The Rainbow Genie

by Arnold Nelson

One day Sakora, Sophie, Malaki and Serenity were sitting around talking about what to get mommy for her birthday. Sakora said First let's see how much money we have. So they put all their money on the floor in the middle. Sakora picked up the money and counted it and said We have $23.87, that's not much, but it's her birthday and we have to get her something. Sophie said There's a yard sale a couple houses down, maybe we can find something there for mama.

So all the kids got up and left the house and went down to the yard sale. They looked over everything in the yard looking for something for their mother. Finally Malaki said Look at this old lamp, we can clean it up, and it would be pretty nice for mama. So Sakora picked up the lamp and took it over to the lady that was running the sale. She asked the lady how much for the lamp.

The lady said $35. All the kids got real sad looks on their faces and then Serenity said We wanted to buy that lamp for mommy, for her birthday, but we don't have that much money. The lady said Well how much money do you have? Sakora said All we have is $23.87. The lady looked at all the sad faces and said Sold, I don't want to take all your money, you give me $20 and it's yours. So Sakora handed the lady the money and took the lamp and they all walked home with big smiles on their faces.

When they got home Sakora put some soap and water in the kitchen sink and started to wash the lamp. When she got done the lamp look pretty good. She handed the lamp to Sophie and said You dry. So Sophie got a towel and started drying the lamp.

All of a sudden a big puff of purple smoke came out of the lamp. Then there was a genie standing there. His clothes had all the colors in the rainbow in them. He said in a loud voice Who awakens me from my sleep. Who dares to call me up. All the kids were so scared they were shaking. Sakora finally found her voice and said We are sorry sir. We didn't mean awaken you we just bought this lamp and we were cleaning it up to give it to our mother for her birthday. Sophie was drying it and all of a sudden you popped out.

The genie said Anytime someone awakens the genie for the first time they get three. Then he looked around and saw four kids staring at him. Make that four wishes. I will give each of you one wish, we will start with Sakora because she's the oldest.

Sakora said How you know my name and why you wear those clothes with all the colors in them.

The genie said A genie knows all. As for my outfit when I graduated from genie school all the colors were taken, so I decided to wear all the colors at once and I would be the rainbow genie. Now Sakora, what do you wish for.

Sakora said I have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, do you think you could take us there?

That's easy. said the rainbow genie Let's all hold hands so no one gets lost. So they all held hands then the rainbow genie said Off to the Grand Canyon for me and my friends.

The next thing they knew they were standing in a city that was high in the mountains. This isn't the Grand Canyon. Said Malaki.

No said the genie This is Williams Arizona, this is the first stop on our trip. There is a train that leaves from here every morning and goes up to the Grand Canyon. I thought you kids might enjoy a train ride.

All the kids got on the train along with the rainbow genie and started up towards the Grand Canyon. As soon as the train started the fun started. There was even a train robbery on the way up. The rainbow genie whispered to the kids Don't be afraid it's all in fun they're not real train robbers.'

When they got to the Grand Canyon they got off the train and walked all around and looked at everything that was there. Then they started going to the edge of the canyon. The rainbow genie cautioned them not to get too close to the edge. When they look down into the canyon Malaki said Wow! That must go all the way to the center of the earth. The rainbow genie laughed Not quite but does go a long way down. Did you know it was made with water and wind. Over millions of years the water and wind eroded the limestone and created the Grand Canyon. After a couple of hours the children were getting tired so the rainbow genie got them rooms at the Bright Angel Lodge. They all slept well that night.

The next morning when they walked out of Lodge and there was a bunch of mules standing there. Sophie said what are the mules for? The rainbow genie said We are going to take a ride down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. All the kids got a shocked look on their faces. We have never been on horses or mules or anything like that. Sakora said. The rainbow genie saidThat's no problem, all you have to do is sit there and hold on, we have a guide to take care of the rest. They use mules instead of horses because mules are more surefooted and some places the trail is narrow and steep.

So they all got on the mules and the kids were strapped on so they wouldn't fall off. Then they headed down the trail. It was scary, in some places the trail was very steep and other places the trail was very narrow. Finally after about 2 1/2 hours of riding they got down to the bottom and to their surprise there was a ranch down there. When they got off the mules they spent a couple hours walking around looking at everything.

Then Sakora said Can we go in the River? The rainbow genie said Okay take your shoes off and roll up your pants but don't go very far because the River is running fast and might pull you in.

