I Always Complain From Everyone and From Everything

by Mohammad Skati

It's not something new for me to complain from everyone and from everything simply because I'm completely right in doing so ... I rarely stop complaining from those people who bother me or from things I see with my naked eyes ... There are people who don't care about anyone or anything in life simply because they find it as a great way to avoid nasty things anytime,but there are some other people who have their noses in everything ... As for me , I can not keep silent towards some people's bad conducts or about unfamiliar things that happen in front of me anytime ... My whole life goes like this simply because I am a good person and I want to fix everyone and everything around me ... It's a hard job to fix everyone and to fix everything anytime ... One can fix some persons or some things ,but he or she can not fix the whole humanity ... It's difficult to go ahead doing this job simply because it's a long away ... I will be keeping complaining from everyone and from everything until someone else comes to take that hard job from me ... __________________________________________________________________

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