Playtime at the Hyatt

by Winston Bentley

The Prelude

After nearly twenty years of near misses and false starts, this was finally shaping up to be their first serious attempt at sexual role-play. Robert and Claire had been married for all those years and had retreated from the no holds barred, rampant lovemaking of their early, before the kids years, to a now decidedly stale repertoire that left almost everything to the imagination.

Their counselor had suggested they might do this to allow Claire a little more freedom to express herself in a safe sexual environment and for Robert to simply enjoy the erotic delights of seeing his wife in a different light sexually. They were finally ready, or at least Claire had determined she was as ready as she would ever be and Robert was of course, beside himself with anticipation. He may have had one or two panic attacks in the past week just knowing what was coming; it was almost too much for him.

Robert had previously attempted to get Claire more interested in role-play by suggesting he pretend to be a TV repairs man or something along those lines. He had done so playfully but in truth it was borne of sheer hope and desperation. Claire was never able to really let go and have fun in the bedroom anymore and so their fantasies had never came to fruition. This time was different, years and months of couples therapy had brought them to this point and they were finally ready to try it out for real, or not, so to speak. Their counselor thought it best if Claire do more of the acting out the first time; this would give her more control over the situation. However, Robert was to play his part, by directing and orchestrating what happened once the play was set in motion.

The theme they had chosen involved Claire playing the role of a high-class call girl with Robert playing the part of a music industry producer in town for a few days. Playing a prostitute per se was a step too far for Claire and as Robert had never considered visiting a call girl and could never think of his wife as a whore, they settled on these roles as a safer sounding scenario. They had both watched enough documentary television to know the practice was anything but safe but at least the high class angle gave Claire the opportunity to dress up for the part. Robert of course would have played any role that got him closer to Claires inner wild child.

Claire was at home at 2:00 PM on Tuesday afternoon when the phone rang. This was to start out as a daylight tryst, a little afternoon delight that had been the bastion of their romantic entanglements as early lovers. The voice on the other end said, in a fairly convincing foreign accent, Hello, is this Miranda?

This is she, croaked Claire, in a dusky voice that was much lower in tone than normal. She giggled inside at the knowledge that the voice on the other end of whatever passed for the line in todays technical age was actually her husband Robert. All the same, her heart began to beat a little faster than when he would normally call her at home; perhaps this is working she thought, she felt herself getting just a little excited.

A friend of mine gave me a card with your name and number on it. It never had a business name or address, just a phone number under the name Miranda written in bolder print.

Well Im glad he gave it to you, most of my, um friends are pleased with my work. What can I do for you Mr. err what is your name?


Hola, Seor Cortinez.

Hablas espaol?

Un poco, but I prefer to use English if that is OK.

Si, Si, sorry, yes of course. I am in town for a few days and my friend recommended you for company, it gets lonely being on the road. How much do you charge for a few hours of your time?

Well if you want what most of my friends want, its three hundred for the first hour and then two hundred more for each hour after that. No half hours or partial hours, only by the full hour and of course a one hour minimum.

OK, I have no more meetings today so what time would suit you?

Where are you staying?

At the Hyatt, downtown.

I could be there by five a clock, will that work for you.

Yes that would be great, how do I pay you?

Cash only, all large bills and I need to see the money before anything happens, is that OK?

Of course, my room number is 1220, I will be waiting.

All right, I will be there at five sharp.

I look forward, Seorita.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Claire could not resist the temptation to go straight to her laptop and look at their bank account on-line. There it was, a one thousand dollar cash withdrawal earlier that day. My, she thought, Robert was going to be a big spender and he expected to be there for more than an hour.

Robert left his car keys with the valet at the hotel and walked through the hotel lobby toward the elevators carrying a small briefcase under his arm. He had already checked in earlier and gotten the key to room number 1220 on the twelfth floor, not far from the elevator. He opened the door with a swipe of plastic and went inside to prepare for what he sincerely hoped, lay ahead.

