Alpha Company Part 1

by Kenji Ushino

1991, an unprecedented baby boom occurs in the USSR before its collapse. August 2016, ISIS is brought to a standstill and no longer is able to take ground in Iraq and Syria. Iranian Military recruitment spikes because of its part in the war on ISIS. November 2016, having repaid its debt to China the United States begins a program to rely on itself for future goods. February, 2017 due to the United States lack of need for Chinese goods China suffers economic hardship leading to increased resentment of the Government in Hong Kong. March 15th, 2017 US-Chinese relations meet an all-time low after a protest in Hong Kong ends in bloodshed at the hands of PLA troops. March 20th, 2017 in the UN it is decided to no longer send food or resources to North Korea in hopes of toppling the Kim Jong-Uns Regime. 2017 April 2nd, 2017 World War III begins as North Korea invades South Korea causing the United States to declare war on North Korea. May, 2017 Iran invades Iraq and declares war against the West and Israel. The US quickly moves to aid Israel and defend Iraq. June 12th, 2017 Russia invades Ukraine, the Baltic States are completely over run. June 13th, 2017 NATO forces mobilize and are sent to Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia to stop the Russian advances. NATO forces in Norway are mobilized as well as forces in other Scandinavian countries. July 5th, 2017 China invades Taiwan and attacks India. In response to Chinas invasion of Taiwan the United States declares war on China. February, 2018 United States and South Korean militaries evacuate from South Korea after a Chinese led thrust and push through the peninsula. May, 2018 Chinese and Russian Forces invade Japan. July, 2018 Russian and Chinese Forces are kicked off of the main islands of Japanese after the destruction of their Pacific fleets in the Sea of Japan. June, 2018 US Army creates a new program to decrease time in training using tests to determine who gets weapons and ranks. August 6th, 2018 the Allied Nations begin global counter offensives on all fronts.

At the beginning of me and all my friends time in war, we went through basic training before being issued weapons. I was made Second Lieutenant and placed in command of a Stryker Platoon after multiple aptitude tests created to speed training of NCOs and Officers. I was given a standard issue Assault Rifle, the HK M17A1 Assault Rifle, with an ACOG 4x scope and a M320 40 Miki Mike Grenade Launcher. One of my friends from middle school through high school Jacob R. Allen was placed in command of another Rifle platoon in the Stryker Company. Jacob was given HK M17A1, with an Eotech Holographic sight with a magnifier and foregrip.

As I was given the rank of 2nd Lieutenant, I commanded the Rifle Platoon equipped with three M1126A1 Stryker Infantry Combat Vehicles, a M1136 Stryker Infantry Combat Vehicle armed with a 30 mm cannon and 43 men. There wasnt anything special about our Company other than the way we were all trained. My platoon was the 1st Rifle Platoon of Alfa Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Brigade of the 59th Infantry Division. My friend Jacob commanded the 2nd Rifle Platoon in the Company and the 3rd Rifle Platoon belonged to 2nd Lieutenant Benjamin Old Ben Fischer. Fischer was from Nebraska and was a stubborn pacifistic man, but a respectable commander. The man in charge of our Companys MGS platoon was 2nd Lieutenant Scott Franklin from Tennessee. The Mortar section in our company was led by Staff Sergeant Josef Renaldo from Montana. Finally our sniper team was Staff Sergeant David Landis from San Diego California.

Our Commanding officer of Alfa Company was Captain David Durante. Captain Durante was a tough and extremely intelligent commander who had graduated from West Point a few years before the war and was given command of our experimental unit of Test Takers. Above Captain Durante was Major Carl Durai from South Carolina. Major Durai was a very stubborn man who pushed us to our limits. Many disliked him but we put up with it only because he got us through tough fights.

Our main vehicle in our company with 3 vehicles per platoon was the M1126A1 Stryker armed with a .50 Caliber M2 Machine Gun in a remote weapons station to provide support for us on the ground. The M1126A1 also included a V-shaped hull to counter mines and IEDs. Also given to each Platoon was a M1136 Stryker which could carry the same amount of troops as a normal Stryker but had a 30mm cannon mounted on an external weapon station. We also were given SRAT explosive reactant armor for protection against RPGs and tandem warheads.

Welcome to Poland

FOB Vermont, Pulway, Poland

November 8th, 2018

1138 Alpha Time

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Poland, our commanding officer announced on the radio as we were pulling into our new base of Operations.

