The Underground

by Steven Cramer

My life has always been a bit on the boring side. I work as a security guard at a battery factory. I just got this job not that long ago and was given the title of "Site Supervisor"! Yup that's me, I run this place now! Little did I know what I was walking into, had I known then what I know now.. I would have told them to shove this job. The site they placed me at is what they call a "red site". Which means they are in danger of losing this account and it is now my job to fix the situation and make sure we don't lose the account, we lose the account I lose my job. I have been here for a little over 4 months now. I have gotten the staff situation under control, I have fired a lot of the old staff and replaced them with new staff.The old staff was a mess in every bit of the word. My 3rd shift guard she was really nice.. Especially so to the truck drivers who would sleep over night on the lot. Yup, she took extra care in "tucking them in" and making sure they were comfortable. The funny part here is that when I first met her she was pregnant,, you figure it out. Anyway I got her removed and found out my second shift guard was selling drugs to the drivers, along with some of the plant workers as well. He was removed too, about a week after I started.So I got the staff situation under control and I was even able to make friends out of our contact manager who worked in the plant. I think he felt sorry for me more than anything, he knew I was handed a shitty assignment. I mean I had to deal with all of that and then some for $9.50 an hour. But regardless of how friendly he was with me, getting him to fix anything was next to impossible. My first battle was trying to get the shitty fence fixed around the property. That was a no go, along with the dock lights or should I say lack thereof. This was a long battle and one I figured that I would not win, so I stopped trying to that effect.Things continued like that, something safety related would break down, incident reports would be written and nothing would be done about it. I took comfort in the fact that I at least had a staff of good reliable people now.... Or at least I thought I did...I had just gotten home from a birthday party when I got a call on my cell phone. My 3rd shift guard had not shown to work and our fill in staff was all busy at other sites. So I would have to come in to cover until we could sort out a new fill in. I was not happy to say the least. So I get there only to find out Jim my second shift guy was not answering his phone which was not like him, this guy was very dependable (or at least always has been). I called my boss the branch manager and he didn't answer so I just assumed I would be working 3rd shift along with my regular 1st shift. Oh well, this is what happens when you take a position of manager or supervisor, I asked for it!!Third shift runs by slow but sure and I place a call to the office and finally get a hold of someone in management! Turns out everyone in the office was really thankful for my covering the shift as I did along with working my normal shift. I was told they would continue to try and get a hold of my 3rd shift guard and see why he never showed up. I no sooner get off the phone and notice a man standing at the guard shack door. I answer the door and the man introduces himself as Frank Fraioli. He informed me that he lives in the area and he is looking for work. I told him that he would have to apply at the main office for work, but my site was not looking for anyone new this moment. He said thank you and left.Later that evening I got a phone call from the office saying that one of our guys from another site would be transferred to my site as they were unable to get a hold of my 3rd shift guard. To which I said great, I won't have to cover 3rd AND first then! I was so happy! I came in the next morning and met the new third shift guard and asked him how his night went, he said it was busy but uneventful which is always good and with that he left.Not even five minutes later the same guy showed up at the guard house asking about a job. I told him again he would need to go to the office to apply for a position and he said he would and that he would still like a job at my site. I told him that would not be possible as we were full already. After he left I called the main office and warned them this guy would probably be stopping by to fill out an application and that he seemed pretty hell bent on getting a job out at my site. Mike my boss just laughed and said, "Well we will get him placed somewhere but I will explain to him your site is full." To which I said thanks and hung up the phone.Later that same night I get a call from Mike at the main office asking if I would come in and train a brand new guy on 3rd because they had to fire my new 3rd shift guard for reasons he was unable to share with me. This made me wonder, but without question I went in. When the boss calls you answer, am I right? Anyway I get to work and who do I find waiting for me there with Mike my branch manager?? Frank Fraioli!!! I was floored to say the least, but there was little I could do about it. Mike introduced us and with that he left.The night of training went pretty quick and I found that Frank was a pretty cool guy! He was an older guy, late 60's and told me he grew up in the Boston area. He had tons of stories that he told me about the "old" days and we spent most of the shift talking about himself then anything job related. I had made mention of the issues I had with getting security related things fixed and pointed them out. He simply responded saying "Yup, these things need done!" he explained to me that he has a background in management and that with my permission he would like to help address the issues with management at the plant. I told him good luck but I have been trying for about four months now with no luck at all. He simply smiled and said, that's okay, some things just take time.With that I gave Frank my mark of approval, he was a good guy, fun to talk to and seemed to have a great work ethic! Frank as it turned out would prove me right over the next few weeks. Just when I thought things had finally gotten back to normal I come in to find repair men were working on the fence, and they were fixing the lights