Claire began to get ready for work. She had already showered and had her hair in rollers as she applied her make up. She had thought this out; she wanted to look sexy but classy, not like someone that needed to have sex for money, but rather someone that enjoyed trading sex for money. She groomed her pubic hair with the electric trimmer and left only a small patch on the fatty tissue right below the pubic bone. Laser removal had done the hard work; all she had to do these days was maintain. Robert loved it, but she knew that tonight would be even more thrilling for him and it gave her immense pleasure that he would be so excited by it. Once finished with her hair and makeup, she put on the dress she had chosen for the occasion and appropriate high-heeled shoes. She noticed with satisfaction her brush-tanned legs complimenting the overall look of the outfit and left the house in her black Lexus. As she watched the garage door close, a small shudder came over her. Was she having second thoughts or was she just excited? Well, too late to turn back now, thought Claire. After all he had already withdrawn the cash! She backed out of the driveway, turned the wheel toward the highway and sped off toward downtown.

Claire drove the car under the hotel porte-cochere, opened the door, stepped out and took the claim check from the valet. As she walked into the cavernous lobby of the downtown Hyatt, she had a strange feeling that the valet had somehow looked at her differently. Not as a guest or someone with legitimate business, but maybe someone that had business there. Had she overdone the look, she thought to herself. In truth it made her feel even more excited to think she actually looked the part she was about to play. She walked through the lobby following the signs to the elevators and found herself subconsciously avoiding perceived glances from anyone that might ask her something; anything that would invalidate the reason for her being there. Dont be silly, she thought, you are overthinking this; remember you are Miranda, not Claire!

As she entered the elevator, a distinguished looking, older gentleman, she guessed around sixty years old, exited and as he walked by she noticed he gave her a slight wink. In normal circumstances this might offend her but this evening it gave her a little more confidence that she could indeed pull it off. She pushed the button for the twelfth floor and rode the elevator toward the rendezvous with the mysterious Mr. Cortinez. As she approached the door to number 1220, she glanced at her watch, five minutes past five, fashionably late. She could only imagine what state Robert was in, probably pacing the room in nervous anticipation, worrying if she would go through with it. Well she was here and not going through with it was definitely not an option. She reached up and firmly knocked twice on the heavy wooden door and waited with rapidly increased breathing and lightheaded exhilaration.

The Players in the middle bit

Seor Cortinez opened the door and it took every bit of restraint they each could muster to stop themselves from bursting out laughing and collapsing in a heap on the floor. The raging adrenaline and rising tension must have kept them centered in their respective roles as Robert welcomed Claire into the room. He was wearing the hotel embroidered, standard issue white bathrobe. He looked as if he has just stepped out of the shower, slightly greying hair brushed back with no parting. Claire felt a small shudder as the door closed behind her, not out of fear but from a level of excitement that felt strange and way outside her regular comfort zone. The room was large with a king-size bed centered on the back wall. There was a faint smell of cologne permeating the air and soft music coming from a mini speaker that was perched on a window ledge on the far side of the room. Claire recognized the first track, Barry Whites My First, my last, my everything, and surmised the rest of the evening would be filled with more of their favorites from their years together.

Claire walked past Robert and noticed the look on his face as she walked in wearing that dress! She had thought carefully about the choice and knew that this was his favorite. Not only was it a snug fit with full-length zipper, it was the one she had worn to the engagement party last year. She had never worn underwear underneath it because, well it didnt need any and panty lines would show for sure. She had tried wearing a slip but that just kept riding up and made her uncomfortable so there it was, commando.

Empowered by the look that she had seen on his face, Claire swept past Robert, moved further into the room, stopped and turned toward him.

Good evening Seor, do you have anything to drink?

Yes of course, is merlot OK seorita?

Robert would have known this was Claires favorite type of wine but of course, Seor Cortinez had to be hoping that it would be suitable. As Robert poured two glasses of wine from the bottle, Claire noticed that he hadnt taken his eyes off her and especially that tight fitting dress.

Do you like my dress, SeorCortinez?

I like the whole package Seorita, the dress merely adds the final layer to your overall beauty but, yes, I like it very much. I cannot wait to see what lies beneath.

What about the money?

Oh, yes, I forgot, I will pay for two hours, that is five hundred, correct?

Robert fumbled through a wallet on the desk and produced five crisp one hundred dollar bills and handed them to Claire. She thought it odd that he was paying for two hours but had withdrawn a thousand dollars from their bank account. Quickly, she checked herself and took her mind back into the Miranda role. She looked around the dimly lit room and saw there were two sets of pillows on either end of the bed, facing each other. The bedding in between had been stripped down to a single pale blue satin sheet that glistened slightly from the reading light that was lit on only one side of the bed. There was a small briefcase on the bed at the bottom, slightly tucked under one of the sets of pillows. She took a sip of wine from the glass and looked directly at Robert.