Sakora was first getting her shoes off and rolling up her pant legs, she went to step in the water. As soon as she got both feet in the water she jumped back. She yelled That waters freezing! The rainbow genie just laughed. I knew that. he said I just wanted to see your reaction when you stepped in. The other kids decided against going in the River and they all put her shoes back on and rolled their pants legs down.

The rainbow genie said Gather around let's whole hands, I have a couple more things to show you. Off to the Grand Canyon Caverns for me and my friends. All of a sudden they were lifted up, next thing they knew they were standing in front of a building that said Grand Canyon Caverns on the front of it.

As they walked in the building the guide was saying Everybody in the elevator it's time for the Grand Canyon Caverns tour. As they got to the elevator door, tickets appeared in their hands. They gave the tickets to the guide and got in the elevator. Then they went down, down, down, they were beginning to think they would never stop. All of a sudden the elevator stopped and opened up. They were looking at a huge room.

The guide was taking them around and telling them all about the cavern. He said there were other caverns below this but they will probably never be open to the public because it would cost too much to do so. Towards the end of their walk the guide stopped and said Now, I don't want anybody to be afraid. We're going to shut off all the lights, so you can see what total darkness really is. So all the lights went out and it was so dark you could put your hand in fun your face and not even see your hand. After a few minutes they turned the lights back on.

The guide said You see all of those packages in the middle of the floor? About 55 years ago they were put down here. It was during the time everyone was afraid of a nuclear attack. This was named as a fallout shelter. In the late 1950s and early 1960s people were building fallout shelters everywhere. A lot of them had private ones in their own yards. The government set up a few places like this for those who didn't have a place to go, in case of an emergency. Luckily they were never used. That stuff is food and necessities to keep people alive down here for several weeks. They tell me that since the food is dry it is probably still good, but I don't think I want to try it. Do you? They all shook their head no. Then they got in the elevator and went back up to the surface.

When they got outside the caverns, the rainbow genie said Let's hold hands one more time, I have one more thing show you before I take you back home. They all held hands and then the rainbow genie said Take me and my friends to the West End of the Grand Canyon, to the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

All of a sudden they were looking at another building and behind the building was a glass walkway that went way out over the edge of the cliff. The walkway was in the shape of a big U. The rainbow genie said let's go out on the glass walkway it's a fantastic view, it is really unforgettable. So they went in, and just like before. Just as they got to the entrance of the walkway, tickets appeared in their hands. Little Serenity was afraid, she said It looks like we're going to be walking in midair. Sakora held her hand as they walked out there. Sakora said There is nothing to be afraid of, we are walking on glass we are not going to get hurt. Serenity reluctantly walked out there, and when she finally got out there she decided it was pretty neat. They all enjoyed it, they looked straight down at the Colorado River. When they got out of the Skywalk, the rainbow genie said It's time to go home. Let's all hold hands one more time. The rainbow genie said Take me and my friends home and before they knew it they were sitting in the front room again.

It was about a week later when the rainbow genie came back again. He looked at Sophie and said It's your turn today, Sophie, where are we going? Sophie said I want to go to Disneyland. So the rainbow genie said Okay let's all hold hands. Off to Disneyland for me and my friends. The next thing they knew they were standing in front of the gates to Disneyland. They handed the man their tickets and walked in.

These are very special tickets the rainbow genie said With these tickets you don't have to wait in line just walk up to the front of the line and get on the rides. The kids wanted to ride every ride they could see and they tried. They had been going about three hours when Malaki turned to the rainbow genie and said I'm hungry. His sisters just laughed. Sakora said He is always hungry. The rainbow genie said It is all right, it is almost lunchtime anyway, we will go eat, and then you can play some more. The genie took them to a nearby restaurant and they all got to order anything they wanted. After lunch they went out and started riding the rides again.

It was about four o'clock in the afternoon when the rainbow genie said I have a surprise for you, Disneyland is going to have a parade in about an hour and they want you to ride in the parade on one of their floats. The kids were all jumping up and down they were so excited. They were all talking at once saying. Where do we go, what do we do, how did we get so lucky. The rainbow genie held up his hands to quiet the kids. When they were quiet he said Wait here for few minutes, I have to go find somebody I won't be long.

