by Arnold Nelson

This story is totally fiction, but it could happen, miracles do happen.

I was just finishing up my shift of volunteering at the local Children's Hospital. I volunteer to hold babies when the parents don't want to or just don't have the time to hold them. It is been proven that holding babies helps them to heal faster. Since nurses are too busy, people like me volunteer whenever they can. They come in and hold and comfort babies. There is nothing like holding babies, and here I get to hold all the babies I want.

Like I said I was just finishing up three hours of holding babies. I was tired and all I wanted to do was go home and relax. As I started into the hallway nurse Abby came up to me. She said "Arnie, I know you're tired and you want to go home. Could you please help us out for a little while longer?"

I said "What's up?"

Abby said "About two weeks ago they found a little 10-year-old girl who was laying unconscious along the highway. We have no idea where she came from or who she is.They brought her in here. The doctor did all they could. They worked very hard. The little girl never regained consciousness. Now it looks like she's slipping away from us. We don't think she will last the night. We don't want her to be alone when she dies. Would you please sit with her for just a little while? maybe an hour at most. We will get someone to take over as soon as possible."

I said "How can I refuse something like that, show me the way."

So Abby took me up to the little girls room. I went in the room. There were four beds in the room, but only one was occupied. I looked at the little girl laying there. She looked like she was asleep. Even with all the wires and tubes and bandages I could tell she was a beautiful little girl. I sat down next to her and I grabbed her hand and I held it tight. As soon as I did I felt her squeeze my hand. I thought what's going on here, this girl's in a coma, people in a coma can't show any feelings. As I held her hand I prayed for her and I prayed that the police would catch the people that put her there. After I got done praying. I started to talk to her. I told her little about me. I made her a promise nobody would ever hurt her again. Then I started telling her stories. After about three or four stories, I sang a couple of songs I knew.

When I finished singing I looked into her beautiful face. Just as I did her eyes opened and I saw the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I had ever seen. Then she whispered "hold me." My hearing is not the best and I missed out on a lot of things but I had no problem hearing her. I don't know how I heard her but I did.

I knew it was against the rules, but I laid down on the bed next to her and carefully rolled her over until her head was laying on my chest and her body was leaning against me. Then I started to talk to her again. It couldn't have been more than 10 or 15 min. later. I felt her body relax.

All of a sudden the room lit up brighter than bright. There were angels flying around near the ceiling. Ome of the angels came down and stood next to me. She kissed me on the forehead and said "Thank you for comforting my baby." Then she flew up with the rest of the angels. Then Jesus came in. He picked up the girl and took her back to heaven with Him. Then the Angels left and the room went back to normal.

I rolled the body off me and back onto the bed. Then I got up I wastrying to understand what the angel had said and done. I was turning around getting ready to leave. My twin girls came up to me and hugged me. (I lost my girls over 40 years ago when they were left alone by a swimming pool and they both fell in and drown.)

Then Loretta said "God told us we could come down and see you and give you a hug because you were so nice to one of his children."

Then Patsy said "We miss you so much daddy. We can't wait until God calls you home and you can be with us forever."

Loretta said "We keep asking God when He will bring you home. He always says the same thing. When your work down here is done."

Patsy said "When will your work be done?"

I Said "I don't know girls. It is not up to me. It is up to God."

Patsy said "The last time we asked God, He gave us a different answer He just said soon."

Loretta said "It is almost time for us to leave, we love you daddy."

I was still holding them as they started to disappear. I didn't want to lose him again but I knew they had to go. Just before they disappeared completely they both said "We will see you soon daddy." Then they were gone.

I sat down in the nearest chair and started crying like a baby. Then the nurses and doctors came in. Two of the nurses came over to me and helped me up. They took me over to the nurses lounge. They said "Sit here as long as you like, no one will disturb you. When you're ready we will get someone to drive you home." Then they gave me a bottle of water and left. I cried until I had no more tears to cry. Then I sat there a few more minutes and finished the bottle of water. Then I got up, went to the restroom, and washed my face.

I went out to the nurses station. As I got out there the nurses started coming up to me and hugging me. Then the head nurse said "I don't know what you did in that room, Arnie, but whatever you did it was pretty amazing. When we came to remove the girl's body. She had a big smile on her face. It was the only time any of us here at the hospital had seen any emotion at all from her."


About a month later a lady from out-of-state saw the picture of the girl and identified the girl as her niece. She said the girl's mother, her sister, died about a year ago. After that her father got mean. Just as we were getting ready to have the girl taken away legally he took the girl and took off in the middle of the night. We did all we could to try and find them because we were afraid of what he might do to the girl. We never found anything until I happened to see the picture one day.

She said The girl's name was Christmas Star. Her mother named her that because she was born on Christmas Eve. And the first thing the mother saw was a star on the Christmas tree in her hospital room.

I went around the hospital and took up a collection to put a stone on her grave. The hospital staff was very generous and it wasn't long before I had plenty of money for the stone and engraving.

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