From Blue to Red

by Robert Cavazos

From Blue to Red

I was being all quiet. I don't know why. But I was.

I needed food to comfort me so I snooped

around the campus looking for some munchies.

I wasn't in class by the way.

Something not so typical of me since I am a nerd.

I was feeling all blue.

I still hadn't found my food.

Was I looking for food? I cant say I was.

It was also Mother's Day for your information.

May 10th sits in my calendar.

My mom was a rather happy camper.

Lots of love, lots of love!

I wasn't.

I was feeling blue.

I really focused on my mission: comida!

I brainstormed different ideas and plans.

I could almost smell it!

But I couldn't it. I still felt blue. No food equals blue.

Now I remember why I mentioned Mother's Day.

That morning in my first period we had a party.

The teacher was going to have parties all day.

Light bulb ON!

A millisecond later I was off like a race dog.

A blue race dog.

So I arrived. H112.

Name of the classroom complex for you slower ones.

I could almost smell the food! I could!

There was tortillas and beans and rice.

As well as cake and punch and"mole. Yeah mole.

Mole is right up there on my priorities list.

Yeah it's breathing, mole, and then boobs.

Told you it was pretty high up there.

It's after breathing, well, because I need to breathe

so I can eat. It's before boobs, well, because boobs are boobs.

And who could live without boobs?

But who could live without mole? And that's how

I made my decision. Nevertheless, I was blue.

Now I remember why I mentioned my priorities

list which was supposed to be a secret!


Nah, It's ok.

So anyways, I approached the golden steaming pot of mole.

I could almost smell it. I could! I took another slow step.

I was closer now. I took the wooden mole-covered-really-big spoon

and stirred. An atom bomb of steam rose up to the ceiling and

some mole landed on my hand. "Ouch!" I screamed

like the man I am. It was more than that.

I felt a salty tear roll down my red cheek. I was in pain.

Boy was I in pain.

The steam suddenly cleared and all I could see was red.

Red. Just red. That was the day she saved me and the

day I went from blue to red.

Now I live red. Never blue. Always red.

That was a good day.

Indeed a good day. What was I looking for?

I believe I now know.

And the mole? How come it burn me? I now know.

Anyhow, that was the day she saved me

and the day I went from

blue to red.


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