When the rainbow genie came back a few minutes later he had a lady with him. He said Kids, this is Mrs. Richardson and she is going to take us to where they are forming the parade. She will show us what to do. So they followed Mrs. Richardson through a door, down a flight of stairs, and down a long hallway. When they got to the end of the hallway they saw all the floats and there were a lot of the characters standing around waiting. They walk past about half the floats. Mrs. Richardson stopped and said This is the float you get to be riding on. See those seats on top, that is where you will be sitting.

Sophie could not believe her eyes as she looked at the float, it was the Frozen float. Then some of the characters from Frozen came out and Mrs. Richardson introduce them to the kids. There was Elsa and Anna and Hans and Kristoff and Grand Pappy and the Duke of Weselton. Sophie was so excited she didn't know what she was going to do. She hugged all the characters then she hugged them a second time.

Mrs. Richardson said It's time to get on the float now the parade's about to start. You will be sitting on the float and all the characters will be walking alongside the float waving to everybody.

The rainbow genie said Have fun I'll be waiting for you at the end of the parade. So a couple of the men helped the kids up to their seats and made sure they were buckled in. A few minutes later the parade started. The parade went all the way through Disneyland and ended up on Main Street near the front gate. After the kids got off the float the blue genie said You kids are very tired, let's go over the Disneyland Hotel and find our rooms. Tomorrow we will have more fun. So they got on the Monorail went to the hotel, as soon as they got to their rooms they went to bed and they fell asleep right away.

The next day the rainbow genie took them to the California Adventure Park and they rode all the rides there and had another great day. About seven o'clock, the rainbow genie said let's all hold hands it's time to go home. And before they knew it they were sitting in the front room again.

The rainbow genie said It is almost time for me to leave. Before I leave would you like to learn a little bit about the man who started Disneyland? The kids all nodded their heads.

So the rainbow genie started The man's name was Walt Disney. He was very good at making cartoons. At first he started working for somebody else. He didn't like that very much, he was very creative and he wanted do things his way. So finally he opened up his own studio and he made his own cartoons. Do you know how they used to make cartoons? The kid shook their heads no. He continued They had to hand paint each picture separately, each picture was a little bit different. Sometimes there were hundreds of pictures for one cartoon. When they put all the pictures together it looked like the characters were moving. Now days it is all done on computers, back then it was all done by hand. Walt Disney showed his wife the first cartoon he made. She said it was very good but when she looked at the name she said Mortimer mouse? That will never work, you have to change the name. She thought for a while, then she said How about Mickey Mouse? Walt Disney thought about that for a while and then he agreed. So Mickey Mouse was born. Then there were other cartoons, then cartoons with humans in them, then he went on to make movies. His empire kept getting bigger and bigger.

One day Walt Disney took his grandchildren to an amusement park back east. The kids had fun, but Walt Disney did not like it at all. Then he started trying to figure out how to make an amusement park that people of all ages will enjoy. He worked on it for a long time. Finally he decided he was going to build the park. Everybody thought he was nuts. He bought some orange groves way out away from where everybody was living at the time. Then he started building his park. Everybody told him that nobody would go way out there to visit an amusement park. That he was wasting your time and his money. Walt Disney kept building. Finally it open.

They had a lot of problems when the park first opened, they were doing things nobody else ever done and they didn't know what they were doing. They tried one way if it didn't work, they did it another way, finally they got all the bugs out and the park started running smoothly. People kept coming, the park got more and more popular. As more and more people moved to Southern California they started moving closer and closer to Disneyland finally they were building right next to Disneyland. Walt Disney did not like that at all he was very unhappy.

Years later he decided to build another park in Florida. This time he bought much more land than he could possibly use. He did that to keep people from building near his parks. Walt Disney died before Disney World in Florida was open. His brother Roy continued Walt's dream and opened up Disney World. It was another big success.

Walt Disney had another idea it was called Epcot Center (the experimental city of tomorrow) he wanted to build the next to Disney World and he wanted the people that work there to live in the city. He also wanted to show what could happen in the future if things were done right. Roy died shortly after Disney World opened. When they started to build Epcot Center. The people in charge of the Disney empire decided they could not build Epcot Center the way Walt Disney wanted it without his input. When they built it they built part of it as a salute to imagination and to show the ideas of tomorrow. In the rest of Epcot Center they built a lake. The area around the lake was divided into about 20 areas. When Epcot Center opened 11 of those areas were set up to look like countries from around the world. They will open three more of those areas in the near future.

