by Greg Jackson

The black rotting vagina of the corpse squished and gurgled as the mans penis was thrust deep into the moldy cavity once called a cunt. The bodys breasts, once full and luscious, now sagged and were stiff. The mans sweat from the hot July night poured from his face as he pounded away at the moldy corpse. Moss grew over half the womans face, concealing the concaved skull underneath. The eye that wasnt covered lay half open, an empty soulless stare within. Her once snow white skin was now yellowed with small black spots littering the flesh.

As the man began to thrust faster, the grub worms inside the corpse moved away from the warm flesh that had penetrated their home. The man let out a low moan as cloudy white semen was expelled from the head of his cock, soaking into the porous rot of the dead woman. His thrusting slowed to a stop as his penis softened to a limpness that was unusable. He slipped out and as he did, the lips of her rotting vagina were stuck to his penis. He chuckled to himself and as he pulled them off like a bandage whispered Stubborn little bitch, arent you? His cock moist was covered with the musky dark fluid of decay. He stood up and pulled his pants to his hips and tightened his belt. He turned around to his bag and knelt down. Reaching into the leather satchel, he pulled out a Bowie knife.

A sinister grin spread across his face as a gazed down at the decaying corpse, his pearly white cum seeping out her cunt. He stepped towards the body and kneeled down to the black earth. With his left hand he grabbed the deflated left tit, with the other he held the knife. Time for round two. In one swift motion, he jabbed the knife right into the rotting flesh between her legs. Gooey black moisture sprayed out all over his face, and his eyes gleamed with pleasure. His arm pumping, he harshly rammed the blade into her cunt again and again, each time burrowing deeper into the decaying body.

He pulled the knife out, it was covered in that same black fluid, small chunks of flesh sticking to the blade. His tongue poked out from his lips, slowly and seductively lapping up the liquid. His hand squeezed the breast it held, the fragile skin tearing from the pull. He turned his attention to the tit, and tugged on it. It broke free with ripping noise, and in its place, more black fluid oozed out. Always take something to remember the night with. He spoke to the air as he stood up and moved towards the bag. He dropped the now clean knife into the satchel, and the severed breast dropped in along with it.

He bent down to lift the bag, but a sudden chill on the under part of his arms made him stop. He turned around to glance at the body, it looked the same. He shrugged his shoulders and pulled the bag up, looped it over his head and walked off to the exit of the cemetery.

He sat down in the rusty old car, turned the ignition, and backed out. A slowly drove away, gazing in the mirror at the cemetery. Ill be back, cant go without my free brothel visit. He joking spoke as he drove off.

As he lay in bed in the decrepit old apartment, images from that night kept filling his mind. He felt a hardness growing between his legs as he drifted off to sleep.

As he approached deep sleep, a nightmare began to form in his mind. He was once again fucking that womans corpse, but something felt different. She was warm. Shear panic filled his mind. I cant fuck a living woman, he thought to himself through the fog of sleep. The walls of the vagina suddenly grew tight, too tight for his taste. He tried to pull out, but it clamped down on his cock, making it impossible to escape. He screamed as her eyes opened, revealing the evil and sinister color. An evil smile tore across her face, revealing sharp reptilian teeth. A look of pure anguish implanted itself across his face, he tried to scream, but he was frozen with terror. She pulled her torso up, he now stared straight into her demonic eyes. Her mouth opened wide, and burrowed her sharp teeth into his face, breaking through the skull. The bone cracked as she pulled back, his now exposed brains spilling out.

He woke up screaming, soaked with cold sweat. His eyes were wild with fear. For a moment he thought the dream reality, but then he came to his senses. He looked at the window, it was still dark. The clock read 2:47. I gotta get the fuck back there. He mumbled as pulled the sweat soaked sheets off of him. He pulled a coat on and raced out of the apartment to his car.

As he pulled up to the cemetery gates his heart began to beat faster. He grabbed his bag and jumped out of the car. He hoped over the fence and towards the corpse still lying on the ground. It looked the same as he left it. Relief washed over him as he relaxed his shoulders and sighed. He looked at the body closely. Suddenly, that familiar sexual desire surged through him. In a frenzy he loosed his belt and dropped his pants. How about some head you whore. He laughingly screamed as he jammed his erect cock into her mouth. Pumping his hips, he felt the moldy teeth gnawing at his meat. He was in a state of pure euphoria. He was so lost in the sensation, he didnt notice the exposed eye begin glow with life, and the lid flicker. As he approached the orgasm, he closed his eyes and prepared for the amazing feeling. Then, in an instant, an immense pain ripped through his penis, rippling all throughout his body. With a shivering head he looked down and tried to scream in terror, but the pain was too great. Through the overwhelming slicing through his body, he managed to realize what he was looking at. His nightmare had been warning. His eyes lulled back into his head, and everything went black. The last thing he felt before he died was tearing of the flesh from his bones.

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