Wow what a shit hole, My Strykers driver, Geroge, commented on our vehicle intercom as we pulled into the sea of tents and mud that was our new Battalion HQ for the time being.

Hey watch it! You might want to be here a few days from now, I replied on the vehicle comm as I stood out of my open hatch.

Hey sir? Are we going to have to stay here for a while, My Platoon Sergeant Tom Hernandez asked on the radio?

Yes, Tom thats what the Captain said, I answered him back on the radio with a very sarcastic tone.

Sergeant Tom maybe you should listen when I announce something on the radio, Captain Durante replied.

Everyone on the radio chuckled at the Captains comment.

Alright all vehicles stop, dismount and get your gear and meet in the assembly area that we passed, Captain Durante ordered.

Our column stopped and all the ramps of the Strykers lowered and everyone dismounted into the sea of tents that was now our temporary home. I got out on top of my Stryker and looked around. Where we where was once a field but the battalion before ours turned it into a base only a few weeks ago after fighting to take the Pulway was over. Bravo and Charlie Company had already unpacked an hour before us along with the Brigades Cavalry Squadron. The rest of our Brigade had made camp at several other bases nearby.

Alright, First Platoon! You heard the Captain grab your gear and assemble in the assembly area back there, I ordered my platoon.

We all marched ourselves over to a large muddy assembly area in the middle of the base. At the front of the assembly area was a small stage with a podium facing the crowd of soldier that was Alfa Company. After assembling our gear most of us began talking while we waited for further orders.

My radio operator, Randal Benson, came over to me, Hey sir, are we finally going to fight?

I dont know Ben, I answered him while putting down my backpack. But if we do get to fight, I just hope we arent fighting VDV or some MVD, or even GRU.

Whats MVD?

Russian Spetsnaz, Ministry of Internal Affairs. Their like our Rangers but for dealing with internal threats in Russia, My friend Jacob walked over and answered Bens question.

Didnt you know my friend, Tony here has always been into learning about Military and History. His Grandfather was a survivor of Hiroshima.

Jeez how did he survive?

Its called luck and God, Private.

The Captain stood in front of the company. Everyone here? Good, I got bunk assignments already. Your platoon leaders will be given all the bunk assignments for your platoon. But first Major Durai has something to say to all of us.

Thank you Captain, Major Durai stepped onto the stage. Now I know you all of you are anxious about getting into the War.

Here we go, I commented.

You will be participating in the next battle, the Major announced.

Finally were getting into this War, Benson commented on the announcement.

Be careful what you wish for Private, Jacob immediately responded.

Yeah war is Hell dont you know that Ben, I agreed.

Excuse me! You three in the back! Shut up! The Major yelled at us from the stage.

We shut our mouths immediately. The Major finished his other announcements a few minutes later. We got our bunk assignments that designated the barracks/ tents, that we where to stay in for the next few days.

Well that was a massive waste of time, Jacob said after the Major finished.

Well lets get this over with, I said looking down at the list of names and Barracks.

After we had directed everyone to their proper barrack, we and the rest of the battalion were invited to a special lunch at the FOBs boardwalk. Me, Jacob, Fischer, Franklin, Landis, Renaldo and the Captain all sat at one table.

Can someone explain to me? Why do we have to fight for these stupid little towns in the middle of nowhere, Lieutenant Fischer commented taking a bite from his hamburger.

Because the Russians want the town, The Captain replied.

Well then why the Hell, do they want all these fucking towns, Fischer asked.

Because they wanted to piss you off and make you be here, I responded.

Yeah, their entire goal in starting this war was to piss you off, Sergeant Landis added.

Complaining about this God forsaken War isnt gonna change anything Fischer, Jacob said to Fischer.

I continued to eat my lunch and finished my own hamburger.

You know sometimes I wonder, I took a sip of my drink. This war has been going on for a few years now. But from what I could tell this war doesn't seem about resources or religion like some of the last wars our countries fought.

Whats your point Lieutenant, Captain Durante asked with an interested look on his face.

This is a war to bring an actual conclusion to the Cold War, I began. And if it really is a final fight between ideologies, then we cant end this war with a cease fire or peace treaty. We have to raise our flag over the Kremlin itself in order to end this War with an Actual conclusion. Not just postpone the inevitable and hand over the task of ending this War to the next generation.

Thats pretty deep, Sir, Staff Sergeant Renaldo rested his head on his arm and looked at me.

