Crumbling Conerstone

by Scarlett Horne

We cross paths almost everyday. There is a slight nod of the head and sometimes-direct eye contact. I enjoy drilling my eyes into you; I love it when you swiftly look away. I know you get intimidated when I do it; I know you get nervous very quickly. And I must admit, you hide it brilliantly.

People you meet will eventually adore you. They think you're funny, they think you're, and very charming. I feel sorry for them; they will never see the serpents coiled in your soul.

I bet you can't sleep at night; your demons won't let you rest. By now, you must be mistaking your dreams of isolation for reality. How does it feel to have a conscious point out all the faults in you? Are you worried yet? Or do you still hide behind your lies?

I remember the first time we met. Your forked tongue spun words around the way a witch stirs her potion. You mind was filled with trickery. You knew your desire to gossip would divide us, but you gossiped anyway. You melted honesty's snow in deception's fire. Yet I can't bring myself to hate you. Instead, I pity you.

But for what it's worth, you helped me conquer my greatest fear. If it weren't for you I would never have met him. But then, if it weren't for you, he would never have broken my heart.

Do you ever think about me? Who you've lost? I merged heaven and hell for you. Did you even care? Like the Devil shackled to a post, you chained me with you when I entered your circle. All the good I stood for burned. This wicked part of me became you.

I look back on the night you swayed me to confide in you, and I see your grin camouflaged in sympathy. Such a vulnerable fool I was. My story was my blood and it poured into your cup. You tasted it, and when it was worthy of talk, you drank it. This was the reward for my infinite devotion.

You, the vampire, sucked the faith out of me, and I the scapegoat crawled back for more. This is my memory, like a joint to hold.

How did it feel the day I turned my back and walked away? You anticipated that moment. You told me that if I left, the shadows would embrace me. That darkness would hold me tight and never let go. Please, without your influence, I am beyond liberation.

As bitter as it was, a lesson was learnt; evil is unspectacular and always human and you ate at my table, to drink from my glass. For this, your splinter is fixed in the back of my mind.

Your cornerstone is still beneath my structure but it's crumbling, deteriorating faster than ever before. I yearn for the day to replace it. The day it finally falls.

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