Where should I put my clothes?

No, please, do not undress, take off just the shoes, leave the dress on and get onto the bed, sitting up, at the top.

Claire moved past him, his eyes never leaving her as she slinked her way to the bed. She placed the wine glass on the bedside table, kicked off her shoes and, taking care not to show too much of her legs, she climbed onto the bed and nestled into the pillows at what she supposed was her end. When he deemed she was comfortable and in the correct position, Robert took his place at the other end of the bed facing her. She couldnt help noticing his erection lifting the robe off his thigh as he rolled into place in his own nest of pillows, also sitting up.

Now, I want you to take off your panties.

Claire reached down and made as if to obey his wish but as she slowly rolled her dress up toward her thighs, Robert noticed the dark shadows that were unmistakably cast by the folds of the mysterious and wondrous outer lips of her vulva. Of course Robert had been anticipating this for the entire time she had been in the room, but in his Cortinez role, he made a low, gravely sigh as if to feign surprise. Claire noticed the bathrobe twitch slightly as his erection grew larger at the realization that she was naked under the dress.

Now, play with yourself, he said motioning with his outstretched left hand.

Are you going to join in?

Not yet, please just do as I ask, I am paying you after all, no?

Miranda pulled the dress up further, now exposing most of her upper thighs but not her entire bottom half. She took her left hand and placed it on her right leg and began to trace her fingers upward toward her most private area. Slowly she moved her hand, palm flat and fingers facing downwards until it covered her entire pubic area. She slowly slid her middle finger along the outer lips, and then dipped further into the inner folds before finally pushing her middle finger inside her vagina. Claire was taken aback by how wet she was, noting that she had a warm feeling throughout her entire body. Her nipples felt more sensitive, as if they were clamoring for some attention of their own. With her other hand she pulled the zipper of the dress down just enough to be able to reach in and roll the nipple of her left breast between her thumb and forefinger. The nipple became erect instantly and the red globe sat atop her breast like a proud beacon perhaps warning of peril at sea.

Playfully, she took her hand off her mound and while looking straight at him put two of her slender fingers into her mouth. When they emerged, the deposited saliva appeared as a silky thread stretching like a web between them. She placed her hand back in the same position and this time she pushed the two fingers that she had just had in her mouth all the way up inside her vagina. As she pulled them back out she saw that Robert had fully opened his robe and his erect penis was in his left hand and a bottle of oil of some sort in the other. He emptied some of the bottles contents onto his penis and began to spread it all the way up and down the shaft and then rubbed some over his scrotum and the area between the sack and anus. Claire was surprised to see that Robert had also trimmed his pubic hair and almost totally shaved his scrotum. It actually looked better than before, she couldnt help thinking that she might actually enjoy giving him a blow job without all that hair getting in her face. Then she noticed something dark at the base of his penis. Of course, Miranda would probably have seen this many times before but Claire was taken aback to see a thin black ring tightly circling the shaft directly above the scrotum. God, he is wearing a cock ring, she thought; no wonder the head of his penis looks so swollen.

Claire began rubbing the hooded folds around her clitoris in tight little circles, alternating direction every ten seconds or so. Robert continued to slowly massage his penis from the base all the way up to the bulbous head that was getting fuller and more sensitive by the second. They liked to mutually masturbate each other but this was the first time they had both done it while watching the other at the same time. He was careful not to get too excited, there was more to come from this evening and he was determined to savor every moment. He slowed his movements and placed his hands on his thighs, his rigid penis waving like a magicians wand in the soft light.

Are you going to come for me Miranda?

Is that what you want Seor?

What do you want, Miranda? I think it is clear what I want.

Miranda began to rub the area immediately above her clitoris more vigorously until she could feel herself coming close to the brink of orgasm. She knew that nothing would be able to stop her now and as the clitoral orgasm came, she pushed those same two fingers that were in her mouth previously inside her vagina and used them to push on the sensitive spot just a few inches inside the upper vaginal wall. The resulting climax was so intense, her back lifted and her bottom came off the bed as her pelvic muscles clenched repeatedly around her fingers. After what must have been a minute or so, the spasms slowed and she withdrew her fingers and began to slowly move them over the small patch of hair on her mons. As she applied steady downward pressure it felt so good that she knew she was going to come again soon but before she could bring herself to orgasm again, Robert spoke. Miranda, stop. Open the drawer next to the bed.

