Celestial Fallacies

by Mehran Mokhtarpour



I need to write this down before I die or become a complete lunatic so that you people may understand

that not all the mistakes we make come from infatuation or silliness but may come from a total

conscious state, sometimes the zealot deliberately doesnt save the sacrificial lamb or the hero in the

tale kills himself knowing its a flaw, also I am writing these down because Dr. Mahler has advised me to,

he believes I can be cured, I just dont know the hell thats wrong with me, only if I did

My name, I think, is Troy Wade and I used to be the manager of ICON Airlines, due to my suspension and

in my absence one of my friends and my regional manager John Floyd runs the company. He is a good

man and I trust him, as I am writing these, I am looking at the half moon outside my cells bars; I think

its my last night here, by the dawn I am going to be free.

But to make sense, let me tell you how my torments started, so I would start my side of the story from

one month ago, the day I left home to go to the company.

Chapter One - Wicked

Another day, another morning and another 8.30, the alarm clock never stops ringing when you feel

sleepy, but I had to leave the home, there were people at the company waiting for me. I washed my face

and went downstairs to the kitchen. Liza, my wife, was there and she was trying to give Adam, our son,

food, just as she always did; she made airplane sounds and made believe that the spoon is an airplane

so Adam would eat his food easier. I loved them both more than anything in the world; just watching

them was enough to make a very tired man feel strong again.

-Morning, Liz, good sleep last night? I said with my sleepy voice.

-Morning T, yeah it was finewhat do you want, milk or coffee? She wasnt looking at me as she was

trying to feed Adam, but her tone was just as sweet as always; she had pony-tailed her hair and the

suns reflection on her gold hair was just the best thing that your eyes can catch. I was the luckiest man

in the world.

-Ill take coffee, so whats your plan for today? I sat behind around the table and looked at Adam

making a mess while eating as all babies do, he was going to be five next month and was already looking

hotter than his dad and mom

-Well, we are going shopping, the fridges empty, and maybe I check out a few friendsdont we

Adam? she looked at him and made her eyes wide to make Adam laugh, he couldnt speak more than a


few babblings and coos, sometimes mommy or daddy, his voice was a treble sweet voice and gave

me a chilly feeling inside whenever I heard it.

-Well as for me, I guess I will have the shareholders meeting finally today and we may get to go to a

short vacation if these idiots agree with the business plan This plan simply gave quarter of the

companys stock to the people and so the taxes would cut off, its meaning would be that we own a lot of


That conversation went on about 20 minutes, and then I went upstairs, dressed in my lucky black suit

and prepared to get out. We kissed good-bye and I left the house to work; where I worked was a rather

long ride.

By the time I arrived, it was a few minutes passed 9.30 and there were people outside; it looked like

they are here on a complaint or something like that, I had played this game a thousand times before. I

got out of the car and stepped inside from the staff door in the parking. As the elevator doors opened to

my level, I saw Flora; my secretary ran towards me with her always worried face.

-Hi Mr. Wade, we have a problem Her voice was shaky, if I didnt knew her, I would definitely

become worried, but this was her routine; she would cry for the smallest things. I comforted her.

-Easy, Flora, get a grip and tell me whats going on

-One of our planes has a technical problem and cant fly, now all the -I stopped her.

-Ok, I got it, just tell me the flight number and tell the security to let people in three by three oh and

call Mr. Floyd in please, I shall need his assistance.

-Its BV61612 sir she continued Belleville

-Perfect, I am waiting in the conference room

The routine was simple, first people would come shouting about delays and how they didnt get to their

meetings or missions, then a kind of angry complaining about how our airline is irresponsible and after a

while of silence, it was Johns turn to tell them how planes can be deadly if not monitored technically

and the usual blabs about another flight as soon as possible, we had been playing this game for years

now and we had almost always won. All the passengers were gone by noon. John and I were in the

conference room as he said while wiping his sweat off the forehead

-phewwe are good at this man, we are good.

-Well, I just want to know why people dont understand its their lives at stakeand yes, I agree that we

are good.

