The River

by Gianna D.

The water moved in a silent motion up towards my feet, down towards the fishies. It had the little white foam at the edge, and clear, blue water in the middle of it. It was peaceful, my heaven away from hell, where I could sit and think, watch, listen, for hours...

When the birds swooped, and the fish jumped, I wouldn't bother to look up. They were my "friends", my real friends. The didn't piss me off, or backstab me, like some other people I knew. I'd greet them one by one, my friends, when they came down by me for food, for shelter, for anything else a creature would want...

This place was my home, it was my home away from home, I lived here each day. After a long day of school, I ran here. My food, my clothes, my entertainment packed up in my backpack. I didn't want to leave each night.

This place, I would love forever, until one day, the company came and filtered out the water, taking it away in big tubes, leaving the fishies to flop on the sandy bottom of the ground. They were dying,one by one, either running out of water, or the birds swooping down. Then, I saw the birds dying. The fish supply was getting low, and the oil from the trucks got on them. What the hell were they thinking?! They killed everything... including me.

I was about to run home to cry, to sob, to live my other damn life, when I woke up.

I woke up crying, breathing hard, not knwing whether to get up, or fall back asleep, so I lay all night, my eyes open, remebering the creatures and place I loved.

THE RIVER. It was gone, and was never coming back. Unless I went down to Magnack Park...

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