Raneem's Birthday

by Mohammad Skati

It was almost twenty years ago when Raneem came into our world to add more love and beauty to it .It was before the sunset of June20th,1995 when her mother finally gave birth to that pretty little girl after waiting for a few hours normally ..It was a lovely and wonderful day for me to witness the little girl's birthday happily and gladly ... The little infant cried loudly and I knew that she was a little pretty girl . Usually when we hear a loud cry ,it means a girl is coming to our world as they say ... She was my first baby ... I was cheered up greatly and wonderfully by her pretty coming at that clear and pretty day ... All the doctors and the nurses were very happy upon seeing the new firstborn ... I had a great impact of waiting heaven's pretty gift at that day ... The experienced doctors and the skilled nurses waited for a few hours just to let the mother's giving birth normal and not to need any ceasarin operation at all ... Waiting made me a little bit worried about the whole scene ... Patiently I waited outside just to let more room for the crew to go on smoothly,but I was anxious a little bit ... Giving birth ,especially for first time,was not an easy matter ,but we didn't any choices or more room to manuvre at all ... It was like bees' hive that all doctors and all nurses gathered to facilitate everything ... Time was passing slowly and quickly ... I was all alone by myself praying God to have all things to go smoothly ... The whole doctors and nurses did more than their best for the pregnant mother ... Those few hours of waiting were like the whole life of waiting for the expected or the unexpected at the same time ... It was not easy for me at all . I cared about the mother's situation more than anything else ... I had to be patient firstly simply because that was the best solution ... Between ebs and tides finally a loud sound came from inside ... My heart leapt up great and wonderfully and I knew that something pretty had happened ... One of the doctors went out sweating telling me that a pretty girl was born at that ... I cheered up thanking God greatly and wonderfully about His giving ... I thanked the doctor for his pretty efoorts with his great crew ... They did not allow me to go inside ,but I had to come in the day ... I went out happily towards the house to tell all my family's members about Raneem's birthday ...It was a pretty and lovely day for me ...

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