-You know what we should do? We should hire new employee just for things like this

-I dont agree, I mean not everyone is as patient as you and me brotherbut maybe we could just

then we heard the buzzing sound of the phone, it had to be Flora.


-Mr. Wade, Mr. Floyd, there is a person here who claims to have something to say to you sir Maybe

for the first time in my life, I was hearing her with a strong voice.

-Let that person in said John while putting on his coat; he continued Can you take care of this

yourself; I could sure use a drink

-Yeah go ahead, and hey, bring me one I said as I pulled the curtains away and looked aimlessly at

the street. I heard the door closed behind John and then a knocking sound

-Come in please I was still aiming the street with no objective.

-Am I speaking to Mr. Troy Wade? I heard a womans voice. So I turned to speak with her. She had a

rather unique voice and a very feminine style; a long black dress with a hat in her hands and a rather

strong make up, her eyes were looking somehow blue behind all those lines and powders. She had a

long black hair but she had covered them in a hairpin. She seemed different.

-Yes, himself I was somehow confused, she neither looked like a complaining passenger nor like a

reporter or even a shareholderand then I added Please, take a seat and tell me how I can help you

-Thank you she sat on a chair to my left and continued you dont know me but I know you, and Ive

been looking forward to meeting with you and finally I found the chance

-Well, I am not that hard to find She smiled, and through her white teeth I could sense a different

feeling, something was not rightNow, I am listening

-Oh, you dont know she put her hat on the conference desk and I saw her hands; they were very

thin and white, and on her left hand she had worn a bracelet of some kind of a myth looking figureMy

name is Rosemary Hunter, and I am here on my fathers request.

-Do I know him, Ms. Hunter? I asked while hoping its not Theodore Hunter. The Sky Hunters

manager, our rival and my personal enemy.

-He is the owner of the Sky Hunter Airlines, Theodore Hunterhe has an offering for you, Mr. Wade.

I didnt say anything; I was waiting for her words to finish. Seeing my silence, she kept on.

-My father has asked me to give you this offering package, in it are the estimations and statistics of

what would happen if the two companies joinedI read them myself, and they are pretty big

-Hmm, I will look into it Ms. Hunter and I shall respond as fast as possible, thank you for your coming

here. I knew I would send the papers right into paper shredder as she left but I played it politically.

-Thats not all, Mr. Wade She continued I have something to say to you but I cannot do it here

-Why not? I asked surprisingly.


-Id prefer if we could talk outside the work environment She was looking directly into my eyes, this

was a new offering and I just couldnt neglect it. I replied

-ErmI am not sure if I could understand what you mean I needed to turn down her words.

-Ok let me put it in this way, I want to tell you something that I am sure you would like to hear but I

cant do it here, so what do you say to having a coffee after the working hour?

Was she asking me out? Had she not seen my wedding ring, or maybe I was just being skeptic, maybe

the weird young lady really had a point, I didnt know what to say. She had caught me by surprise. I had

to act fast.

-Of course, but I hope it doesnt take much time, I have an angry wife whos waiting for me back at

home I think I had just told her the dealbreaker.

-It wont. I promise. Do you know the caf at the junction between 6th and 7th streets? Well meet



And in moments she was gone and left me with a million questions, John came back and asked me what

she had to do with us. I gave him the package and the story up to the coffee point. For some reasons I

preferred to keep it under my skin.

Around 5.15 I headed to the place where I was supposed to meet Rosemary Hunter; the daughter of my

rival, I didnt know he had a girl, hell I didnt even know he was married. I entered the coffee place and

found her fast; she had ordered a cup of warm beverage before. It was a good call with the red boundto-

snow weather.

-Ok, Ms. Hunter, I am listening, but please do hurry I said as I sat down right in front of her, the

restaurant wasnt crowded much.

-First you must promise me not to tell anyone about the things youre about to hear. She looked


-Its not creepygo ahead, I promise. My heart was beating faster

-Ive found a loophole in the stocks of my fathers company that could be used against him for a total

takeover. If anyone with enough money could do the things I say that person will be the new owner of

the Airlines, dead to rights. What was she talking aboutsome hours back she had talked to me about

the exact opposite of what she was saying?

