by Shaun Lanigan


Her voice is like an autumn breeze

Bittersweet, little silence.

Her eyes are like diamond-studded daggers.

Pierced her beauty through my eyes.

And I'll never live up to her.

I'll never be worth her time.

Cause I'll be long dead

Before she even realizes I'm gone.

This miserable reality is creeping in

I am alone...

And I will die alone.

Although I see her every night

The company does not suffice.

When darkness falls, and the world turns black.

She is the guiding light, watching over me.

And I know she cannot see me

But the feeling remains the same.

I feel like screaming out her name.

I feel like dancing in her light.

Oh how I wish to be with her...

Standing in her grace.

Oh, La Luna. Her beauty to embrace.

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