Game Over

by Albert Budnitskiy

Game Over

"Kill him! Kill Him! Hurry, before the maid of the castle eats the king!" the sounds of video gaming echoed the house.

"Come on Rodge, this game is impossible," exclaimed Andy.

"Watch and learn, Andy, just watch-and-learn," Rodger said as he prepared to conquer the final level of Galaxy Conquest 9. Needless to say, the game was over soon to Ally's absolute dismay.

"HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!?" Ally screeched like a baby without her bottle.

"Practice, Al, it's just practice oh yeah and a lot of SKILL!" Rodger snickered in success. Despite living in a small New Jersey town inhabited by 10,000 people, he is well recognized for his video gaming skill. He is often referred to as the Ronaldinho [arguably the greatest soccer player of all time, achieved the title of "greatest player in the world" at only 24 years old] of video games. His controller control is comparable to Ronaldinho's fancy soccer footwork. His love for the games is only exceeded by his expectations.

Rodger proceeded to school the next day, running his sixteen year old, 5'9 200 pound body through the halls of East Woods High. Rodger could be picked out of a crowd quite easily with his brown hair, blue eyes, and signature blue suspenders and black edged glasses from Lenscrafters.

"What the hell Rodger! Wait up!" Ally couldn't breath, running after Rodger.

"Alright, just don't pass out!" Rodger joked then suddenly froze. Sally Gold walked past. Sally was the peak of perfection. She was everything a guy could want. She possessed flawless hips and matching lips, her bust and butt, just as impressive. Sally had heavenly blonde hair, worthy of a magazine cover.

"Rodger, are you okay? Your jaw is on the floor, and you're droolin' an ocean over here," Ally surveyed him.

"Yeah, sorry, Sally walked by, she is just amazing," He sighed as if awakening from a dream. "I can't believe she is going out with Lewis. He's an asshole! Who the hell would want to even talk to him? It's like talking to a tree!" Exclaimed Rodger.

"Yeah, and a retarded tree at that!" added Ally, "Forget him Rodge, let's just go home, so I can finally beat you my lifelong dream."

The entire way home, Rodger thought about Sally. He could not understand how someone so stupid and not even that good looking could be with the most perfect, beautiful, amazing angel that is Sally. Sally and himself together was a great thought, but not a realistic one, he pondered to himself. She probably didn't even know who he was, plus, he is just a geek who likes to play video games. Who has ever heard of a video game geek getting the hottest girl in the school? He laughed out loud.

Finally, Rodger settled back into his favorite green-laced leather Laz-E-Boy chair, and turned on the television the gaming continued. Rodger used the rock of Zeus to defeat the evil wizard living in the tower's dungeon. Rodger then easily defeated Ally in a one-on-one game. "I don't even want to talk to you, I feel like I get worse every second I play you," claimed Ally. Suddenly, the sound of glass shattering aroused the two. "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?" Rodger burrowed through the house to the scene of the racket. A stone lay motionless at the foot of the windowsill. Both ran outside to search for the cause of the disturbance. Away drove a red Ford F-150, the F-150 belonging to one Lewis Ray.

"No way," Rodger gasped in disbelief. "No way. There is absolutely no way that motherfucker just did that." Rodger chased after the truck for a minute, knowing full well he was not going to catch it, but felt somehow compelled to try.

"We need to call the police!" Ally yelled loud enough for Rodger to hear down the street. They met halfway between them.

"There's no use. Lewis's dad is like the best lawyer in the state. He'll find a way to not only get out of paying damages but to have us pay him grievances or something stupid like that. He has everything - money, cars, looks, and Sally!" Rodger said, "Let's just go home, clean up and dream of beating the crap out of that asshole."

The next day at school, Rodger was getting his math books when Sally came behind him and began speaking. "Hey, I heard about what Lewis did to you yesterday. He can be a creep sometimes." Rodger with the thought that there's no way Sally is talking to him, began to walk away. "Rodge!" Rodger turned around, but stood immobilized realizing that she was actually talking to him. "I am really sorry about what he did to you. He's kinda mean sometimes."

"Y..y...yeah, he is" Rodge replied, stuttering over his words.

"Well, sorry again, see you later." And before he knew it, she was gone.

As if touched by an angel, Rodger floated to Ally, "Ally! Al! Guess what! Sally talked to me! I'm not lying. It's the truth!" Rodger almost jumped through the roof in sheer excitement.

"That's great, really." Ally softly replied.

"I think I really have a chance with her! I do! I bet she likes me! That's probably why she talked to me! But seriously, I never even doubted it! I knew she did forever. I was just too lazy to try for her. I was just really into my video games I needed to practice badly. I was gettin' shabby." Rodger out vomited words, as his self-esteem rose exponentially. "You know Lewis and I used to be best friends didn't you? Yeah, we hung out every day after school in middle school and played video games. I was definitely better but we still had fun. One day he just didn't come after school, and we just stopped being friends. He got all new friends, stupid friends. But whatever, looks like now is my turn in the limelight. Karma's a bitch ain't it, Louie? Here's your payback for the window! Lewis is out, and Rodger is in with Sally!"

Ally just sat and said, "That's great Rodge. Good luck."

Rodger prepared for what may be the most important day of his life, "Hey, Sally! What's going on? You look amazing today. I love your hair. You wanna go out sometime?" he looked in the mirror and nodded. Wearing his best plaid shirt with a "Video Games = Life" tie on, he used the mirror for confirmation of his good looks. "Yeah, yeah. You look great buddy. When you come home today, you won't be single."

He walked to school with anticipation permeating from every outlet of his body. "Today's the day, Al. Today's the day I become the boyfriend of THE Sally Gold. Meet me after school today and I'll tell you how it went." Ally nodded in acceptance as they approached school and went their separate ways.

After school Rodger advanced toward a group of people including Sally. "Hey Sally, can I talk to you for a minute in private please?" Rodger asked through a crowd.

"Yeah sure." She left the group. "Yeah, Lewis is really sorry too, he told me today he felt terrible. He said it was just the spur of the moment."

Rodger responded, "No Sally, that's cool. Whatever. I don't even care about that anymore. I was gonna ask you something else." Rodger sweated nervously as he began syllabifying his words in terror. "Wwwwiiiiilll Yy.yyoo..oou."

"What the hell are you trying to say?" Sally bolstered.

"Well, I just wanted to know if you umm wanted to maybe go out sometime with me?" Long pause. Sally snickered, "What the hell's wrong with you, idiot!? First of all I have a boyfriend, second of all, YOU ARE YOU. Don't talk to me again!" and Sally walked away. Heartbroken, and self-confidence dropping at a cosmic rate, Rodger walked to his house. He would be the laughing stock of the school, probably in this small city, the whole city, MAYBE EVEN THE COUNTRY! Rodger thought to himself. He would never show his face in public again. He arrived home and burrowed himself in the basement ready for months of lone gaming.

Ally walked through the door. "How's the girlfriend doing?" She asked. Rodger walked heavily over to her, and bawled his eyes out. "I..I..I ASKED HER A.A.AND SHE MADE FUN OF ME!!!"

"I'm so sorry Rodger. I really am. What a bitch! I can't believe she did that to you! I'll kill her! Don't worry, Rodge. You deserve better anyway. But, for now I gotcha, don't worry." Rodger really looked at Andy for the first time. She had beautiful blonde hair, an amazing smile and the greatest heart in the world. He could not believe he had overlooked her, for so long. She was everything he had really loved in a girl. He knew he had found someone he could really spend time with and be happy with. Besides, she was pretty on the inside and she liked video games too ?

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