The Escape

by Reetam Kaushik

*Beep beep*.*beep beep*The sound of the alarm clock reached my ears, My head felt heavy, my mind was trapped in between a dream and reality. With great difficulty I opened my eyes; struggling against the immensely bright sunlight peeking at me through the open window. My body seemed paralysed, unwilling to move, still in a trance i struggled to look at the clock. My blurry vision then slowly concentrated on what seemed like the image of a clock.

8:30 am!! Heck. One look at the time brought my mind back to the world of the living. All my memories of past night came into my mind The strange man in white coat, the gun in my face, the money; his money that I stole. He was after me, he was going to kill me. I escaped, but yesterday I was lucky, today I may not be so.

Intensely i looked around the room, something was wrong, it was awfully quiet. I concentrated hard to hear all the sounds playing near me, nothing, the place was quiet, it was then when i looked at my room, panic gripped me as I realized that the room i was sleeping was not mine. How did I end up here, where was I?

I looked around, the walls were pale, there was a single window near my bed and the only way out was a steel door on the opposite side. I felt strange, my feet carried me towards it and my hand instinctively grabbed into the handle. As expected it was locked. I tried to force it open but i was no match for its brute strength.

My mind was filled with questions. Where was I? How did i get here? What happened last night? I could remember only flashes, I stole this guys briefcase containing money, he had a gun to my face, i was running, his guys behind me, but did I escape? Apparently not.

Seemed like he had captured me, brought me to this strange place, but why. He surely must have gotten his briefcase back, Why keep me alive then?

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and then two men barged in, They were tall, strong and were dressed in white suits, surely they are the henchman of my captor. The two showed their authority by grabbing me from the shoulder and began dragging me outside the door.

I was helpless, couldnt struggle. My eyes watched silently as my body was dragged outside the room, but on the bright side at least I was out. The watched the place as i was swept down the corridor. It was a dull, colourless place filled with doors arranged in a singular fashion. No doubt I was in a jail, These men captured me last night and brought me here. Have no choice now, I have to find a way to escape.

We approached a dull room at the end of the hallway. It was dark, screams of someone filled the air with a sense of fright. I figured it to be a torture room; and I was been taken there, I had no choice; I struggled but the brutes holding me were too strong. The door opened, light from inside dazed my eyes. All i could see was a shadow of a man amidst the shining white light.

As my eyes adjusted to the light; I could see more of the room. A torture room. In the middle of the room lay a bed; attached to it was some sort of mechanical device; a torture machine. Someone was lying there screaming in pain. Another goon then lifted him from the bed and carried him outside the room. It was clear, if i did not escape I would end up the same. I had to break free. Beside it stood the man in a white coat; he was the same man i stole money from. He looked at me with contempt in his eyes.

He ordered his men to lay me on that bed, it was now or never, I had to escape. As they lowered me into the bed, one of the men had to loosen his grip on my hand. It was the chance i needed, i immediately freed one of my arms and used it to poke the second goon in his eye. He cried out in pain and let go of my second arm. As i was freed, i saw this as an opening and kicked the first goon in the groin, both threats neutralized. Time to go, the man in the white coat tried to stop me but i pushed him aside and made my way towards the door.

I ran across the narrow corridors; my heart was pacing up and down with excitement. I had to find an exit. As I ran i witnessed other people in their cells, they looked different, seemed that they were tortured, the place was howling with their cries. I couldnt bear it, if i am not free then i would end up like them. I focused my thoughts and kept running.

I approached the stairs, i peered down to find a guard downstairs two floors down. If i were to pass he had to be taken out. He was standing in the same place below me. An easy task. I saw a potted plant next to the stairs and picked it up. Now all that remained was to aim. It proved no difficult. I held the plant just above his head and let it go. The pot flew down the two floors and came crashing down on the goons head. Score, me 3 : goons 0.

I rushed down the stairs to find the exit right before my eyes. It was like a dream come true. I gathered strength and pushed myself towards the door. My goal was near, as i approached it, I let out my hand to touch the knob; twisted it to find it open. As the door opened, outside light filled the room, it was as if a new hope filled inside me. I felt a cool breeze against my face, I was free.

I took a step forward when a sudden pain struck me at my back. It was immensely painful. I looked back to find the man in the white coat standing behind me. His hand touching my back with some kind of weapon in it. I froze up. My legs grew weak and i fell down at the floor. A stun gun, i could see it now, i have failed. The man called out to some goons and ordered them to take me back to the shock room. I was doomed. It was over. So close was I and yet I failed. I closed my eyes as they dragged me back to that room.

The rest was a blur, i sensed myself being strapped to the bed, they put a metal ring on my head and a rod in my mouth. It was then i felt those sharp jolts of electricity. My mind became numb. I was unable to think. I passed out as i saw the man in the white coat look at me. His image becoming hazy, slowly turning dark.

I think that will be enough for today, the man in the white coat whispered.

As you say doctor, his elderly in a white dress responded.

This is the fifth time he has tried to escape. His condition is getting worse. Earlier it was just hallucinations but now it seems he feels them to be real. He is smart and so he keeps himself in delusion. He is trapped within his own mind. It is as if he had created a world in his mind and believes it to be real. This shock therapy is no help either

Well sir, then are you thinking of a lobotomy. The orderly responded.

Perhaps but lets just see him for a few days if his situation changes. Saying this the doctor went to his cabin and closed the door behind him. On the door his designation stood clear. Dr Ankit Sharma, psychologist, Everglades Mental Asylum.

The End...

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