Miranda leaned over and opened the drawer and inside found two items.

Take out what you find please.

Miranda took the smaller vibrator out first; it was pink, about five inches long and fairly small in diameter. She placed it on the satin sheet between her legs. Then she reached into the drawer and took out the dildo. This was a different animal altogether, at least eight inches long and with a girth she would estimate to be around six or seven inches with veins and ridges that gave it the look and feel of a real penis.

Use the small one first, I want to watch you come again.

Miranda took the small pink instrument of pleasure and turned the black knob on the bottom until she felt it begin to vibrate. She hesitated as she waited for more instructions. None came, Cortinez was intent on simply gazing at her and she knew what to do next. She placed the tip of the vibrating tool onto the still swollen flesh of her clitoral hood and slowly moved it, in alternating circular and up and down motions. Occasionally she slid the tip into her inner lips but did not push it into her vaginal canal. Cortinez rock hard erection hadnt diminished and he began to slowly pleasure himself again, concentrating on the underside of the glans on the left side looking down. This was a very sensitive spot for him and he knew not to overdo it for fear he wouldnt hold back for what was to be the ultimate thrill, perhaps the biggest of his life so far.

As she moved the vibrator in ever increasing circles over her moist lips, she turned the black knob further clockwise, increasing the rate and intensity of the vibration until she felt that familiar, out of control sensation as another orgasm came crashing in like a tsunami onto the shore. As she came this time she let out a cry of delight and pushed three fingers of her other hand, the one that had been fondling her nipple, into her vagina while still holding the vibrator on top of the folds above her clit. She was getting so into this now, she knew that if she kept the fingers pressed against the inside wall, the vibrations from the little pink guy would bring her to yet another climax within a few minutes. Sure enough, there it was, this time she felt as if she might pass out, it was as if she were floating above the bed as the straining muscles in her groin clenched and unclenched in a perfect rhythm. As she came down from the high plain of ecstasy, she placed the pink vibrator onto the bed beside her and looked at Cortinez again. He was still looking at her intently and the head of his penis was now so engorged it looked about to explode.

Dont you want to come for me now Seor?

Not yet, but thanks for asking. I want you turn over, onto your knees with your backside facing me.

Miranda turned over and rested her head on the soft pillows. She pushed her rear end out and upwards exposing the soft, fleshy parts of her thighs but still the dress was covering her buttocks. Cortinez gave a sigh that indicated he liked what he was looking at and in an instant he was behind her. He placed his hands under the creased folds of her dress and pushed it slowly upwards, over her bum cheeks and he saw a small white line that contrasted with the glistening bronze of her skin, indicating she had worn a thong while getting a spray tan a few days before. As he moved the dress farther up to expose the small of her back, he stopped abruptly. There, stretched across five inches or so of the tight skin that covered her lower back was a tattoo, she had a tramp stamp! Cortinez smiled; there, emblazoned on this most fascinating of all the curves of the female anatomy was the symbol from their Alma Mater, the Longhorn! He knew it was temporary of course, but if ever Robert wanted to be inside her, now was that moment but he first wanted to fully enjoy the sensational experience that had begun to engulf them both.

As he moved forward to close the space between them, Claire felt his erection nestling on top of her back, his balls resting in the space between her anus and vulva. Robert reached down and picked up the dildo that Claire had laid on the bed next to her. He reached back to get the small bottle and applied some lubricant to the soft but firm latex skin of the dildo. Claire kneeled in anticipation with a pretty good idea of what might be coming next. She was inwardly trembling in sheer excitement of what for her was unknown, uncharted water. Robert took the dildo and reaching around her left butt cheek, began to rub the end of the phallus between the folds of her labia. Claire moaned slightly with each pass from the top to the bottom as the head slowly parted her lips. She ached for him to push it all the way in but he just continued to rub it against her all the while his penis twitched on and off her back in expectation as if it were on a bed of hot coals.

Im going to put this inside you now Miranda, would you like that?