-I am not sure if I can understand what youre trying to say I really was not.

-Ok, Troy, can I call you Troy? For the past few years my father has been a total jerk to me and to his

family, my mother has left us because of his stupid behaviorsnow I want to take revenge of him, and I

am doing the world a favor. The tears were running through her blue eyes.


-Wait a second, why should I believe your wordsand how can I trust you while you are my rivals

daughter? Maybe that wasnt the best of sentences I could say.

-Listen, there is a section in the companys regulation method that allows the customer to offer a

sealing package deal to the company while buying most of the shares, and since the company is private

the one who pays most of the money will be declared the stockholder and if the client is an Airline, the

Hunter will become the sister company and ultimately, if you buy certain shares, my father will work for

youyou will crush him What she was saying sounded cheesy, but I was wiser than this.

-First, lets pretend what youre saying is true, why do you want to ruin your fathers life and your own

lifeand second, I still cant understand why you picked me

-Your company is the best in business, and I Her voice broke into tears. I couldnt realize the crying


-and you? I asked willingly for the answer.

- I am in love with you. She put her head on her hands near her now cold cup of coffee, and cried.

-WHAT?! I almost shouted and stood up. This conversation is over Ms. Hunter What have you taken

me for? Shame I was angry as hell. I could feel the rage pumping through my veins but I needed to

hide it. So I got out and instead of my car, I preferred to walk. It was snowing now. I could use a hot

drink but there was no way in hell I would get back in there. It was the first time in my life I had ever

heard such a thing.

I turned into an alley, I was circling the streets and thinking to her words, what was she thinkingI saw a

beggar that later turned out to be a card reader, he greeted me warmly and invited me to sit next to him

and listen to his words. I was so lost that I accepted.

-Come my good looking sonsit next to my weary blessing of Prometheusthe fire. He was punished

by the Zeus of betrayingbut now his fire engulfs my bleak lifetell me son, what is on your mind.?

He talked like a literature professor but he didnt look like one. His rusty clothes, his wrinkly face and

gloves, none matched his voices.

-A woman told me that she loves metonight. I muttered sadly. He laughed hard.

-Oh holy Heradost mine ears deceive me? The forbidden fruit have you eaten

-I am married and I have a boyand I am sure that this woman knows this I was getting angry again.

-Oh, Eros havingare we? Let me see then he searched in his baggage and brought out a book, it

was a book by Shakespeare. Have you ever glanced at his books my son?

-Well I am not the literature type; I find no sense in itbut he wasnt listening to me, he was seeking

through the pages of the book, and was whispering what he was seeing and then as he found something

he read it loudby the pricking of my fingerssomething wicked this way comes


-So? I asked.

-Drink from this tea boy, itll make you warm. And he poured me tea in a very old cup, it was getting

freezing cold so I accepted, then my phone rang. I didnt know the number. I picked it up.

-Troy, you didnt let me finishits not what it sounds it was Rosemary Hunter again. Judging by the

ambience she was in the streets.

-How did you find my number? I asked angrily. Then the old man laughed and said something I didnt


-Listen; please give me one more chance I beg of you she was about to cry again. I didnt know

what to say, but I was never a down turning guy. Where are you now? I asked and she said. She was

close to where I was, so I got to her, and we walked silently to where my car was parked. Why did the

hobo say thatsomething wicked this way comes?!


Chapter Two - Dogma

A few minutes later we were in the car and the snow was falling fast. She started

-Look Troy, sorry I told it like this to youit doesnt mean what it sounds. She was looking at me I

could feel it.

-What DOES it mean then? I asked with hatred in my voice; a few hours ago she was a total stranger

to me and now she kept calling me by first name. This world is crazy.

-I know youre married to Liza and I know about your son Adam. I didnt mean that I love you as I want

to spend my life with youplease. My eyes were fixed on the wheel and the road but my mind was not.

