The Night Shift

by Yisel Perez

-Allright, Patricia and Nadia, you girls take the night shift.

-The night shift , how hilarious, says Patricia looking back at him.

Patricia and Nadia went out to feel the gentle breeze of a cloudless night. The street was full of lights, full of noise, and surprisely, full of people. Cars were passing by, and sometimes, they stopped, hesitating, but continued their route. Nadia looked at the bar across the street. Men chattered and had a few drinks each. Patricia took out her red lipstick and a small mirror and applied it to her uncoloured lips. She handed the lipstick to Nadia, who denied it with a gesture.

-Look, says Nadia. There's already people coming.

-Yeah, it is like they know our opening hours by heart, says Patricia.

-Do you think they will talk to me?, asks the new girl.

-Oh girl, they won't talk to you. I wish they would talk to me... You know what they say about our actions being more important than words?

-Yes, says the new girl.

-Well, I wish they would only, talk to me. I don't even care if they lie. I wish they did.

-Do you know these men? Asks Nadia.

-I know all about their miserable lives, and their families too.

-Patricia, could you give me my glasses?

-Darling, you know we aren't allowed glasses.

-I know, it just that I think I saw my dad.

-Girl, remember I know all of these men, says Patricia.

-yes, but I think this man looks awfully like my father.

-Honey, it's because he is your father.

-If it is my father, I hate him,

Patricia laughs.

-I guess you did not expect to see your dad on your first day, or any other day. I guess you did not expect to see him at all. You see? This is the thing about 'the night shift', you encounter the people you weren't expecting to, says Patricia.

-Here he comes, I can't believe he is here.

-Go hide, I will take care of your dad. I always do when he comes. Don't hate me, I can't discriminate anyone.

Nadia hides behind the enormous plant next to them.

-Hi Patricia, you were with another girl who's face is very familiar. I think I know her. Can she come with us?

-It's her first day here, Leo. She is very young and innocent.

Nadia comes out of her hiding place and says:

-Yes, it is my first day here dad, but now I know it is not yours.

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