The Eighth Commandment

by Arnold Nelson

God said it very simply. He said You will not steal. How much simpler can it be? God made all his commandments the same way, as simple as possible. He did want any mistakes. He said This is the way it's going to be. He said If you want to be my children you must follow my rules. God knew, of course, that man could never follow those rules. They are only there to be a guideline, to show us what we should be doing. That was why God sent Jesus down here. Jesus was sent down here to save us. God knew we would never get to heaven on our own. Jesus died on the cross and took our sins and put them at the feet of Satan so all who believes may be saved.

Man came along and started writing his own laws he gave stealing different names. He called it larceny, grand larceny, theft, petty theft, grand theft, scams, burglary, con games, shoplifting, pickpocketing, swindle, and identity theft along with many other names. Man wrote pages and pages of laws and rules trying to cover stealing. Someone would always find a loophole and then man would have to write some more laws to fill up the loophole. Man should realize that God had it all covered in four little words You will not steal. We don't need all those pages and pages of laws and rules. We don't need all those names, all we need is God's four little words You will not steal.

If you have ever read any of man's laws or rules you should notice one odd thing. In man's rules it does not say don't steal, it says don't get caught stealing. God's rules say don't steal. That is because as soon as someone steals God sees it and you will have to suffer the consequences either in this life or the next life.

This society has gotten way out of hand, with the rich grabbing more and more all the time. There are way too many people around who think society owes them a living for whatever reason. These people think nothing about going into a store and grabbing whatever they want and walking out without paying. I hear comments like The stores can afford it, they have all kinds of money. The rich have been stealing from us for a long time, it is time we start taking something back. The problem with that is, it is not the rich or the big stores that have to pay for these losses, is the average shoppers. The stores raise their prices to cover the losses. That means we all pay.

The government is supporting many people who can't find work or who are unable to work. I can understand supporting those unable to work and supporting the senior citizens who worked hard all their life and still have just enough to live on. I do not understand supporting those who can't find work or are refusing to work. There should be a way to find jobs for everyone who can work.

I wish someone would explain something to me. Where does this attitude If I want something, I should be able to have it, so I can just take it. Come from? When I was growing up if you wanted something you worked for it and you saved your money until you could afford it. When did all that change?

I can understand taking food or clothing if you're hungry or in need. You know, it is funny, most of the people that are truly in need would not even think about stealing anything that wasn't theirs. They have a lot of pride and they don't even like handouts. A person gets to a point, especially if there are children involved, that they will take handouts, if only to feed their kids. They will swallow their pride and ask for help because they don't want their kids to suffer.

There are a lot of people out there who have plenty of money the only reason they steel, is because it is a game to them. They just have to see if they can get away with it. It doesn't matter if it is just a few pieces of candy or hundreds of dollars worth of stuff, is a game and they are addicted to it. They have to keep trying until they are caught. The problem is when they are caught they are only given a slap on the wrist and are sent right back out to do it all again.

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