by Steven

The small group of soldiers marched into the cave. Each soldier was dressed in heavy armor, each had a sword dangling from their waist, and they all carried a lit torch. The cave went too far back to see the end and it was too dark for anything human to live in it. They marched in single file order and after marching about one mile the soldier in the very back stopped. He held his torch up to an object. He jumped back in shock. What he saw was a soldier with only one arm, it had a shocked expression on its face, and it was made entirely of stone. He yelled after the other soldiers and they came back. They examined the statue and then they looked around and realized that the whole area was filled with stone soldiers. All of the statues were missing limbs and some were missing eyes. Then there was a shuffle of movement. All of the soldiers, except for the one in the back, turned in the direction of the sound. The soldier in the back held his torch in front of his face and a creature appeared out of almost nowhere. The creature looked like a woman that was 500 years old, the creature had grey skin, black holes where its eyes were supposed to be, and her hair was snakes. The soldier's eyes went straight to her snake-hair, he looked directly at the snakes eyes and he turned into solid stone. The creautre screeched, it was a high pitched ear-drum splitting sound. The other soldiers quickly glanced at the creature and then looked away as they realized this creautre had turned the soldiers in the room into stone. \"What the fuck is that?\" One of the soldiers whispered. As all the soldiers drew their swords one whispered back, \"The creature is called Medusa. It is exactly what we were sent to kill.\" They charged at the creature and almost immediately five of the ten soldiers were turned to stone. The new stone statues were still holding their swords in the air and they had their feet outstretched. All of the soldiers swung their swords and missed. They ended up hitting the statues and breaking stone off. Three of the soldiers became nervous that Medusa wasn't there anymore and looked up at the snake eyes and turned into stone. The two remaining soldiers kept their heads bent down to the ground as they both threw their torches at Medusa. The torches hit her snake hair and it began to burn. Within a few minutes all she had left on her head were ashes. The soldiers looked up and, not having to worry about being turned into stone anymore, charged with their swords held high. They stabbed at Medusa slicing off her arms, stabbing through her head, and finally stabbing through her heart. She screamed until she was dead. Her body was a bloody mess with limbs and blood surrounding her. The two soldiers then stayed no longer and exited the cave into the light.

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