My Love From the Dark

by Angelica Moore

Chapter 1

It Starts

The place and time of my life is Muncie, IN. The year is 2007. It was a nice day so I decided to wear my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite T-shirt. As I walked home to see Derek at my house for my birthday I could smell popcorn and hotdogs from the neighbor hood cookout. I could hear the crows above me yelling about, like they were fighting over food, and the sound of children's voices filled the air. An old Weeping Willow touched my head and I jumped in fear. My heart raced faster than before. I wished some how I could get home without getting lost or worst, taken by the neighbor hood "gas man". To tell you this I'll have to go back to the beginning.

My life was well thought out for me, my father had everything planned for me, yet I craved for something more worth my time and my talent, something alive, yet dangerous, something untouchable. A life were I can do what I want, when I want. People have told me that when you turn eighteen you are suppose to do whatever you want, not I my case, my father Edward, would not allow such manners. I am lucky he has allowed me to date the love of my life, Derek. To start things off in the right direction, I have known Derek since I was eleven, so we've known each other for awhile. We actually started dating February 2nd, the night of my high schools Home Coming game and dance, instead of going with my little sisters I stayed home, which of course was were Derek was. My dad dropped the twins off at the high school, and when my dad got home he wanted to go to Wal-Mart and Walgreen's just because he wanted to get out for a few hours. Derek and I sat in the back of my dad's car while dad drove and mom was in the front passenger seat. On our way to Walgreen's Derek reached for my hand, he held me n his arms as I listened to his heart beat, it got faster when I placed my hand on his knee. He lifted up my head so he could look into my eyes. They were bright blue, "brighter than a sapphire" he told me. He put his hand on my cheek and pulled me in for a kiss. Our lips touched, it was amazing, like angels were singing all around us. I clasped into his breath-taking kiss. It all seemed like a fairy tale, the man that I've loved since the day I meet him was kissing ME! I pulled away to see a smile on his face and his eyes the most beautiful shade of blue/green I had ever seen. As we went home he whispered in my ear that he wanted me to be with him forever. As the days went on by I grew to love him more and more, and him more in love with me. All right I know this isn't the greatest so to give you a little I'll skip some of the slow parts. OK here we go our first date that will be great February seventeenth, he took me out bowling, well first we went to his house so he could get his bowling shoes. We went to the bowling alley and he showed me the right way and then he showed me the way he did it. Turns out he's a great bowler, he got strikes both times. We got home about 2:30 A.M. I had a great time learning how to bowl. The first date went perfect.

Chapter 2

My Birthday

I skipped some more slow parts for all you anxious people. My birthday, I was turning eighteen, Derek came over, he was going to take me "out" for my birthday, but really we went to his house. He took me to his room, which is in the basement but it's nice, clean, and very romantic. He pulled me close to him and kissed me long and deep, like a man kisses the woman he loves. He held me in his arms and kissed my neck, I lead him back to his bed. He laid me back and took off his shirt, he climbed on top of me, were we expressed our love for each other and talked about what our future would hold, even though he knew I wouldn't really understand what my fate held for me. He raised me towards him as he slid off of me. He told me I was beautiful. I laughed because I knew I wasn't beautiful. He asked, "What's so funny?" I told him what I thought and he told me I was the most beautiful creature in the world to him. I looked at his flawless body. He had a little patch of hair in the middle of his chest and a bunny trail from his belly button down. It was so cute that I laughed inside my head. As we breathed together in hot passion I felt my body changing, like I was dying yet it felt wonderful to know what love was like. To feel the love like no other was godly.