Yes, please do it, do it now.

In what seemed like a moment where time stood still, she found herself glancing at the clock on the other side of the bed; six thirty, they had been in the room for nearly an hour and a half and it seemed as if it had been mere minutes. Roberta Flacks, Killing me softly was playing now, but before she could process any more of that thought, she felt the head of the dildo push slowly past her inner lips and come to rest about an inch or so inside her vagina. Miranda would have been accustomed to all shapes and sizes but for Claire this felt big, stretching her like never before, it feltwell, good!

Tell me if I hurt you Miranda.

No, its OK, put it in further please.

Robert pushed it in another inch or so and then stopped again, this time making rotating motions with the weapon of joy and with each turn of the false rod, Claire let out a small cry and tried to push backwards to take more of it inside her. Robert wouldnt allow it and pulled back whenever he felt her thrust toward him so as to continue the tease. Abruptly, he stopped the movements and told her to take hold of the flexible cylinder and let it rest in the place just below her G spot. He knew she was aching to push it past that point as she anticipated the orgasm that was coming next. Robert took a little more lubricant from the bottle and rubbed it between his fingers to warm it. Then he began to caress the perineum between her anus and vagina. As he circled this area, Claire had become Miranda to the point where she felt like asking him to be ready with more money as both the clock ran out on the five hundred, and the anticipation of the act that she felt was coming next became apparent to her. In truth the intensity of the experience thus far had her so excited she thought that she would have done this for free; Claire of course, was.

Robert pushed his forefinger a small distance into her anus and made circular movements as he pushed it in a little further. Now both of her most intimate holes were being stretched and she sensed an aching desire to have them totally full but before she could say anything, he spoke again.

Miranda, please take the small vibrator with your other, free hand and place it on the area above your clit.

Claire reached across the bed to where she had previously left it and although difficult, she managed to turn the black knob while holding it in one hand and placed the vibrating object against her hood. Almost at once she came, not with the intensity she had anticipated but very satisfying nonetheless. As soon as she began to relax from the last throbs of what by then was her fourth orgasm, she felt movement again inside her vagina. Robert began pushing the large dildo into her now in one slow but continuous movement and as the ridges passed across her special spot, she felt the warm flow of blood again building in her pelvis. Soon the dildo reached all the way in and as it hit the outer wall of her cervix she came instantly, her vagina clenched tight around the intruder until she relaxed a little and sensed that Robert had placed the tip of his member into the outer area of her anus.

Look at me Miranda.

By this time Claire cared less about whatever Robert wanted to do and she turned her head toward him and pushed back a little in encouragement as she felt him push the bulbous end slowly inside her tight little anus. All the while she had forgotten that the dildo was still completely inside her vagina and she loved the sensation of being literally engulfed, as both openings were now being permeated by flesh and plastic. Now, Robert had about four inches of his penis inside her backside and he began to rhythmically move in and out and as he did so, she started doing the same thing with the dildo in her vagina. Robert simultaneously caressed the small of her back, intently gazing at the orange and white emblem that stood out against the light brown skin above her tailbone. As his movements quickened and the penetration depth increased, Claire followed along with her own copycat tool until suddenly she felt him thrust all at once inside as he let out a guttural cry that signaled an explosion of semen was splashing into the deeper parts of her anal canal. For a fleeting moment she found herself grateful that Robert, though not exactly small was not the same size as the thing that she had in her hand. At the moment she had felt him come, she pushed the dildo until it again reached the cervical wall and she shuddered as another mind blowing climactic wave of chaotic bliss hit her.

They collapsed with Robert lying on top of Claire, both utterly spent from the sheer exhaustion of the intensity of their respective orgasms. Robert remembered the cock ring and not wanting to suffer the numbing consequences of wearing it for too long, he pulled his still hard penis out of Claires anus and undid the small clip that held the ring in place. As his erection began to recede, he reached around and took hold of the dildo that was still nestled snugly inside Claires vagina and slowly pulled it out even while her pelvic muscles were fighting against him to keep it in. Claire gave another soft gasp as the latex popped out of her widened opening and she lay down with her head back on the soft pillows. Robert rolled off her back and they lay beside each other, completely exhausted but completely satisfied. Not a word was spoken.

