Always Giving and Never Receiving

by Betty Given

Always giving, never receiving. Tell me where does it end?

Sometimes it hurts to simply need a friend, to wish for understanding, someone to simply care. How tedious it seems, oh how very rare.

It hurts to open up. It never will again. I will be your lover, but how dare I try to sincerely be your friend. If it's not a challenge is it not for real. Can't anyone open their eyes? Is everyone that afraid to feel?

It's not age that brings wisdom, it's how you use your heart to show the way you truly feel. It's you listening to you to make it through the ordeal.

Growing up aint always easy, it's all a game of give and take. You must live and learn to be real and recognize the fake. I must open up and learn from the world of my past. It's my life and I have to make it last.

So, don't feed me no bull, don't lie to save my pride. If you can't commit to loving me don't play run and hide. I truly am who I am . I can not stand to change. I can make room for you in my life, just please don't ask me to rearrange.

Fitting in aint always easy. It's not always the thing to do. But, I will be a true friend and I will always be there for you. We all get walked on and it really hurts like hell. But, somewhere in life there will be a place for me to shed my shell.

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