Next thing I knew he was sinking his teeth into my neck, sucking the life right out of me. I could barely breathe now, my heart slowed from the loss of blood that had left my veins and returned to his. Not know what was to happen to me or what I would become I was scared that this was the end, that I would never see the sun again. Well, I was right after that day I would never see the sun again or that's what I thought. I was born vampire, the night stalker, and the unholy child of the dead, yet living in a way. That night I didn't only lose my living life, I lost my family. I was to never see them again. I tried to cry but only blood came out, blood of the innocent, blood of my friend, and blood of an ancient. Which at that time I had no idea what that meant but I soon found out that it meant I could go in the light, sunlight. I could see the sun and not worry about turning into dust, a mere blank in the world. I didn't have to worry about death, considering I was already dead or as Derek told me "just your body dies, not you." But it's the same thing I was dead. I used this to my advantage I went to see my mother, Rose, she took one look at me and she screamed "you're alive!" I told her, " not really, but I'm here." I had to explain to her what I meant and what had happened to me. She looked at me with so much fear, as if I would use her as a supplier of my needs, but I didn't. I loved my mother and my family very much.

That night I returned to Derek, he told me he knew I had went to see her, he was angered, so angered he killed them, he killed them all, my sisters, my mother, and my father. I begged for forgiveness, he gave me mercy. He told me to never disobey him again, I swore I would never go against him again, I promised that I wouldn't do anything bad and that I would be a good girl. Soon after I was to find out I was blessed with a child. I was pregnant. Although it sounds nice, it's not instead of holding the baby for nine months, being a vampire slows things down so I had to hold the baby for nine years. Something I wasn't ready for, nine years of hell.

Chapter 3

Nine Months

Nine months went by slowly, as if the days repeated themselves. The never-ending need for the blood of another left me in a state of depression. The weird cravings that I was to under go was unbearable, as my taste for blood left me unsatisfied and wanting more than just sucking the life out of a human for the life within me, but still as I tried to quench my hunger the life that grew inside of my body wanted more than I thought I could ever give. My ability to live was the cost of someone's death, the never-ending hunger that was pressed inside, but the thought of bring a new life was well worth the time and effort of the kill. I often went to the park and gazed at the other mothers, how their bodies change and how their bellies got fatter. How they seem to act at the fact that they where getting bigger along with their babies. To see how they got bigger every day and not have to worry about the creature within them. To me the pregnancy was wonderful although the pain was excruciating, it felt as if thousands of knives were digging into my skin from the inside out. I knew my offspring would be special. Although my pregnancy made me more depressed than before I still wish that some how that it never would have happened, no, I'm not talking about the baby, I'm talking about the fact that I hate this thing that Derek has become and the same thing that he made me. The worst is that you wish that some how you will drift away as if you never existed. A wish those only few get to choose from. Mostly they get the chose to live forever or die, I got neither. Not to strike out at them but some how I'm jealous that they got the chose to live forever or die, but really if I would have know that this is what I was to become I would have chose death, that or I would try to stop Derek from becoming a monster. To choose between the two it would be that me and my baby would live as humans and not this creature I've become. As for my vampire husband, he would choose to live as a human with our child and me. To live as a human again would be greatly appreciated, but that isn't the life I have now.

Chapter 4

The Baby is Born

Nine years finally went by, December twenty-third, the baby is born, surprise to the both of us, it was twins, a boy and a girl. Derek was happy to see his unholy creations. The kids he'd wanted since the day we first meet. We named the boy Erik Michael and the girl Dawn Marie. Erik weighted in at eight pounds and sixteen ounces, and he was nineteen and a half inches long. Dawn was two pounds, four ounces and a mere eight inches long. My little girl was so tiny I could hold her in my hand and not worry about dropping her. As Dawn and Erik were my pride and joy they grew slowly. For vampires their life for the first fourteen years is spent as a human, which means on their fourteenth birthday they will get their fangs and their own coffin along with the craving for human blood. Yes, we do sleep in coffins, and to be honest they are very uncomfortable. So in mine I have a new mattress in it to make it better. Seems just yesterday I was getting my first coffin and now I have to think about getting theirs, and it seems like only yesterday they were in me and kicking my liver and bladder, but today they are crawling on the floor of our broken down home. Though it still looks nice my heart can't take it, just knowing I can't show my kids to my parents, and that they are in heaven with my brother makes me jealous. I envy them, I have to wait millions of years to see him, and already I can't wait until that day comes for me. To be honest I hope that day comes soon, but yet I want my children to grow up fast so I can tell them all about my family and hope that one day they will join them as if it was their rightful place, up there in heaven with their grand parents and aunts and uncle. As if their place in heaven has been saved just for them.

