The Things That People Hate

by Madison Darrah

The things that I hate about people are. When they assume everything is cool and that nothing is wrong, when something actually is wrong and they always wonder why is she acting this was today. They dont bother to ask they just assume and assume things that arent true. Many people deal with this everyday. Either because no one wants to talk to them and then when someone does they most likely get yelled at or asked to do something that is unnormal. Very many schools have this problem this is how and why people start drama. To get attention from everyone around them. Some of the things they say are true but most of the time, it's all false and when someone gets asked if this happened they all think that the person is lying to them and that's not fair to anyone to have to go through this. The people who do this think that it's funny but in reality its not because many people have to suffer because of the things that they say to each other. I sadly know many people who do these kinds of things to innocent people, and they just laugh at the people they affect. This is another form of bullying and it needs to stop. I have written many things to gain awareness to things that happen at schools around the world. I know it happens at Southeast Polk schools. It happens a lot in the high school. I see and hear about it all the time. I honestly cant imagine how the people feel. I have had it done to me once or twice but it has to be was less painful than what the rest of the kids are having to go through. When you see a kid getting pushed in the hallway you dont think it's a big deal until it starts happening to you. I have seen many kids get pushed but I never thought that you could get hurt by it until it was done to me, by Jackson Clouse. I was walking down the gym class stairs he was walking right behind me and told me to walk faster, I did and then he was like you're not walking fast enough let me help you. So for his way to help me he pushed me down the stairs. When I told people about it that they were gonna hurt him if he hurt me and one day he did. I was walking in the gym hallway with him pushing me and he rammed me into the doorway and laughed and he didnt get in trouble when I told my teacher to my next class. She just told me to go to my counselor and tell her. People have told me dont do that they will say it's too late that you should've reported it early. At first I thought he was just messing around but he wasnt until he pushed me into the gym locker room doorway and I hurt my arm/hand. On the same day he told me he liked my friend Kaitlyn Denny. He seemed to think that it was funny to push people around. He thought that I had no one to protect me from him. I did and I still do they are Maddy Waddell and Kaylin. They are two upperclassmen that were in my pe last year. Now they are both juniors and I am a sophomore. We all came up with a plan to take him down. When we tried the plan it worked and he never pushed me down those gym stairs again. He still picked on me here and there but I had better grades than him in all of his classes except english but I was better then him in math because he copied off peoples homework and I actually did my homework. Looking back now I aced more tests in that class then you could think of. The plan was that every time that he pushed me the girls would push him back harder. One day it got so bad that they said if you mess with her we will report you for bullying, and the whole school will know how you have treated her. People always think that things are what they seem but they arent. When some people think that bullying is ok, you know what happens, suicide we have had many suicides at our school we have had a lot of them. People get bullied because they aren't popular, when they are a different color than the rest of us. When you get bullied by your friends you think that they are just messing around and when you realise what is happening you know that it is too late to change your friends. When you have to deal with them all the time and every time you try to walk away they yell at you. They think that every time you walk away youre going to tell on them and get them in trouble and if you walk away they kick you out of the group and they go and tell the counselor that you are bullying them and saying everything that they have said to you. Another thing that I hate about people. They are very pushy and pressuring to each other. When your friends want you to do something, they say all of the good things and none of the bad, like its a one sided story. When really the things that they want you to do are the worst things ever. If you got caught then you could get arrested and have a criminal record and that wouldnt work to try and have the charges dropped for whatever things that you have done. Every person you come in line with has different values then you do and then each other. Sometimes those values are different for a good reason. Every person is being raised differently, because of how their parents were raised and they most likely want their kids to turn out differently then the way that they did. Maybe better people perhaps, you honestly never know until you ask. Like for instance, I am being raised to try my best at everything that I do, no matter how small it is.

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