There is also a park called Disney's Hollywood Studios which shows some of the secrets they use in movie making. There is also an animal kingdom. Kids can go there and see the animals and pet the animals and feed the animals.

They also built a park called EuroDisney near Paris France. The name was changed recently to Disneyland Paris. There is another park called Tokyo Disneyland. It is near Tokyo Japan.

Walt Disney once said As long as there is imagination Disneyland will never be finished.

The rainbow genie said I have to leave now. Young man when I come back it will be your turn. Think about where you want to go when I come back you tell me and we will go. Then he left

It was about two weeks later when the rainbow genie came back. All the kids were sitting in the front room watching TV. The rainbow genie said Malakie, it is your turn where we are going to go?

Malaki said I would like to watch a stock car race. I heard I had an uncle that had something to do with stock car racing, maybe I can find out a little about him.

They all held hands and the rainbow genie said Off to the Daytona 500 for me and my friends.

The next thing they knew they were standing in front of the Daytona racetrack in Daytona Florida. They walked up to the lady at the turnstile an handed her their tickets and went in. They found their seats just as all the drivers were being introduced. The rainbow genie had ear protectors for everybody. When he started to put him on the kids, Sakora said Why we need them? The rainbow genie said When the race starts up it gets very loud and it could hurt you're hearing. So I would rather be safe than sorry.

After the prayer and the national anthem. Someone said Drivers, start your engines. The next thing that they knew there was a big roar as all the engines started up. It was a beautiful day for racing. It was a nice race, the kids had a good time. As they were leaving Sophie said How come I'm so tired? I feel like I've been battling wind all day. The rainbow genie said That's because you have, those cars go so fast they make their own wind and that wind pushes up into the fans and it just like your going against the wind all day.

They went back to the racetrack the next morning. Most of the teams were gone. there were a few still packing up. When they walked out into the infield there was a tall skinny man wearing a black hat and sunglasses. When he walked up to him the rainbow genie said Kids, this is Richard Petty they call in the King of NASCAR. When he was driving there was nobody better.

Then Richard said Kids, would you like to sit in a real race car? The kids all nodded yes. So Richard took them over to race car that was nearby and he said. I will help each of you get in the car and you can sit in the car while I explain things to you. Whose first? The rainbow genie said Since this is Malaki's wish, let Malaki go first. So Malaki stepped up to the side of the car and Richard helped him get inside. Then Richard started explaining about all the switches and knobs and all the safety equipment inside the car. Then one at a time each of the girls got in the car and were able to see what it was like inside a real NASCAR car. They all thought it was great.

Then Richard said How would you get like to take a ride around the track in a race car. They all nodded. Sakora said How can we? We don't even know how to drive. Then Richard said I have a special car over here. It has two seats we will strap you in one seat and I will get in the other seat and drive you around. Let's start with Malaki again since it is his wish. So they all took turns with Richard and got to ride all the way around the 2 1/2 mile track that is the Daytona Speedway.

After they got done. They went over and sat down in some nearby and chairs. Richard said Are there any questions that I might be able to answer? Serenity said Why is the fence bent like that? It looks funny.

Richard said That is called the catch fence. Sometimes when cars get in an accident parts go flying off of them. The fence is that way to keep the parts from going into the stands and hurting the fans.

Sakora said Those walls around the track look strange some places there are double walls and some places there are single walls. Why?

Richard said That is one of the best safety things they have ever done for auto racing. It is called safety barriers. Before they had the safety barriers they put cement walls around the track to keep the cars from leaving the track in an accident. That was fine for a while then the car started going faster and faster. When they hit the wall at the faster speeds they were going. Sometimes a drivers would get seriously hurt or even killed. My grandson Adam was one of those that got killed in one of those accidents. His career was just starting and he had a tremendous amount of talent for auto racing. It looked like he had a good career ahead of him. Then one day while he is practicing he hit the wall head on. He died shortly after that. Since he put up those safety barriers no one has gotten killed or even seriously hurt in an accident during a race. Richard looked around and saw all the sad faces and said I'm sorry I didn't mean to make all you kids sad. Asked me some more questions. He said with a big smile on his face.

Sophie said When I was sitting in the car I notice some funny looking flaps in the roof. What are those for?

