Taking and Giving

by Mohammad Skati

People , from my point of view ,want to take only and not to give ... Not all people just to be accurate want to take and not to give ... I can say most of the people in our world want to take only simply because that's the way with our current world ... It's a big thing for someone to take only and not to give simply it's a shameful thing ... Life is take and give and this is the exact essence of life . If you take without giving ,then it's a shameful thing ... We need to teach ourselves how to give before we take anytime ... No one asks others to be generous ,but one must give before he or she takes anytime ... Giving and taking are like two parallel lines ... We need to give and to take ... We don't need to take only ,but to give too ... I urge myself to give before it takes or the whole formula of life will be up-side-down anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ..._________________________________________________________________

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