-Where did you find my number? I knew it wasnt the best question to ask.

-Your secretary believed me when I said I am your sister and I had lost your number. Flora I

needed to talk to her seriously this time. She continued All I am saying isI want to be closer to you

-Closer? All my body parts were rejecting the thought

-I just want to spend one night with you she said and became mute.

-What the hell do you meanwoman? I was getting all fired up again.

-I want to sleep with you just one time, and I swear you will not see me again, and as favor, I would give

you my fathers company.

-Get out of the car I pulled over and I saved the curse word for myself, didnt let it out.

-Please just listen to meI will make you the richest man youd ever dreamed ofall you need to is-

-I said, get the hell out of the car I was looking at her with all the rage I knew inside me.

-At least get me somewhere I could get a cab pleasejust turn this alley to the right

I turned in the alley, my mind was saying no but my heart couldnt let this girl freeze off in the snow. But

I wish I hadnt turned.

We were in the middle of the alley that would lead to a main street where she told me to stop. I thought

she was getting out but in all my wonder she said

-Please I am begging you. She was serious. I was totally confused. When I tried to put the car in drive

shift she took my hand of the gear, switched the car off, took my face with her white hands and kissed


me on the lips. Suddenly all of my senses stopped working. I was being seduced she was powerful, too


I tried to stop her but I eventually became powerless. When youre being in temptations focal point,

you will find yourself less than powerless.

Three hours later, I rolled over in a bed that belonged to a woman who was a total stranger as the day

began. When all the tensions cooled down, I remembered I had a family, a wife and a beautiful baby boy

who were looking for me. I checked my phone but I had no call. This was strange. I got out of the bed to

put my clothes on, I hated myself.

-Thank you TroyThank you. She whispered gloatingly while looking at me. I had to rush out.

When I sat in the car, I realized the hell I had unleashedI was feeling sick. I always found me powerful,

strong and a family man and me now I had been seduced by a random womanbut she had a soft

skinand tender lipsfor a second I hesitated, then I snapped myself out of it, and headed back home


It was around 9.30 when I turned in Sodom Drive, where I lived, and upon seeing my home I got a chilly

feeling inside. I still had lipstick on my face and I smelled like herit was a scent of the sin. I cleaned

myself as possible and placed the key to open the door. The door was open. That meant that maybe Liz

and Adam had just arrived. I entered and saw that all the lights are out. It was strange. I shouted Liz I

am home but I received nothing.

I turned on the lights and went into the bedroom to see if she was there. But no one was there; I was

getting freaked out as I heard the running water sound from the bathroom. I knocked on the door but I

heard nothing. She normally whistled her favorite melodies but not this time.

I knocked the door open and saw that there are two hands out of the tub and there is no face out of it.

The hands were in clothes. I hurried back and as I saw that scene the time for me stopped

She was dead. Suffocatedbut why? The tears in my eyes were almost dried as I realized that I need to

go find Adambut what was I going to do with Liz I ran out and went to his bedroom. He was asleep in

his bed but why he had his blanket on his faceI pulled it away and saw my son in his blood. I cant

remember anything anymore.

I woke up some time after itand I called John. I told him to come here as soon as possible, my voice

scared him because he got to me in less than half an hourand called the police and ambulance. Soon

my wife and childs laughters voices changed to sirens and cops questions

I couldnt understand any of the words I was hearing. Cops and medics came to me, said stuff and then

left. After maybe a couple hours, there was John, and a cop there. I was in the living room looking at a

family photo we had taken a few months back; their smile was making me crazy. I could hear Johns



-I told you, do you really think he can answer you right now?

-Listen, I have to ask him now, please let me go in there

After a few minutes of disputing they finally came to me, the police officer was not wearing a uniform.

He was in a trench coat and had worn a very clean clothes, he was not looking like a cop at all.

-Hello, Mr. Wade, I am detective Barnett; I understand this is not a delicate moment but I must ask you

a few questions I was looking at him but I was seeing the photo still. He continued

-At what time did you get home Mr. Wade? he had a small red notebook on his hands; maybe he was

writing the stuff he noticed important.