Chapter 5

Their Birthday

To my surprise fourteen years went by very fast. My little baby's birthday is today, they will be fourteen, which means they get their fangs and their special designed coffins. Erik's coffin is black with blue flames going down it; Dawn's coffin is black with metallic purple flames going down it, the inside of both is black satin. As my almost grown up vampire offspring got off the bus there was a party waiting for them. There were hamburgers and hotdogs for all their friends. It was about eight o'clock when all of their friends left for home, so that's when we pulled out our own gifts and birthday cake. They ate their cake but what they didn't know was the main ingredient used in their cake was blood. The clock struck ten o'clock my children fell to the ground and began changing into this creature that did ever so haunt my dreams. My children had to go through the death of their human body. Erik rose up like this was an ever day life for him, he hungered for the blood of the innocent. Dawn got to her hands and knees, she became frantic, she began to yell "What did you do to me?" "Why?" and "What happened?" Erik's change was horrible. He use to be a beautiful blond with blue eyes, now he is a tall red headed man with dark yellow/green eyes like a cat. He had so much evil in him you could see it in his eyes. My son had become a monster like his father before him.

My Dawn, see she hated what she had become; a creature with no self control over her hunger for things. She used to be short with red curly hair and green eyes. Now my little girl hated herself because now she has black hair with blue cat eyes. She hated looking at herself. I told her that I had to change to. She yelled, "you lie!" So, I went and got an old picture of her father and me before this happened to any of us. I was short with red hair and I was on the heavier side. Now I have long blond hair with blue eyes and I'm five feet, eleven inches. I told her that I hated my self also but I grew to like it. She asked me, "How can I grow to like it when I look horrible?" So I showed her some cool tricks she could do with her powers she got as a vampire.

Chapter 6

She goes Sexy

Dawn no at sixteen had learnt some really cool and new things that she can do with her powers. It is she and Erik's senior year at Southside High School. One day before school started Dawn decided to show me what she had come up with for her "new look". She told me to close my eyes. I did as she wished. When I opened my eyes I saw a sexy woman.

She has long curly red hair with green eyes, big lips and a few facial piercings. Her chest was big before but now it's huge. Her waist and hips are small and she has a "ghetto" butt and thin legs. My daughter is wearing a black bra with a see through white belly top and a short, very small mini skirt that is red plaid. She has on black high heels that hook on the side. It looks as if she is going rebel this year, but that doesn't surprise me because I am her mother. You can see her belly ring and tattoo that is on the right side of her belly button, it is a cross with a rose in the cross it has my brothers initials. Why I'm unsure of I think she did in memory of him even though she never meet him but I wish she did. For her to meet my brother would be so much more than a wish or a hope it would be the one thing I would have if I could have anything. For him to see her grow up to the woman she has become, to see her first step and to hear her first word would be unbelievably wonderful. He could see that she is so much like what I wanted to be, thin, taller, and sexy. She is the envy of my life and my wants. I gave her some suggestions so she could look even sexier.

1)Put your hair up in two ponytails at each side of your head.

2)Put lip-gloss on and put a little makeup on.

3)Strut down those halls; give them boys something to look at.

4)Finally, Good luck!

