An Illusion?

by Jordan Wellnitz

Is happiness an illusion?

Is there really such a thing?

At one time,

actually at many times,

I've thought so.

But every time I become happy,

truly happy,

it all just seems to slip away.

Is that just the nature of happiness?


Is happiness an illusion?

Or is there something wrong with me?

Am I just incapable of being happy?

Am I too fickle?


Do I change my mind too constantly?

Am I too difficult to make happy?


Is happiness an illusion?

Why am I so impossible?

Am I not meant to feel true happiness but in brief bursts?

What is wrong with me?

Was I born in the wrong time?

The wrong place?

Would it even matter where or when?

Would I just be stagnant in the same way?


Is happiness an illusion?

I don't understand.

I have a great life,

so why?

Am I the problem?

Is the world? happiness just an illusion...?

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