Locating the Light Switch

by MaryKay Williams

All your life, you've learned that the light switch is on the wall beside the door so that when you enter or exit, it can be turned off or on. You consciously know that and react to it. But when you feel truly alone, you reach out to feel the light switch and not only is there no light switch, but there's no wall. You feel eternally lost and, there in the dark, depression arrests you and floods your mind with only itself. Common, routine tasks are done robotically. You've been so isolated that people around you accept your behavior as normal. You feel sick inside - the kind of sickness that you never believe you can recover from. You feel consumed with thoughts of not being around - but you are not ready to die. You are aware that you can't run away from your own insides; but that's what you want to do. What helps this? You must decide, there in the dark, where your happiness will come from. In doing this, you locate the light switch.

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