Claire woke first and remembering where and why they were there, resisted the urge to wake Robert and discuss what had just happened. Realizing she hadnt actually gotten undressed, she rolled off the bed and pulled her dress down and quietly zipped it back up. Looking at the clock, she saw it was now almost seven a clock, five hours had passed since she made that first knock on the hotel bedroom door. She opened the bathroom door and as she closed it behind her, she switched on the lamp beside the washbasin and out of the corner of her eye noticed a large arrangement of flowers in a pretty vase. They were mainly roses and some lilies with a small envelope perched on top of a green stick. She opened the envelope and inside was a note together with five crisp one hundred dollar bills.

Darling Claire,

Thank you so much for not just this evening, however it worked out, but for just being Claire and also for having the courage to play Miranda even for just one night. I knew beforehand that I would enjoy myself if only for the chance to watch you walk through that door. I can only hope you enjoyed it too. The extra cash is not a bonus for Miranda but for you to buy yourself something special. You are my sweetest, loving wife, girlfriend and lover. I love you very much. Rob, XOX

Claire felt a small tear trickle down her cheek as she folded the cash and note back into the envelope and placed it inside the small clutch she had carried that night. She made an attempt at fixing her extremely tousled hair and left the hotel room leaving Robert asleep in the middle of the bed. Carrying the purse and the flowers, she took the elevator down, strolled casually through the now bustling hotel lobby and walked outside to the valet parking area. She handed the claim check to the valet and waited in the evening sunshine for her car. In a few minutes her Lexus appeared and purred to a halt in front of the hotel entrance. Claire opened a back door and placed the vase and flowers upright on the floor behind the passenger seat. She walked around to the drivers side and as the valet held the door open, she opened the clutch and realized she had not thought to bring cash for the valet. Still feeling somewhat lighter than air, she opened the envelope and took one of the hundreds from the wad and gave it to the valet while sliding into the seat in one elegant motion not caring what she flashed or what he might see. As she drove off she felt so good and didnt give a second thought to the extravagance of the tip, she just felt so alive.

The Postlude

It was eight thirty when Robert finally woke from the sleep of the just. He rubbed his eyes, collected his thoughts and then broke down into a strange combination of crying and laughing. He could hardly believe that they had actually pulled it off, a role-play fantasy that from what he could recollect in a short amount of time was not only a success but also an incredibly intimate and sexually fulfilling experience. Wanting to pinch himself to be sure he was there, in that room, at that time, he realized he needed to get home, wondering all the while where Claire was and how she felt about what had just happened in that room.

He literally jumped off the bed and made for the bathroom door. The first thing he noticed was the flowers were gone, the second were the two notes scrawled one on top of the other in red lipstick on the bathroom mirror.

Senor Cortinez,

Thank you for your business; that was a very enjoyable evening.



I love you darling.


Rob smiled to himself at the messages and used the washbasin to freshen his face before pausing once more to look at the mirror on the way out of the bathroom. He decided to leave the message on the mirror for the cleaners or perhaps the rooms next occupants to see. It just made him feel special. He got dressed, gathered the used toys and placed them with the bottle of lubricant into the briefcase he had brought with him hours earlier. Checking around the room one last time he walked out of the door to the elevator, pushed the down button and waited for a few seconds for it to arrive. He got in, pushed the button and gave a sigh as the doors closed. He knew he would be driving home but needed a drink to settle him down before the journey and seeing Claire again. He had only a sip or two of the wine in the hotel room so he decided to walk through the hallway leading to the anteroom where the informal hotel bar was located. He took a stool at the end of the bar and ordered Jim Beam on the rocks and spent a few minutes trying to recollect every detail of the happenings of the evening.

Claire pulled into the two-car garage, closed the door with the automatic opener and got out of the car. She walked over to the door that led to the boot room next to their kitchen and placed her purse on the small bench. She walked back into the garage, opened the rear passenger door to retrieve the vase and flowers, took them into the house and walked all the way through to their master bedroom. She placed the vase on the chest of drawers opposite their bed and walked into the adjacent bathroom. She opened the glass shower door, turned the hot faucet knob anticlockwise, stepped out and stood facing the large mirror that spanned both the his and her sinks. As she did so she began to pull the zipper down and let the dress fall over her shoulders. She felt a giddy sense of naughtiness as she watched the dress fall, exposing her still swollen breasts and large red protruding nipples. As the dress dropped all the way to the floor she saw the slight red shading of her swollen sex glands with the lubricant still glistening as it stuck to the small patch of hair. As she stepped into the warm mist of the shower, she had never felt so attractive.