Well thats an interesting perspective of this War. Too bad we cant just ask them to give up, Durante leaned back in his chair.

Yeah that would be great, Landis picked up his food tray.

We didnt talk much after that. We finished our lunches and went back to our platoons and sections. But I ran into a friend from Bravo Company while walking though the barrack streets.

Yo Tony! 2nd Lieutenant Nick, a friend of mine from Bravo Company shouted to me.

Hey, hows it going in Bravo Company? I walked over to him.

Well we just got here a couple hours ago. But you should check out some of the equipment some of the other units have here, Nick and I shook hands.

Oh yeah? What kind of stuff do they have here, I asked wondering what kind of other units where at this FOB.

Theres a Company of M1A3s here right now from the 2nd Armored Division. Just around the corner that way, Nick pointed to the direction of the M1A3s.

Ill go check it out then. Ill see you around Nick.

Yeah see yeah later.

I checked out the M1A3s from the 2nd Armored Division, Nick had told me about. They were from the 2-66th Armored Regiment, Charlie Company. Their Tanks were the M1A3 Abrams, the latest version of the M1 Abrams. It had a 44 caliber, 120mm cannon, with a range of 8 kilometers as well as two 50 caliber machine guns and two 7.62mm M240 machine guns.

I walked over to one of the tanks parked with the rest of the vehicles stationed at the FOB. One of the crew members of the tank was sitting on the roof of the tank cleaning one its 50 caliber machine guns. I realized that the person that was cleaning the 50cal was a young female Lieutenant.

She noticed me looking at her cleaning the machinegun, Hey Lieutenant! What are you doing?

Not much just looking at your M1s. Ive never seen an M1A3 in person, I told her.

Well I was starting to think youre some kind of weirdo, She put down the brush she was using to clean the gun.

Yeah well, Im from A Company, 2nd battalion, 5th Stryker Brigade, I explained to her.

So your one of those Test Takers weve heard about, she looked down at me from atop her tank.

Yeah, what have you heard about us, I curiously asked.

Nothing much, I know youve guys are still new and havent seen combat, she explained to me. And that you guys are going to be taking part in the next offensive in a few days.

Well whats the front like, I asked.

Around here youll see a lot of combat. I can guarantee that, She promised.

I looked over my shoulder hearing some yelling followed by running. Three of my subordinates were running through the rows barracks and then hid behind the last barrack facing my direction. Sergeant Tom came marching through the rows with an angry face but just missed finding the other soldiers. I noticed his back was totally soaked.

I looked back over to the tank commander, I see, well I guess Ill see you again possibly.

Yeah. By the way Im 2nd Lieutenant Bethany Townson, Charlie company, 2nd of the 66th Armored Regiment, She told me seeing my subordinates hiding behind the barracks across from us. Whats your name Lieutenant?

I am 2nd Lieutenant Tony Hamada, I told her and looked back at my subordinates still fooling around. Well I got to go crack a few skulls right now. Hope we meet up again.

I began walking across the street that separated the barracks and the tanks. I immediately recognized who they were.

I began yelling at the three hiding behind the barracks making sure Sergeant Tom could hear me, Private Benson, Private Davis and Specialist Michigan! What did you just do to get Sergeant King all worked angry?

They quickly turned and stood at attention.

Sir, we tried to cool off Sergeant King, Specialist Michigan from my weapons squad answered with a smirk on his face.

I looked at them and then began to lecture them, Alright listen up you Three Stooges because this is the first time youve done anything this stupid in a long time! Im going to let it go this time. But if I see you retards try and Cool Off anyone else or do some other stupid shit like what you just pulled, youll have apologize to every NCO in this Platoon while wearing signs that say whatever Sergeant King wants to put on them. Got it?

Yes Sir! They all replied in unison.

Alright now go report to Staff Sergeant Randolph and have him find you something to do, I ordered.

Yes sir, Michigan and the other two soldiers marched off.

First Battle

FOB Vermont, Pulawy, Poland

November 11th, 2018

0921 Alpha Time

On the morning of our first day in combat all of the company COs where ordered to meet in our companys headquarters Stryker. At the time we were barely 20 miles away from the front lines. We had been given orders that our battalion was to move into the city of Lublin. There we where to engage several companies from a Russian Mechanized Infantry Regiment who had taken the town a few days before our battle.

So we finally get to see some action, 2nd Lieutenant Franklin spoke before taking a sip of coffee.

Ya looks like it, I responded.

