Her Thoughts Versus My Goodness

by Mohammad Skati

She always thought that poeverty was on my side ... I did my best in life ,but difficult circumstances had covered some parts of my life ... She always blamed for all that happened to her and to her kids ... My whole life consists of ups and downs due to those hard circumstances that I had confronted on many fronts in my life ...I am not lucky ,but I am greatly and wonderfully energetic,vital,and ambitious ... I can do more than what I had done .Life goes with me like this ,but I always keep myself looking forward . What bothers me greatly is that she keeps blaming for all life's failures anytime which are not true or accurate ... I have kept supporting her and her kids for many ,many years,but all in vain ... Her words have shaken my whole entity simply because they are tough ,rude,and ignorant anytime,but I always keep calm and patient just to keep my ties with her and with those poor kids ... I loved her and I loved all the three kids simply because that's the way with me simply because I am a good-hearted man who never ignores anyone ... When I love anyone,I love in truth ...I loved them in truth ,but her words remained rude in spite of everything to make her changing them... I came back from trip abroad and no one welcomed me as I expected ... It's difficult to figure out what happened to all people during those yesrs of my abscence ... I am a good-man who always cares about others greatly and wonderfully ... I admit that I am not lucky if I compare myself with the other people simply because that's the way with me anytime,but I am good,lovely,and ambitious if I compare myself to other people around me ... Life never gives fully and perfectly simply we are not perfect ... It gives some and it takes more and more ... I am always ambitious ,but I am not lucky at all ... I never give up ,but I have to suffer from everyone and from everything around me ... I am totally patient with everyone and with everything ,but what shall I do to other thoughts about me ?! Her thoughts hurt me greatly simply because they don't encourage me to look forward more and more especially I am getting older and older ... Life gives me gteat ,but late lessons about others and their sharp thoughts anytime ... It's difficult for me to forget her stunning words that blame for all her failures anytime,but I have to be good with her and with her pretty kids or their whole life will be up-side-down ...It's better to be patient and it's better to forgive her rather than to stage a war against her ... I am a good man and I love her and all the three kids in truth ... It's my luck that pins me badly ,but I have to resist greatly ... This is life around me ... I have to be good ... I have to be patient ... I have to forgive ... I have no choice simply because when one loves others in truth,then one should forigive others' mistakes or life will be meaningless,absurd,and useless ... _______________________________________________________________

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