Richard said A man named Gary Nelson came up with that. They were having troubles with cars turning around in accidents and flying up off of the tracks. When the cars landed back down on the tracks sometimes they were upside down or on their side and drivers were getting hurt. One day Gary was eating a hamburger and playing with the package and the idea hit him. When a car turns around in an accident it builds up pressure inside and under the hood and that's what lifts of cars off the track. Gary figured if he cut holes in a roof of the cars and just in front of the windshield. It would give the pressure somewhere to go and the cars would stay on the track. But he did not want to leave holes there so he put flaps over them and when the pressure builds up flaps left up and the pressure inside the cars had somewhere to go so it did not left the cars up anymore. It wasn't long before NASCAR decided it was a good idea. They made a rule that every car had to have those flaps. Those flaps save a lot of drivers from serious injuries.

Malaki got all excited You say Gary Nelson made them. I was told Gary Nelson is one of my uncles. I've never met him, but I've heard about him. Do you know him? Mr. Petty.

Richard said Yes, they called him the Innovator because he was always coming up with new ideas. One of his first was to put power steering in race cars. That made it a lot easier for the drivers to steer and they were not so worn out at the end of the race. He was a crew chief for many years. In fact my son Kyle drove for him for a while. One time he got his boss to let them set up a car for the race that is run here in July. It is called the firecracker 400. He got the car set up and he got a driver that was not very well known. He got his pit crew from wherever he could find them. They not only qualified for the race, which surprised everybody. They also won the race. It was the only NASCAR victory for that driver. Then he became the director of what was then Winston Cup racing. Which is the top level of NASCAR auto racing, now it is called Sprint Cup Racing. He retired a few years ago from NASCAR and now he is part owner of two Grand Am teams.

The rainbow genie said It is getting late, we must go. Thank you for your time Richard and thank you for all your information. Now kids thank Richard for his time and his information and give him a hug and then we have to leave. So they all got up and took turns hugging Richard and thanking him for his time and for the information. Then they held hands and the rainbow genie took them home again.

When they got home Malaki said Rainbow genie, would you please tell us more about Richard Petty? The rainbow genie said Okay, the Petty's are the first family of NASCAR auto racing. It started with Lee Petty. He ran when NASCAR was just getting started. He was good, he won his share of races. Then his sons started racing. First there was Richard. Richard who was probably the best driver NASCAR has ever seen. The only one to even come close was a man called Dale Earnhardt. Dale Earnhardt was killed during the Daytona 500 a few years ago when his car ran into a cement wall. It was after Dale's accident that they came up with the safety barriers. Then came Maurice Petty, Richard's brother. Maurice was all right but he was not near as good as Richard. Then came Kyle Petty, Kyle is Richard's son. Kyle was all right but he was nowhere near as good as his father. Then came Kyle's son Adam, the one Richard was talking about. They say he had almost as much talent as Richard. His career was just getting started when he had that terrible accident and was killed. The Petty's were the only family to have four generations involved in the same sport. There will never be any driver to equal Richard. Now they have rules to make the drivers and cars more equal.

The rainbow genie turned to Serenity and said When I come back. Little lady, It will be your turn. You be thinking about your wish and yous can tell me when I return Then the rainbow genie was gone.

When the rainbow Genie came back again it was about two weeks later. The kids were real happy to see him. He said Serenity, what is your wish? Serenity said I want a bazillion dollars so my mommy won't have to worry about money anymore. The kids all kind of laughed and giggled then Sakora said There is no such thing as a bazillion dollars, silly. Serenity said Then make it a zillion dollars. Sakora said There is no such thing as a zillion dollars either. Then they all laughed again.

The rainbow genie said Serenity if it were in my power I would give you all the money you and your Mom could ever use, but I can't. You see only first-class genies can hand out money and I am just a second-class genie. The only thing I'm allowed to hand out is trips. Isn't there any place you like to go?

Serenity said No, I just want money for my mommy. The rainbow genie said I have an idea, how would you kids like to go up to the North Pole and meet Santa Claus? Serenity's eyes got real big and she got a big smile on her face. She said Can you really take us to see Santa Claus?

The rainbow genie said Sure no problem.