I guess we finally get to see some real combat and experience war for ourselves. My friend Jacob commented.

We had all gathered into the Command Stryker for a mission briefing. Having all just eaten our breakfast we were waiting for Captain Durante. Captain Durante was just called Cap or Captain by most of the company. He didnt mind and he liked to keep us in on things that were happening.

Morning everyone, Captain Durante stepped in to the Stryker through the rear ramp and saluted back to us. At ease.

The captain sat down on one of the seats in the Stryker.

Now, as you may of heard we are about to see our first taste of combat, The Captain began his briefing. I know this is rather sudden.

Aint that the truth, Fischer interrupted.

Shut up Butter Bar, Our captain quickly responded and continued, Anyway we are to spearhead the initial assault into Lublin Today, because Ivan has decided to push a whole regiment 20 klicks north of us right into 1st Armoreds face yesturday. This gives us the perfect opportunity to strike at their southern flank. We will travel down Highway 12 and then down the E372 till we reach Sieprawice. From Sieprawice we will link up with a fresh new company of M1A3s from B Company, 2nd Battalion of the 66th Armored Regiment and then proceed to Lublin. Once we are in Lublin our objective will be to secure the Hotel Podzamcze 2, Objective V, and the area surrounding the intersection, Objective Zulu. Then we are to hold till the rest of the battalion can make it through to our position and then proceed from there. We are going to be fighting largely a street battle so watch your corners and talk to one another. Hopefully by the end of the day we will have control of the Lublin.

Do we know what theyve got defending the town? I asked.

Glad you asked. Intelligence reports that Ivan has about 20 BMP-3s and 200+ Infantry. We have reports that another Russian company with T-72BMs approaching from the North. They will be our secondary objective and is recommended that we engage them as soon as we can so they dont enter town. Captain Durante explained. Expect stiff resistance and a tough counter attack. These guys are from the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Guards Motor Rifle Regiment, they are well trained and equipped and have seen a lot of combat, remember that. Check your gear and equipment, have your men gather in the staging grounds, we move out in ten and Ill continue the rest while we are rolling, dismissed!

After we were dismissed we began to mount up. As the Platoon commander I rode with the Weapons Squad and commanded one of the Strykers. My Stryker was known simply as Stryker 4 in the Platoon. We numbered all of our Strykers in order by squad. Stryker 1 carried 1st Squad, Stryker 2 carried 2nd Squad etc

Okay boys and girls, check your gear and be ready to mount up and lock and load! I shouted to my troops as I walked over to my platoons Strykers.

I saw Benson taking off his shoes and socks in the shade of my Stryker.

Benson what the hell are you doing? I asked as he pulled another pair of socks from his back pack hanging from my Stryker.

Putting on my Lucky socks sir. He responded putting both of the socks on.

Okay then, I said leaving him.

So this is really it sir, Staff Sergeant Tom asked from atop his Stryker behind mine.

Yeah Tom, have everyone gather in the assembly area, I lowered my head and stepped into my platoon lead Stryker.

Yes sir, Tom jumped down.

I grabbed my rifle and threw on my pack and bullet proof vest as well as my other combat gear and stepped back out. My platoon and all of Alfa Company gathered at the assembly area to listen to the Captain speak.

Alright men gather around, The captain spoke.

We all stopped what we were going to see what our CO was going to say.

I know many of you our nervous and some of you are anxious to go to battle, The Captain began. Some of us have lost friends and family in this war and its about time we let you boys fight. I know you are all capable soldiers and can do just about anything if not better than even some of my former subordinates in my last command. Our objective is simple we go into town shake up the Russians and hold up till battalion sends us some more help. We can do this, I have faith in all of you. Now if you would bow your heads with me for a word of prayer.

We all bowed our heads. Although I didnt listen to most of what he said in the prayer. I knew exactly what he was saying and why we were here and why the world has come to this and how God was still in control even if it seemed like the world was in total chaos.

After the captain ended the prayer which followed by a company Amen, he said to us, Lets go kick some ass!

We left the FOB on schedule and reached the company of M1A3 Abrams main battle tanks at Sieprawice. The Abrams where warmed up and the rest of their battalion was waiting to move forward with their infantry beginning mounting up in Bradleys. We were ordered to stop and wait for the signal to move forward with the operation. I opened the top hatch above my Vehicle commanders seat. I had George pull over next to one of the Abrams nearest the road.

Hey Staff Sergeant, I shouted to the tank Commander of the Abrams! How does it feel to be sitting on top of that tank?