-a few minutes before John called you.I guess

-And did you notice anything unusual as you got inany sign of forced entry, broken lock or


-The door was not lockedthe door was not locked I was fading.

-Andhow did you realize that your wife is in -his voice faded to white and I passed out.

I dont know how many hours or days later but I heard Johns voice as I was in pitch black.

-Hey look, hes waking uphey Troy, its me John, wake up man

White roof, and the wall mosaics, all were indicating that I am at a hospital. Soon nurses came to me

and as they were sure, I saw that cop again.

-Hello again Mr. Wade, do you remember me? He was in the same clothes, must have been the same

damn night.

-officer Barne-I couldnt remember his exact name. He helped me with Barnett and with his name

all the events came to me again.

-How can I help you detective? I was trying to act normal though there was a Trojan war inside me.

-I was just off phone with our medical crew in the autopsythere is something wrong here.

-And what is it? Said John sooner than me

-It seems that the bodies are not fresh. It is as if they had been dead for at least three or four days

-But I talked to Liz today, I hugged Adam before I get to work I said. I couldnt believe what he was


-But you havent been coming for a week man said John with eyes open wide.


-I came to work todaywe had the complaints about the Belleville flight latencyand then that

woman? I was getting more confused.

-Are you fine man?! I havent talked to you since Saturdaywhat flight

-As we were expecting said detective Barnett. He went out and came back with two other people.

They looked like doctors. One of them looked at me and said.

-Can you tell us what you ate for lunchTroy? what was the meaning of this question.

-I cant rememberbut if it was offices routineI guess burrito

-But Mr. Floyd here indicates that you have not been at work for a few days

-John? I looked at him. What game was thisI talked to LizI came to the office

Then the detective looked at John and me, then said

-Mr. Troy Wade, you are under arrest for double homicide

I was under arrest? This was messing with my head. This was a sick game, a bad nightmare

For a moment I realized what that hobo was saying.

Something wicked this way comes.


Chapter Three - Justice

Three weeks later, I was in Moonbeam Asylum. I had aged more than a million years in just 20 days. I

used to have glory in my face but now my eyes were old and weary, black circles around my eyes and I

was on my way to jumping off the cliffs of insanity. I was under direct supervision of Dr. Mahler. I knew

the man; he once was in of the flights that were delayed but had helped us comfort the passengers. But

now I was his subject. He came to me every day and brought along some cards with him for me to

recognize. I was abandoned by everyone, not even Flora would come and visit me, and John came

sometimes and told me that the company is doing well and that he has found a way to take Hunter

Company over once and for all. I wasnt curious about how he found the way as no one believed a word

I said. He had done me a big favor; he had called one of the biggest lawyers of the county on my case,

and this man, Frank Cutlass, was trying to make this case a perfect one.

-I told you Doc, this is a house and these are birdswhy you dont listen to me? I said to Dr. Mahler.

-Listen, I know you can recognize these things, obviously the damage has not entered to your left lobes

but I need to make sure if you are well enough or not He was trying to speak slowly to me so that I


-Well enough for what?

-Dont you realize what you have done? You are a double homicide case; the least they give you is life

or a long-time serveif not execution.

-They truly believe I have killed my family? You do too?

-Listen, your wife and your son had been dead long before you called the copsthere is no sign of any

killer, and you seem to hallucinate about the aforementioned days

-You do too Either they wanted to sentence me to death or I was really a criminal. Now what shall I


-What I shall do is to make you prepared for your court session tomorrow, and my son, tell the truth

pleaseit wont make much difference here but your conscious will rest at peace

-Get out doctor pleaseand leave me aloneGod damn it

-Ok, but please, do me this favor, write down whatever you can remember from those hard timesI

will ask them to bring you paper and pen, but-

-I wont kill myselfI promise


-Good boyI hope to see you soonand well.

And he left. I couldnt even curse myself. I just didnt know the truth anymore. Is it really my

punishmentdid I really sleep with Rosemary, and above all, have I really killed Liz and Adamthe shock

of the recent terrible events had prevented me from even mourning for my family. I was numb.