So they all held hands and the rainbow genie said Off to the North Pole for me and my friends. Then then there were standing in front of a beautiful house. The rainbow genie said This is Santa's house, let's go meet him. So they walked up to the door, the rainbow genie knocked on the door. A few minutes later the door open and there was Mrs. Claus standing there. She said Welcome children Santa Claus has been expecting you. He will be right down. We will have some milk and cookies and then he will take you on a tour of the North Pole. She took them in and there was a big table. The table was full of cookies. There was also a glass of milk sitting by each chair, one for each of them. Just as soon as they sat down they heard HO HO HO in a big deep voice and then Santa Claus appeared. He said Welcome children, we're glad to have you we don't get many visitors up here. Let's have our milk and cookies and then I would show you around. So Santa sat down next to Serenity and they all ate all the cookies and drank all the milk until they could not eat another thing.

Santa Claus said HO HO HO those were very good Mrs. Claus, thank you, now it's time to take the kids on their tour. So they all got up and headed out the front door when they got outside there was a sleigh waiting for them, they all climbed into the sleigh and they were off.

Their first stop was the manufacturing plant. Santa said This is where we make all the parts for everything, let's go in and look around. So they got out of the sleigh and walked in. When they got in there was an elf standing there waiting for them. Santa Claus said This is Sam, he will be our tour guide in this building. So they walked around and Sam showed them all the big equipment and all a parts they were making. As they were leaving Serenity saw a big pile of boxes sitting by a big door. She said What are those boxes doing there? Sam said Every evening we box up all the parts that we made that day. Then we put them on the sleigh and send them to the assembly plant where they are put together. Santa said Time to go. We are going to the assembly plant next and you can see how things are put together.

So they got back in the sleigh and went to the assembly plant. When they got there there was another elf named Maria standing there waiting for them. Santa said This is Maria she will show us all around the assembly plant. So they went in and walked around. They saw elves putting together every kind of toy and game you can think of and some you probably never heard of before. When the tour was over Maria said Thank you for coming, I hope you enjoyed it. The kids all said thank you as they headed out the door and back into the sleigh. Next up the gift wrapping plant. Santa said.

When they got to the wrapping plant they all got out of the sleigh and walked in. There was an elf named Peter standing there waiting for them when they walked in. Santa said This is Peter, he will be our guide in the wrapping plant. So Peter took them all around and showed him all the pretty paper used for wrapping. He showed them how hard all the elves were working wrapping presents for all the children. When they got done and started to leave Sakora said Where's Serenity? They all looked around and no Serenity. Santa Claus said let's go back to the house I will get an all-out search going. All the elves in the North Pole will help search. So they went back to Santa Claus's house.

They went in and Santa Claus picked up the red phone and said We have a missing girl, get all the else together you can. We have to find her as soon as possible. A few minutes later there was a big commotion in front of the house. they all stepped out on the porch and there were hundreds of elf standing there. Santa said Search everywhere we have to find her, here is a picture of her. He picked up a big stack of pictures and handed them out to all the elves. Then he said Go now, please be quick and thorough, and let me know as soon as you find her. The elves went off in every possible direction and started their search. Everyone else went back inside to wait. Sakora said There must be something we can do, I can't just sit here and wait.

Santa Claus said The elves know every inch of the North Pole they can search far better and far faster than you can. Just stay here with us, they will find her. There is something we can do.

Santa Claus took the kids up to a very special room on the second floor. When they went in the room the kids saw a manger scene. Santa Claus knelt down in front of the manger. He said kneel down with me and we can pray. Prayers can work wonders. So the kids and the rainbow genie knelt down and they all prayed together for the safe return of Serenity.

Then Santa Claus took them back downstairs and into another room. This room had all kinds of toys and games set up. He said We will wait here. You kids are welcome to play any games you want or if you would rather read, there are books in the bookcase you can read. Just don't worry about Serenity, she will be all right, the elves will find her.

Two hours later Santa was looking at the kids. They were all shook up and afraid for Serenity. Their eyes were wet. They were trying not to cry. They were each trying to be strong for the others. Santa Claus said to the rainbow genie. I don't know how much more these kids can take, I hope the elves find Serenity soon. The rainbow genie just nodded.

Another hour passed and then the phone rang. They all jumped up and turned towards the phone as Santa Claus answered it. He said You found her! That's great. I will tell the kids. Where is she--- no don't--- we will come get her. She might be afraid if she sees a bunch of strangers. Then he hung up the phone.