Like everything in front of us is just a Speed bump Sir, the young staff sergeant yelled back!

ALPHA ONE SIX GET BACK IN YOUR HOLE - OVER, yelled Captain Durante on the radio!

ROGER, I crouched down back into the vehicle.


ROGER, I responded on the company radio.


Ok George move out. I told my driver over the vehicles intercom.

Sir Can you stick this camera up on top the fifty, My radioman Private Randal Benson handed Tom a digital GoPro camera.

Sure thing, this might be cool to watch later, I took the camera and opened my hatch and attached it to the fiftys rail mount.

Our Company moved down the high way at high speed behind the M1A3 Abrams. The MGS Stryker platoon led by 2nd Lt. Scott Franklin was in the front of the company formation right behind the last M1A3 in the lead platoon. Followed behind was 1st Platoon led by me then Jacobs 2nd Platoon and behind him the mortar platoon and company HQ with 2nd Lt. Fischers 3rd platoon picking up the rear. The M1A3s where spread evenly between our Stryker Platoons to ensure at least a few Abrams can fire on an attacker.

We entered the town without a shot being fired. Until we neared an apartment complex just 1 kilometer up the road from our objective.

Highway 19, 1 kilometer from Objective V

0953 Alpha Time


The ramp of the Stryker lowered and we dismounted and ran for cover! We were taking heavy machinegun and rifle fire and had a couple RPGs fired at us from an apartment complex. Our column was only 200 meters away from an apartment block. The tanks turned their turrets to face the apartment block and fired their machineguns into the buildings. There was little cover but luckily there was a few buildings only a 10 meters away from the side of the road. The highway was in a shallow trench with inclines along the sides of the road.

ALPHA ONE SIX - THIS IS ALPHA SIX- GIVE ME A SITREP! OVER! Captain Durante yelled on the radio!



I looked over my shoulder to my Weapons squad.

Alright! Weapons squad move up and set up position along the hill and lay down fire on those apartment buildings, I pointed at the apartments for the weapons squad.

Yes sir, Weapons squad leader Staff Sergeant Mark Randolph replied.

I turned to my 1st squad, 1st Squad I want you to move up and take those buildings over there 10 meters away along the north side of the road. I then grabbed my radio, ALPHA ONE SIX TO MIKE-N-NIKE I NEED YOU TO GIVE COVER FIRE FOR ONE ONE - OVER!

ROGER, Sergeant Mike responded as his Stryker pulled over to the side of the road.

2nd and 3rd squads are to get over that ridge and get as close as you can to those bastards, I ordered.

My platoon hastily got into their positions and began pouring fire on the apartment buildings. The rest of the column continued to move down the freeway at a normal speed.

Okay George move up alongside of those buildings, I ordered using my vehicles outside intercom.

My Stryker began moving up alongside the buildings. Several RPGs where fired at our direction from the apartments. The Russian positions began crumbling at least thats what we thought.

THIS IS BRAVO THREE SIX TO ALPHA ONE SIX - COMING UNDER THE OVERPASS NOW HERE TO SUPPORT YOU ALPHA ONE SIX - OVER, I heard on the radio as several M1A3s came rolling under the freeway overpass behind my position.


ROGER I COPY NEED A FEW ROUNDS ON THEM - OVER, the tank commander offered on the radio.

YEAH HE OR HE-OR-T WOULD BE GREAT THAT OUGHT TO DO THE JOB - OVER, I asked wanting to freak out the Russians.

ROGER FIVE HE-OR-T ON THE WAY OVER AND OUT, The tank commander finished as his three M1A3s moved into firing positions along the right side of the highway.

The three M1A3s turned their turrets toward the apartments and raised their guns accordingly. The HE-OR-T round otherwise known as the M908 was a High Explosive obstacle reduction round that worked wonders on vehicles, buildings and hardened structures.

Everyone cover your ears and watch out we got five HE-OR-T rounds inbound on the Apartments, I yelled to my troops.

The three Abrams fired simultaneously, sending three HE-OR-T rounds against the closest apartment. The rounds impacted and disintegrated the front side of the apartment instantly stopping all fire from the other apartments. The only thing I could do was stare in awe of the awesome power our tanks could bring to bear. The gun fire seized and all of my men gave a sigh of relief.

THIS IS BRAVO THREE-SIX DO YOU WANT US TO PUT THE LAST TWO ROUNDS ON THE OTHER APARTMENT - OVER, the tank commander asked as we had stopped receiving fire from all the apartments.