As for Erik, well he changed for his senior year as well. He went with black spiked hair with lots of tattoos and piercings. Black HIM T-shirt with black and green angel pants. HE also had lots f chains and spiked boots. He was always my little rebel, but no matter I loved him. My children have grown up. So grown up Erik says he's moving out with his girlfriend Amber, which is a proven whorish human, that we all hate including him, but anything to get out of mom and dads house. He did always say he loved her but there was no way, I knew this because he wanted kids and she didn't. She always put him down, and she treated him like shit. She didn't love him; she never did and never would. She used him for her pleasure and just to see him fall head over hills for her. See he did love her so much that if she said, "jump" he'd ask "how high". She enjoyed his pain and his misery.

Chapter 7

Erik goes Mad

Two days before he was to move out he was up to the challenge of getting proof himself on Amber. Well, he got more than the show he wanted. Next thing I knew I was pulling him off of Amber and her "new man's" dead body. He killed them both, I knew at that point he really was like his father, a murder. Always the jealous type, never a lover just a killer. He tore their bodies to shreds. The flesh peeled off their dead carcasses and the smell was so strong that it could have waken the dead. To think off my son as a killer because of jealousy and not just for a meal was despicable. Dawn helped Erik and I get rid of the bodies so their dad wouldn't know what had happened. He went mad like his dad when I went to see my mother god rest her soul. If only my son would know what kind of person his father was. To see the way he murdered my family. First slitting the throat of my mother. Then bleeding my father dry. Along with my sisters that he brutally decapitated and then he began to remove the pieces of their body one by one. Worst of all is that he left me to clean up their bodies. Seeing my family like that was horrible. To have to burry them all and seeing them go in the ground was miserable. This was awful, I had to help my son get rid of the bodies of two children, two human children. Knowing that their parents would never see them again killed me. I knew what that felt like because I had lost my brother three years before and not seeing him now still kills me every day. Know that the only way you get to see that person is murder to yourself. As we left where we put their bodies I felt as if I owed it to their parents to tell them what happen, yet I wasn't giving up my son for anything. As we left where we put their bodies I could hear a young girl scream. That night horror had struck. The police's sirens howled through the air and the endless yelling of their families and their friends continued through the night. My children from the underworld never spoke of that night. Never letting anyone find out what had happened. The police called it "a dog attack". It left me hoping that no one would ever find out about that night, knowing the cost would be his or her life as well.

Chapter 8

The Never Ending Fight

For years I had looked for the person that did this to my family. The maker of all of us. The person that left me with no family and with the husband I wanted yet an eviler version of him. Erik never moved out he stayed at home and helped me try to track down this man that did this to us. One night I found our maker. He was an older man with no sense of what was to come. I wished every night to kill him and to never regret it or even look back. I wanted to kill him right then hoping to end everything, my son held me back. He would not let me go, all the time I wanted to kill him but yet wanted to ask him why he did this to my family and me. I never did ask him why he did this. Why he made my husband the way he is? Why he never came back to see him? Why he did it? There were so many questions I wished to ask but never wanted the answers, I just wanted him dead at all cost. The pain went through my mind each and every night that I knew he was out there with the people that knew nothing of our kind.

Chapter 9

My Last Fight

For the years I spent looking and searching for the maker of Derek so I could kill him and take back everything. If I killed him my family would become human again. That night I found him in his bed fast asleep then I drove a steak through his heart, well what was left of it and I cut off his head and burnt it.

As I went back home everything seemed to go back to the night of my eighteenth birthday, suddenly I was at my parents house with my whole family, Derek was over he took me out for my birthday, everything went the way it did before but I didn't change and neither did Derek. We lived our lives as if nothing ever changed we were young and in love. We made love lots of times after that day and one day I was to find out that I was pregnant. As time went by my belly got big. This was new to me because when I was a vampire my belly never got big, it stayed thin, small, and it stayed flat. I was thrilled to get to have such wonderful experiences. Derek was so happy. Nine months went by and December twenty-third I gave birth to our two beautiful girls and our one son. We named the girls Rene Marie, Rayna Michele and our son Reafe Michael. We had three beautiful human babies or so we thought . . .

To be continued . . .

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