Necrophilia Pt. Ii: Necropedophile

by Greg Jackson

The whirring of the vacuum ripped through the air. The woman lay on her back on top of the table passed out from the high dosage of morphine. Her legs were spread wide, and inserted in between was the vacuum hose. Thick, hairy hands firmly held the hose inside the womans vagina. Thumping noises filled the vacuum as chunks of the fetus once inside of her body were sucked out and into the vacuum. A euphoric gleam of pleasure filled the black market abortionists eyes; this sound was straggly erotic to him. Blood seeped out from under the nozzle of the hose as he pulled it out of her cunt.

The man glanced disinterested at the naked female on the wooden table, and then turned his attention to the vacuum tank. Popping open the vacuum, he ripped open the bag in one swift movement. Blood splattered his face as the fabric tore free, revealing chunks of flesh and a vast pool of blood. Dipping his hand into the bag, he pulled out the indented skull of the baby and brought it to his eyes. The tiny skull sat dripping blood through his fingers. Then, with the strength of his fist, he crushed the head in his palm.

A gush of blood poured from the womans vagina. The abortionist turned around in shock as a twin was expelled forth, perfectly intact. He let the crushed bloody head drop to the floor as he gazed upon the dead baby fresh out of the womb.

A hardness began in grow between his legs. He moved slowly forward and reached towards the childs corpse. His slippery hands gripped the limp body and he began to stroke the soft skin. An evil grin spread across his face. In one swift movement he lifted the baby into the air, and in an instant brought the head smashing down onto the table. Brains spattered through the air as the head tore open to reveal the grey mush.

His blood drenched hands dropped down and unzipped his blue jeans. His erect cock protruded like an exclamation point as he brought the baby down to its level. He snickered as he penetrated the pea sized anus of the fetus. The soft flesh of the baby tore as he slowly slipped inside. He moaned with pleasure as the tight asshole resisted his dick.

He pumped his arms holding the fetus, thrusting his penis deeper into the ass. Blood splattered all around as the internal organs of the fetus were mangled and crushed. The body lay limp, the small arms flailing as the hips rammed it with force.

The womans eyes flickered and she released a relaxed moan. Shhh, almost down with your kid. He mumbled.

As the powerful sensation of orgasm spread through his cock, he moaned and ejaculated inside of the baby. With both hands he tore the fetus off and threw it across the room, the blood and mangled organs flinging out of its ass as it soared through the air, smashing into the bleach white wall.

The abortionist looked down at his dick. Blood and chunks of pieced up organs covered it in a crimson sludge. He reached his hand down and wiped some of it off, licking it off of his hand.

When he had finished cleaning himself, he pulled his pants back up and grabbed a trash bag. He reached down and grabbed the first baby and dropped it in. Walking across the room, he picked up the other one and put it in along with its brother. Blood was illuminated by the bright lights through the bag. He moved to the back door to go to the dumpster.

Walking outside to the dark back alley, he paced to the dumpster and opened the lid. The smell of rot and decay filled the air, and he felt refreshed as he dropped the bag in. He closed the lid and turned to go. The small noise of a childs laughter whispered through the air. His blood ran cold. He turned to face the back of the alley. It was deserted. He shrugged his shoulders and turned again.

Once again he heard the laughter, only this time it was louder. A chill ran up through his spine as he began to walk ignoring the noise. Suddenly, he stopped. He couldnt move. It felt like all his muscles were frozen over. Sheer terror raced through his mind as he tried to scream, but could not make a sound.

Behind him he heard the dumpster slam open. Without thinking, his body was forced to turn around to face the dumpster. It was wide open, that smell filling the air.

The laughter sounded again, but this time it was a chorus of hysterical, childrens voices. A lone tear streaked down his face; a tear of fear.

A pounding sound began to rage from inside the metal container. Against his will, his body was dragged forward to the dumpster. His fearful cries he tried to voice were compressed by the invisible force. As he approached the dumpster, he saw what was inside.

The dead rotting fetuses that filled the deep well of metal were moving inside. They crawled all over each other, their eyes cold and dead. The laughter now was a pounding scream as his body was pulled closer. His face grimaced as he was dragged straight into the pile of babies. The last thing he saw was the lid slamming shut.

The darkness covered him as the rotting mangled bodies wiggled all over him. Suddenly, the force lifted off of him. In an instant the babies were on him. Ripping hair, pinching flesh, gnawing skin. The final sensation he experienced was the flesh being ripped clean off of his body.

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