Surprise Visit

by Vanessa Brooks

I arrive at your front door, wearing my old tight jeans and a black cleavage revealing tank top. You can see the straps of my red thong rising above my jeans a little. Nobody's home except for you. Surprised to see me, you give me a big smile and a kiss.

Not wanting to waste any time, you lead me to your bedroom, closing the door behind you. I hear the lock click into place. Hopefully your parents and brother will be gone for a while.

You tell me how sexy I look and how much it turns you on, me being there locked in your bedroom with you, wearing that thong, and those tight jeans. I walk over to you and sit on your lap, kissing you gently, playfully nipping at your lips.

Sliding my tongue over your lips and into your mouth. Tasting you, wanting you. I feel something poking up against my butt through your pants and I know what it is. You're hard as a rock for me. Breaking outta the kiss, I take my shirt off and drop it to the floor.

I'm wearing my red bra that matches my thong. My breasts are barely covered by the red lace. Your hand slides up my stomach and your fingers tease my nipple through the fabric, making it hard, feeling the lace rub over it, excites me more. As you touch me, caress me, I'm kissing your neck, along your jaw line and back to your mouth. Hot, heated little kisses.

I feel your hand dip down into the waistband of my jeans, and I take the hint. You wanna feel more of my bare skin. Standing up, I shed my jeans, and you see my in my undies, staring at you provocatively, you motion for me to take the bra off too.

Reaching behind me to unhook the clasps, I undo them and slide it off one shoulder and then the other, never breaking eye contact with you the whole time. With the bra off and hanging onto one finger I drop it to the floor with the rest of my clothes.

Seeing my breasts unrestrained and outta the bra, you notice how big they truly are, and you're amazed. You want to feel them in your hands, touch them, and kiss them. You move forward and grab me around my waist, pulling me back onto your lap. Again I feel your hardness, this time against my thigh.

Reaching down I feel how hard and hot you are and I know it's all because of me. I can feel how much you want me and how ready you are to begin. Wiggling around on your lap I slide my thong off and toss it outta the way where it lands on your TV.

Your hand resting on my hip now, it slides down my thigh and between my legs. Sliding a finger inside you feel my wetness. Caressing my clit, making me wetter for you, getting my ready. I reach down and unbutton and unzip your pants. Ready for action, your dick springs outta your pants. Veins raised up, hard as steel.

I graze my fingertips over its head, touching the little bead of moisture the drips out. Sliding my hand over the length of it. Amazing at its hardness. Spinning around to face you, I lower myself down onto you, feeling your dick stab deep inside of me.

Moving my hips slowly, I begin to make love to you. Feeling you deep inside and then almost all the way out, and then back deep inside again. Your hands are on my hips pushing me down harder every time I move. My breasts are in your face bouncing with every thrust I make. Your lips latch onto one and your tongue is sliding back and forwards over my nipple.

Sending little jolts of pleasure all throughout my body. Feeling close to climax, I move a little faster, now almost bouncing on your lap. Your fingertips dig into my hips, almost painfully. Urging me on faster and harder.

I feel a little knot inside me get tighter and tighter knowing I'm about to cum, and u too. Feeling you get harder inside me. Faster and faster. Bouncing harder and harder. The little knot explodes and I see stars as I'm cumming. Feeling me get tighter and tighter inside, you start to cum. I'm moaning your name over and over again. Feeling your cum shoot into me, feeling myself squeezing your dick. My fingernails are digging into your shoulders and I have bruises on my hips from your fingertips. Breathing hard we finish together and I lean against you breathing heavily. You're breathing hard too. Exhausted from the force of it all.

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