"Love" Is Not Enough

by Arnal Florian

Love... What a short word compare to the feeling it stand for. But how could he express his feelings without saying that word. Jack was sitting down on a couch, thinking about the one he loved. He wanted to find the perfect way to tell her so the only words she could say would be : "yes I want to be with you". He wanted to find the perfect place for each word and the perfect word for each thought. He wanted to begin with her physics. So his first sentence would be : "Julia, I need to tell you something", so she would come closer to him and look into his eyes to make him understand she was listening. He would continue : "Julia, I love you, I love everything in you, your wavy sleek long blond hair that I can smell every time I hug you. Your forehead that I would love to kiss every morning when I would get up. Your small nose and your luscious mouth that I want to kiss every single moment of my life. I love your perfect shiny smile, your hair when the wind is blowing them up, your make up that make your blue eyes going so dark and deep. I love everything that you do, how you drink with your pinky up, how you look in my eyes and just turn away leaving me thinking about you for hours. I love you because you are smart, beautiful, always smiling, friendly, funny, thoughtful, nice, honest, generous, creative... I love everything in you and don't want to spend one more second without calling you my girlfriend".

He was ready. Ready to go to his real love and tell her everything, all his feelings. He went to the university were she was studying, and wait for the bell to ring. He was thinking how his life would change. His mother would be so proud of that he found such a perfect girlfriend. The bell rang. He was waiting to see her face. He was searching for her. His heart stopped. He fall down. Crying. He just saw Julia kissing her ex boyfriend. He went back to his car. Waiting some minutes to calm down. Then he started his car and drove. He didn't know where he was going but he continue to drive. He was on a high speed avenue. Behind him a heavy truck. He thought about his life. Was it worth to live more than that. His foot hit the break. Going from 80 miles per hour to 0 in a second. He felt a huge pain. He was on the ground.

Leaving his last thought for God. He asked him if their was an other life after the death, he asked if that life could be with Julia because he didn't want an other life without her. God answered him by a simple image. In this image, Jack was with Julia. They had big house, beautiful car, and amazing children. Jack closed his eyes and accepted his death. His life left his body. But not his smile.

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