Robert finished his drink and motioned for the waiter for the check. He paid, left a generous tip and made toward the hotel entrance to retrieve his car.

Thank you Mr. Cortinez, said the valet as he handed Robert the keys. Taken aback, it took Rob a full three seconds to realize that the boy was addressing him before he handed him a twenty-dollar bill, slid behind the wheel of the black Range Rover and pointed the cars nose toward the highway. He put some mellow music station on from the satellite channels and as he began to ruminate again on the evening he remembered once more that Claire had been naked under the dress. He found himself wishing she were there right now, alongside him so he could push a hand under the dress and play with her on the drive home. At the same time he noticed his erection growing again and for some unknown reason, he thought about how he always masturbated after they had sex. Not straightaway but always the same day, it always felt more intense the second or third time. He wasnt complaining but couldnt help but muse over the inequity of the differing orgasmic responses of men and women. It didnt seem fair that they could go on and on while for men its a one and done kind of thing. Before he knew it he was inside the garage, noticed the hood of Claires car was already cool and that she had been home for some time. He opened the door, saw the purse on the bench and walked through the cool, air-conditioned house to the master bedroom.

Claire was lying in bed, seemingly asleep with one arm outside the covers and what he perceived to be a slightly flushed face resting on her pillow. He quietly entered the bathroom and undressed. His erection had subsided a little but was still in an in between state as he turned on the faucet and stepped into the shower. He was in the shower for a full fifteen minutes, alternately washing his hair and body interspersed with thoughts from before. As these thoughts popped into his head, the blood flow to his penis increased proportionately and he couldnt help but smile to himself, God, he felt good.

Robert stepped out of the shower, toweled dry and as was his custom, slid naked into his side of the bed near the window. As he nestled close to Claire in a spoon position, she shifted slightly away from him but he moved closer again and as his erection grew even more he whispered, Claire, are you awake?

Claire lazily turned over and in a slightly grumpy voice, Rob, I know you are there, I can certainly feel you but Im just so exhausted from tonight, I dont think I can take you in any more.

But sweetie, I am on such a high and so turned on, I really need you again.

Please Rob, no, not again tonight, can you do it yourself, please?

Rob leaned back toward the nightstand, opened the drawer and took out a small blue bottle of lubricant he kept for just such occasions. He pushed the bed linens back to expose his erect penis and applied some of the liquid to the shaft as he had in the hotel room earlier. Normally this would be the signal for Claire to roll over and go back to sleep but to his surprise, she half rolled toward him and fixed her eyes first on his, and then on his hand pleasuring himself with alternating long strokes and short slow movements that concentrated once again on the very sensitive area on the underside of the frenulum. As he stroked, he leaned over and gave Claire a kiss on the head, then leaned back and increased the intensity of his movements to accelerate toward the intense climax he craved.

Talk to me and tell me when you are about to come, whispered Claire who was plainly more engaged in this than Rob had thought. Rob circled the base of his penis with the fingers of his right hand, squeezing in a rhythmic motion to encourage more blood flow into the engorged corpuscles of his swollen gland. Now beginning to groan a little, Rob managed to utter, Almost there. With that Claire sat up and moved imperceptibly closer to Rob. She didnt touch him or say anything more. All she did was watch him, first studying his face as it began to contort with an increasing look of pleasure, then at his erection as it began to swell to full size, the head standing proud on top of the thickening shaft. Her instincts told her that when he was about to come, he would probably make some noise or groan as it approached and she patiently waited for the right moment. As the swell of seminal fluid began to make its journey from his testicles, through the vas to the opening at the tip of his penis, she noticed the veins in his neck and those on the outside of his penis begin to swell and pulsate rhythmically. At that exact moment she leaned over and took him into her mouth just as the warm, salty ejaculate flowed from his straining tissue. She held him inside her mouth for as long as she could feel each shot hitting the back of her throat. When she knew he had finished, she slid her lips along his length as he slipped out and looked him in the eye as she showed him the white sticky liquid between her lips before swallowing with a gesture that didnt need any explanation.

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