The Dagger

by Emma

You made me cry. You took my heart out and squeezed it. You made me be your puppet, your toy. You took advantage of me, now my heart hurts and I blame you. The tears that I am crying are stinging and are starting to turn red. Blood. The blood is from my aching heart that you are holding so close to you. Then I notice the dagger in your left hand. Your holding the dagger tight in your hand making sure not to drop it on the cool floor. My heart is in your right hand, beating hard and fast. With the dagger that you hold so tightly, you stab the dagger into my heart, twisting it and grinding down deeper. The warm blood seeping through your fingers, my heart is slowly dying. I'm lying there on the ground watching my heart slow its pace till it has stopped. My eyes are stating to cloud up. You place my heart in my right hand and your dager in my left hand. Then you kiss my forehead and say "I love you" and simply walk away. The darkness has come and swallowed me up...

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