Kids Santa Claus said They found Serenity, she fell asleep in one of the rooms in the assembly plant. Let's go get her. So they all got in the sleigh and went back to the assembly plant. Marie was waiting for them. She took him to a room and opened the door and said She's sleeping in there. They all walked in and there was a big pile of teddy bears in there. They walked around to the back of the pile and there was Serenity covered with teddy bears, all you could see was her head. The kids started to run to her, but Santa said Wait! let me get her and carry her out of here, you can have your reunion at the house over hot chocolate.

So the kids stopped and Santa went over and carefully started removing some of the teddy bears when he had her uncovered he picked her up and carried her out of the plant and into the sleigh. Then the rest of them got in the sleigh and they went back to Santa's house.

When they got back to the house. They went in and Santa put Serenity down. Then all of the older kids gathered around her and start hugging her and they all had tears of relief running down their faces.

Why are you crying? Serenity said This is a happy place. Then the rainbow genie said They are crying because they are happy to see you. You've been missing for three hours and the kids were all upset about it and now they are just releasing their emotions. That is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with crying

Then they sat down and had their hot chocolate. While they were having their hot chocolate Serenity said I am sorry, I saw the room with the teddy bears and I had to get a closer look. The next thing I knew Santa was picking me up. Santa said It is okay. You just gave us quite a scare when you turned up missing. When they were finished the rainbow genie said It's time for us to leave, say goodbye to Santa and Mrs. Claus and thank them for all they've done for us today. Santa Claus said Before you leave, let us give thanks to God for the safe return of Serenity. So they all bowed their heads and prayed. When they were done they all said their goodbyes, then all the kids held hands with the rainbow genie. The next thing they knew there were back in there own house again.

The rainbow genie said I have one more short story to tell you before I leave. Have you ever wondered how the Teddy Bear got his name. The kids nodded, then the rainbow genie continued. Years ago there was a boy growing up in New York. This boy was sick a lot when he was young. When he got little bit older someone told him he should go out west, the fresh air out there would make him better. So he decided to try it. He stayed out west for a couple months and he did start to feel better. So after that every year he would go out west for couple of months and he kept feeling better and better. Finally he got over all his childhood illnesses.

This man later became president of the United States his name was Theodore Roosevelt. Now Theodore liked to hunt. He had shot just about every animal but a bear. One day he was sitting there thinking to himself. It is time to go west again, I want to see if I can shoot a bear. So he got some of his friends together. Anywhere the president went, reporters were there to report on it. So there were reporters too. Then they all headed west.

They set up camp near the Rocky Mountains. Theodore would go out every day looking for a bear. He never did find one. Finally one of the last days they were there one his friends found a bear cub and a tied it to a tree. Then they brought Theodore over so he could shoot it. When Theodore got there he lifted up his rifle and started to aim it at the bear. Then he put the rifle down, took his glasses off and cleaned them. Then he picked up the rifle aimed it again. Then he put the rifle down, took his glasses off and rubbed his eyes. Then he picked up the rifle again, got ready to shoot again. Then he put his rifle down and he said Set the bear cub free, I can't shoot him. Thank you for finding him for me but I can't shoot them. So the bear cub was set free. All the papers all over the country picked up the story of how Pres. Roosevelt pardoned the bear.

About the same time there was a toy maker and his wife who had a store in New York. He would make all the toys they sold and she would sew dolls and stuffed animals. One day she put a stuffed bear in the window and it sold very fast. The next day she put three stuffed bears in the window and they sold fast. She kept putting more bears in the window. As fast as she put the bears in the Window they were sold.

One night they were talking and he said. You need to come up with a name for your bears. What should we call them? She said I don't know, do you have any ideas? He said I've just been reading the story about Pres. Roosevelt pardoning the bear cub. I was thinking maybe we could call them Teddy Bears after him. She loved the idea. She said We should get his permission first. I know, I'll make him a special bear and we will it send along with the note asking him if we can call them Teddy Bears. So that's what they did. Sometime later they got a note back from Pres. Roosevelt. The note said Thank you so much for the bear. I don't know if my name will help you sell your bears but if you think it will you are welcome to use it. So ever since they have called Teddy Bears.

The rainbow genie said This is my last time with you kids, you each have had your wishes. We've had a lot of fun together. I hope you learned a little bit too. You kids take care yourselves. They all hugged and said goodbye and then the rainbow genie disappeared for the last time. He was off to grant more wishes for more people.

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