. She was wearing that black lacy dress I love to see her in. Her sweet heart-shaped face, her dark compelling eyes and the delicate bow of her mouth filled me with pleasure. She smiled as I approached. Standing close to her I could smell her perfume, her clean hair and the faint female bouquet that is uniquely her. A scent that fills me with joy and never fails to stir my loins.

"Come here." She said pulling me close. While gazing up into my eyes she slowly lowered the zipper on my jeans. Her beautiful eyes held me entranced. I felt her soft hands reach into the opening and carefully pull my hardening dick out of my pants.

"Feels, good." She said while moving her smooth fingers over the head and down the shaft. Her head moved forward and downward and I felt the moist tip of her tongue caress me. A sharp breath filled my lungs. Her warm tongue moved over my prick and then her hot lips enclosed me. We stayed very still for a long time, then I pulled her up and lovingly removed the clothes that obstructed my gaze. I wanted to see this fine woman. Her white skin glows, the nipples on her firm small breasts pucker as I run my thumbs over them gently. I step back and remove my clothes. Her eyes look at me and I can see the desire and pleasure that my body gives her.

We lie on the bed and I kiss her rosebud lips, our tongues meet and coil and slide over each other. I lick her lips, her precious nose, cheeks and to her lovely ears. Slowly I kiss down the side of her neck and finally reach the breasts that I enjoy so very much. Each nipple puckers and extends as I nurse on them. I wash her sweet tits with my tongue and gently caress them with my fingers.

Down her full, firm body I roam. I tickle her belly button with the tip of my swirling tongue and then venture lower. The wonderful smell of my beloved fills my hungry nostrils and stiffens my prick as nothing else can. I lick around the thick dark mound of hair. Slowly my tongue parts the hairs of her pussy and eagerly explores inside her vaginal lips. I lick from the top to the bottom of that sacred opening swallowing her juices and longing for more.

At the top of her female opening I find her clitoris. Gently I draw the tiny appendage into my mouth. Softly I clench it between my teeth and lash it with my tongue over and over. Back and forth and up and down. As I minister to her I can hear the sweet sounds of her pleasure. Her soft ooohhhs and aaahhss an occasional, oh my god, spur me on to deliver as much pleasure to this wonderful and sexy woman who has opened herself up to me, as I can. Her hips begin to buck and move, her leg open and close on my head. Just as I know she is reaching her climax she grabs my head and pulls me up. Halfway up she kisses me and tastes her own sweet juices on my lips. Then she pushes me up the rest of the way and her hungry mouth encloses my throbbing prick. She controls the action by placing her hands on my hips and moving me in and out of her hot mouth. Her tongues swirls around the head and when she pulls me in I can feel the head of my dick pressing against the back of her throat.. She gasps and moves me away. She knows how much I love to feel my entire dick being encompassed in her mouth and although it kicks in her gag reflex she will do it over and over. Her lips on my dick are pure ecstasy, her tongue moving from the head to my balls and up again drive me wild.

Finally unable to take any more of this pleasure without emptying my seed down her throat I pull away. Placing my body between her legs I kiss her deeply while I slowly move my hard dick into the velvet folds of her vagina. Inch by inch I bury myself into her wonderful body. Her smooth legs encircle me and she pulls me into that hot and wonderful orifice till our bodies are so close nothing would fit between us. I feel her pussy clinch around my dick and I begin to move slowly. I pull back a few centimeters than back in again. Her body moves with mine and soon we have a rhythm. Slowly at first our bodies move together. Me moving into her and her counter move that pulls my dick in and out of her warm center. Faster and harder we mesh together, our breath rushing in and out of opened mouths. I inhale her sweet breath and kiss her. My tongue fills her mouth as my dick fills her pussy.

The sound of our bodies slamming against each other fills the room, the rhythm of our pleasure sends us to the heights of orgasmic pleasure we find each time we come together. Her pussy clinches around my dick and I struggle to move as I empty the seed of our joy into her hot juicy pussy.

"Oh I can feel your, hot cum filling me!" She cries out. My voice blends with hers and we announce our orgasms. Slowly we come back to earth. I hold the wonderful body that gives so me much pleasure and I feel her hands run up and down my back and to my buttocks. My dick is still inside her pussy and I want it to remain there forever. As we kiss and touch we softly drift off to a warm relaxed, pleasure-filled sleep.


Lionel A. LaVergne author owner. Not to be reproduced in part are whole without express

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