A few hours, I saw detective Barnett came to visit me.

-Hi Troyhow are you? He was indifferent, and so even in his clothes.

-What do you think detectiveone day you think youre on top of the world the other day you are in a

waiting room for hell I was not helping myself.

-In your defense papers you wrote a name, Rosemary Hunter, you said that she is the daughter of

Theodore Hunter. There is no such person, are you sure about this name?

-I am not sure about anything anymore, listen detective, I wrote and said whatever I remembered, and

I swear to God I wasnt lyingbut maybe you worship somebody else or simply dont want to believe


-I serve the justice pal, and what you say is not right. You are a freak, a cold-blooded killer and I swear I

will not do anything for them to go easy on you.

-Whatever my client has said without the existence of his attorney is unusable and unjust. My lawyer

had returned again. I was an important person in business and this could be a good story for the press

and a reputation point for this lawyer, so he was doing all he could to own the case.

-AhMr. Cutlass, so youre here again there was anguish in Barnetts voice.

-Yes, and you cant refute my clients claims this timeyou cant buy your way out said Frank Cutlass

with sincerity in his voice.

Barnett left the room soon after he heard Franks sentence.

-Ok man, what the hell? I said to Frank.

-That Barnett is a total asshole, I have seen him bribing the court and everything to prove his words, I

have seen him putting people behind bars that had not even done a crime

-So you believe my words?

-Yes and no, first, how can you justify the fact that you lived in a house where there are two corpses

and you didnt call the cops, hell man, you even had called your own home and left a message to your

wife, may she rest in peace, that you will be late from work, while you were all the time home.

-I did those things? I couldnt believe it but it seemed as it was like that.

-But the good side is that we could count on dementia



-The least we are looking at here is life. You will spend rest of your days in a room colder than here, and

with people you wouldnt even dream of speaking with. But with dementia, we could you to stay here,

and after a few years we could even set you free into someones custody

-So tomorrow, you are going to prove that I have dementia so the court would go easy on me? I was


-Do you have a better suggestion?

-If I have killed them, what has made me to do so? I was really considering this.

-Well, maybe instant insanity, psychosis or something like that, it could work

-ButI loved them

-Yeah, and Hitler loved all the Jews, come on, face it, or go for lethal injection

-Leave me alone

-Oh, and John asked me to give you thistake care, bye and he left me. John had sent me a letter, he

wouldnt even want to talk to me face to face, and everyone believed that I am cuckoo.

Dear Troy

Sup? I am sorry I couldnt come down there myself, look man, I have good news and well, a bad one too.

First of all, our company is this close to overtaking Sky Hunterwe have most of their shares now and

soon their own regulations will make them ours forever. Finally, Theo Hunter will work for us I just wish

you were here so we could revel in it together, you and me

Secondly, be sure that I do whatever I can to get you of the can, you wont be mistreated, I promise, Ive

heard that this detective is a money man, we can buy him out.

Thirdly, a few days ago I received a letter, actually you received a letter and its from Lizs lawyer.

Apparently she had had a vine field and had wanted to give it to you in case of her sooner death than

youalso, attached to it is her medical records, she had some kind of a cancer mandid you know that

Either way, I have copied all the documents with this for you. Take a better look yourself

Your always bro,

John Floyd.

When something bad is happening, all the elements in the cosmos would run against you. I looked at her

medical recordsshe did have that cancer, and it was a malignant type it seemed. Before going crazy I

was rich and now these papers would even make me richerbut what was the meaning of all this.


I spent rest of that day walking around the room and reading those cursed papers.

Next day around 10am we were on our way to the Supreme Court. There were hundreds of reporters

and cameras outside the asylums door and everyone was having questions about the true story; a story

that even I was not sure of it.

-Remember, you are not to say a word unless you are told by me said to me Frank while looking at

his sold evidences.

-What will happen? I said with a fear inside my soul.

--We will own the session and then you evade the execution

-What if it doesnt happen? my senses were growing colder.