ROGER ROUNDS ON THE WAY - OVER, the tank commander replied just before two of the tanks fired at the 2nd apartment building.

The Russian Unit we were fighting where veterans of the fighting in Poland. They were armed with mostly AK-12 assault rifles that fired the 5.45x39mm rifle cartridge. The AK-12 was slightly lighter than our M17 Assault Rifles but fired a smaller armor piercing round and was superior to our M17 in some many ways. For their squad support weapons they had RPK-12 Automatic Rifles and PKP Medium Machine guns. For Anti-Tank duty they had RPG-7V2 and RPG-28s.

For transport the Russian Company had around 20 BMP-3 Infantry fighting vehicle. The BMP-3 had a boat shaped hull with its turret toward the front of the vehicle and its engine in the rear. It was heavily armed with a 100mm 2A70 gun/launcher with an autoloader, as well as a 2A72 30mm auto-cannon and a PKT machine gun all coaxial to the 100mm gun/launcher. There was also 2 bow mounted PKT machine guns in the hull. Although heavily armed it still had relatively light armor and could be easily killed by a direct hit from an Anti-tank weapon.

After the M1s ended the fight my radio man and I moved inside one of the buildings alongside the road that my platoon had used for cover during the firefight.

That was interesting, Benson commented as we sat down in some chairs in the house.

Didnt think that this would be our companys first mission, I responded. Well Ben time to make sure everyones alive.

I stood up again and grabbed my COM and began walking towards the exit as Benson sat there.

ALPHA ONE SIX TO ALL CALL SIGNS ALPHA ONE SITREP -OVER, I ordered on the radio walking out side.

ONE ONE REPORTING NO WIA OR KIA - OVER, First Squad Leader, Sergeant Smith reported.

ONE TWO REPORTING ALL FORWARD - OVER, Second Squad Leader, Sergeant Alexander reported.

ONE THREE NO KIA OR WIA BUT ONE SAW FUBAR - OVER, Third Squad Leader, Sergeant Hoover reported.

ONE FOUR ALL FINE A FEW CLOSE CALLS BUT NO CASUALTIES - OVER, Weapons squad leader Mark reported in.


BMPs! someone shouted as three BMP-3s smashed through the tree line to the right of the freeway.

Holy shit! I shouted jumped to the ground just as one of the BMP-3s fired its main gun hitting the building I just walked out of! Everyone get into cover! Anti Tank teams engage those BMP-3s! Mike hit them with you 30mm!

I turned and looked behind me and realized that Benson was still in there. The building was filled with smoke and the whole front of the building was all but destroyed from the blast. Only the doorway I just walked out of stood unscathed. Amiss all the fighting I got up from where I was laying down in cover and walked toward the door still with smoke venting out.

Ben! Ben! I called out walking through the smoke and debris.

I suddenly felt my foot hit something. When I looked down I saw it was a boot with half a leg sticking out of it. I could see on the leg was Bens lucky socks he use to talk about and put on before we left for battle. I then found a few pieces of some of Bens Radio equipment. But there was no sign of Ben anywhere. Ben had been killed in the blast from a BMP-3s main gun after I had just spoken to him. Nothing but half a leg remained of my Radio Operator.

After the BMP-3s where knocked out and burning, Sergeant Smith found me standing and still staring at the Boot with half Bens leg in it, as well as Bens helmet in my hands.

Sir!? Are you okay, Sergeant Smith grabbed my shoulder. Wheres Ben!

I turned and looked at him with a shocked face, Yeah, Im okay. BensBens dead.

What? Sergeant Smith looked at me confused. Wait, what are you talking about.

BENS DEAD! Fucking BMP-3! I threw Bens Helmet out the shattered window in anger.

I calmed myself down realizing the BMP-3 was nothing but a burning hulk. It was the first time I had seen something horrifying like that. I had seen dead bodies before, and dissected animal parts in school, but I had not seen limbs of people that where there one minute, then gone the next. They train us to see dismemberment and wounded comrades but not what to do after one of your comrades are killed.

Alright lets mount up and get out of this shit hole, I ordered.

We mounted back up in our Strykers and moved down the road to regroup with the rest of A Company. I lost some of my friends from the BMP-3s, Benson, Jonathan and Augustus. A few others were wounded but nothing that would affect them. My first taste of combat was something I never forgot.

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