-Well, I sure hope you have written your testament.

-I have not

-And you wont have to.

An hour or so after, I was in the court room and hundreds of faces were looking at me, some of them I

knew, and some I didnt. There were even reporters inside the chamber as well. Soon the judge came

and everyone rose to his respect. Someone on his left side read aloud

-This is the court session held in order to assess Mr. Troy Wades charges. The charges are as follows,

one, double homicide of Liz Wade and Alan Wade, wife and son, two, hiding the corpses from the

authority and three, lying to the Law and seemingly pretending mental illnesses. The culprit must now

rise I stood up.

-Place your hand on the holy book and swear that you will not say anything but the truth. I did as I was


-Now, the defense barrister may stand and announce the accusations

And then I saw a man stood up and said some stuff about me brutally killing my wife and child and that I

deserve no mercy. As his words finished, the judge said

-Mr. Wade, what do you have to say I was going to speak as Frank cut me off

-Your honor, my client is a victim of a terrible mental condition. He is suffering from the most advanced

dementia also known as the Alexander Syndrome. The illness is caused by his knowledge of his lovely

wifes cancer, as his mind couldnt accept the fact this depression leads to the dementia I spoke of, and

everyone in this room knows that there is not punishment for mentally diseased people before the


accurate amount of treatment. As you see, your honor on the table in front of you, at Monday 14th my

client has called his own home from his cell phone whilst being at home and has left his wife a message

that he will be late, this is just a small cognitive element that my client is severely troubled and in need

of medication.

-When did you receive the medical examination letter Mr. Wade? asked the barrister.

-Yesterday I thinkit was yesterday then Frank cut my speech

-As you can vividly observe your honor, my client seems to believe that he has read the letter yesterday

while his symptoms clearly indicate that he has been like this for at least a month, my client here, has

lost the track definition of time and space But I told them the truth; my own lawyer had kept facts

from me.

That conversation went on for a couple hours and finally I was considered a dementia type A and that I

had to spend one hundred hours of direct treatment under Mahlers custody, he really helped me in the

defense session.

After a long crowd pushing and getting squeezed by reporters and flashes and lights, we were back in

the car and I was on my way to Moonbeam AsylumI was a fool in a few days. Something wicked this

way comes


Chapter Four Asylum

The definition of insanity is to repeat a same action while expecting a different outcome, maybe it was

the place maybe it was my shattered mind that was actually going towards lunacy but I tried to speak

with other patients there to stay away from the swarm of solitude but eventually I realized that I was

losing my mind trying to make sense of what they say, so I retreated to my own cell. Dr. Mahler kept

doing what he called escalated treatment on me and really didnt believe that my mind is healthy and I

am just in a troubled time. One day Frank read me a newspaper article;

The Airline Manager Becomes Demented Slayer

A few days ago, it was officially announced by the Supreme Court that Troy Wade, the former manager

of ICON Airlines has murdered his wife and his four-year-old son in an act of insanity. While being

hysterical, the reason of this brutal act is considered the pressure treaded on him upon hearing the news

of his wifes cancer. His wife was found suffocated in the houses bathtub and his son was repeatedly

stabbed with a kitchen knife. This weapon of murder, however, is yet to be found.

Upon finding trails of blood in an alley near the Airlines Headquarters, the body of an unknown street

woman was found in a crack house in the very alley. Furthermore, a kitchen knife is also found next to

the stabbed body of the half-naked woman. The medical examiners yet decline to unravel the DNA print

on the knife, the woman and Wades child.

-Street womanthis isnt you is it? He asked me while still looking at the rest of the paper.

-Iwas with Rosemary HunterI told you As it continued, this story was getting more and more

confusing for me.

-How many times should I say that there is no Rosemary Hunter, you hooked up with a prostitute and

you hid this from your lawyer, from mewhy did you do that?

- I knew whatever I said, he wouldnt believe.

-What else are you not telling me? He opened his briefcase to put the paper in it.

-I told you all I knewthats all I used to consider as truthnow even you wont believe me

-Of course I believe, but if you hide facts, it will become harder for both usdont forget this and he

left me as the meeting time was up.

I was considered a murderer. In a few hours all my life was torn apart. I just didnt know whymaybe I

was punished for somethingif it was for Rosemary then the punishment was not just, and I was told

that God is just, God is kindwhere was He now


My treatment was going to be finished in two days and apparently the true identity of the DNA trace

was to be revealed at the final court session. I didnt know how I was supposed to feel. I received

another letter from John.

Dear Troy

I am writing to inform you that we own the Hunters Airlines now. We did man, we did it. I just wish you

were here so we could revel in it togethermissing you so much here. Also, I would like to wish you a

perfect court session because I am counting the seconds to see you here. Unfortunately I cant be with

you at the court day as I, finally have the shareholder meeting. We are getting bigger and richer bro

Youre going to knock em deadI know youre innocent. I know.

Take the biggest care

Your always bro,

John Floyd

My absence had had a good effect somewhere at least. That was reassuring. I knew John would make

then shareholder meeting awesome. He had it in him

I spent the rest of that day doing nothing just as any other day. At evening the locked the doors and so I

was once more literally by myself. Its scary to be alone in a sanitarium cell, it really is.

This brings us to the point I started. I spoke too much, I hope not

The judgment day had come and I was going to meet my fate. The car came a little after Frank. It was

around 10am as we were being seated in the court room waiting for the judges and the committee to


Ten minutes later, the defense barrister was standing in the middle of the room and had a file in his


-Your honor, the pre-supposed timing for treatment of Mr. Troy Wade is over and with the official

letter of Dr. William Mahler, his dedicated doctor, he is now considered a functioning-minded person. So

he would be judged as a normal person and no less.

The file that I right now hold in my hands is the medical examination and the autopsy reports of three

corpses that are related to this case; the murdered wife Liza Wade, the murdered child Adam Wade and

a random street lady known only as Rose as investigated inconspicuously around the location where we

found her body near the ICON Airlines. The DNA print on all of the three corpses and the knife that

Adam Wade and Rose were brutally murdered with matches the DNA of Mr. Troy Wade, so now without

any further ado I would like to charge him of the rendered accusations.


The silence was the only thing dominant in that room. Even Frank was silent. It was as if he had rolled a

zero with his dice. Soon the humming of the news reporters and the audience broke that cursed silence.

Then the judge spoke

-Mr. Wade, what do you have to say in your defense? all the eyes were on me, I could feel their

heat. Everyone in that room considered me a brutal slayer, but I couldnt even think to a thing like this.

-Would anyone believe if I pleaded innocent? maybe that wasnt my best toss... Just like no one had

heard me, the judge spoke back.

-Mr. Troy Wade you are accused of triple homicide, hiding the corpses and the weapon of murder from

authority. Since you are no longer considered a case of dementia, by the laws of the state, I now

sentence you to capital punishment. You are sentenced to death by a lethal injection. The execution will

take place tomorrow at 5am. Case dismissed.

The thumping sound of his hammer for verifying his sentence was like the churchs tubular bells, only

this time to meet my maker. My time had come. It all had happened so fast that I didnt even get to

mourn my family, and shed a tear or two.

I was a murdered, I had to be killed. My story, the airline, the meeting and all my dreams were to be

taken from me. I was hunted. Now the world was my asylum, and I just couldnt be treated


As I was being taken to the execution room my heartbeat was faster than the speed of light. I was cold,

and I was scared. I was scared to death but that wouldnt be a problem for long. They strapped me to a

vertical bed and someone came to me with an empty syringe. Soon a priest came and read me my last

rites. It was really happening; it was really not a dream. I couldnt wake up this time.

The last thing I saw before feeling a heat inside my vain was a girl in the crowd; a girl dressed in black,

with a strong make up and blue eyes. She had worn her gloves but I was sure that her hands were so


It was Rosemary Hunter. She had a smile on her face.

The smile of a winnerthat made two of us

Something wicked this way comes

The End

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