around the dock doors!! I asked Frank when this happened and all he said was "I ran into management this morning and we had a talk, turns out they understand that security is important now." I was floored! After all the back and forth I have been dealing with, he shows up and after one sentence things are fixed...Things have been getting even stranger at work. We have a few truck drivers that make local battery deliveries every day; we call them our regulars. Well a few of our regulars that make night deliveries have reported to me that unmarked vans have been coming and going all through the night. Now I wouldnt pay much attention to this but the plant now has a new closed off area with a secure fence inside the plant. I noticed this while doing my first safety round in the morning. I asked our contact manager if this was an area I should monitor for any safety concerns and he told me No. But my curiosity got the better of me so I figured I would comeback later that night and check things out, you know after all of the plant employees were gone.Later that night I show up at the plant and head up by the guard shack to let Frank know of my surprise late night safety check. Much to my surprise I see no sign of Frank anywhere around the guard shack. I simply figured he might be doing a safety round himself in the plant. With that I headed into the plant to see if I could run into Frank. I looked everywhere and I couldnt find him so I decided to head toward the new area of the plant I wanted to check out. I get closer to the new area and I hear people talking, so I duck out of the way and hide in between some stacks of batteries. I hear footsteps getting closer and then it hits me, one of the people talking is Frank! For some reason him and three other guys are standing around the new secure area talking about something, what they were talking about I couldnt make out. But I thought to myself, Why would he be talking to these guys I have never seen before?I waited for them to leave the plant and I made my way for the front offices, they had a camera monitor in the front area and I wanted to see what I could see. I start watching the cameras and I see Frank and the other guys talking in the parking lot next to two of the vans the truck drivers had reported to me about. These late night deliveries really made me wonder what was going on. Shipping and Receiving closed at 6:00PM and it was always company policy that any deliveries after that wouldnt be accepted unless they were pre-scheduled. It was my job to approve and sign off on all after hour deliveries; we never accepted any deliveries by van either. I then decided that I would swing by the guard shack after I saw Frank head back and pretend that I had just showed up to check on him.About 30 minutes go by and Frank finally starts heading back toward the guard shack and I ran to my car and drove up to the front of the guard shack. Frank greeted me with a smile and asked how I was doing. I told him I was fine and I just wanted to stop by and check on him. He seemed happy to see me, so we went into the guard shack and we talked for about an hour about plant policy among other things. I then brought up the subject of the new secure area inside the plant and asked him what he thought about that and us not having access to it. He told me that he didnt even know what I was talking about, that he hadnt noticed it. I asked him how that was possible as the area was huge and he tried to change to subject. I changed the subject back to the secure area and asked him if he would walk with me into the plant.We got inside the plant and all the way to the secure area cage and I tried reading the labels on the box and Frank stated that we shouldnt be around the area if we were not asked to go around the area in the first place. He then asked me if I could show him where an area was in the plant that he was supposed to check that he forgot about. I then asked him if he had any vans try and make deliveries to the plant at night, he gave me a puzzled look and said No, we dont have van deliveries just truck deliveries. With that said I thanked him, told him he was doing a good job and left. I sat in my car for a while after that, thinking. I think sometime this week I might just confront him and tell him I saw him talking to the guys by the vans, see what he says to that!Today was a long day at work, for the simple fact that all I could think about was what I had seen the night prior. Should I confront him, or should I just go about it like I had seen nothing? It didn't help matters any with every one of our local regular drivers asking if I had figured outwhat was going on. That is how the whole shift was going, and I finally sorted out that I had to find out what was going on! After all, I am the security supervisor!With that thought in my head I made a plan of attack so to speak. I would come back to work when Franks shift started and... Wing it! That's right, because if I went in there with an idea of what to say I'm pretty sure it wouldn't come out right. I felt better already, because in my mind the problem had already been solved somehow. After my shift ended I went home took a nap and got ready for whatever excuse Frank would give me. I got up around 10:30 and thought to myself, "Okay, this is it!" and forced myself to drive off to work.The normal drive takes me around 30 minutes, this night however it took me almost an hour for some reason. I pulled up into the front of the guard shack and I saw Frank pop his head out the window and he waved to me. I walked into the guard shack and Frank said "Hey ya Boss, what brings you out here this late at night?" I told Frank that I had some concerns and I wanted the truth. Frank looked at me and said "The truth huh, the truth about what?" I told him that I had seen him talking to guys in the parking lot standing next to vans.Then I told him that I had seen him talking to guys inside the plant by the secure cage area. He looked at me with a puzzled look and said "Are you sure, that you saw what you think you saw boss?" It was then when he said that I got a creepy thought in my mind, he sounds just like the Godfather when he said that! I replied that I knew what I saw and that I wanted some answers! Frank then laughed at me, and said "You don't want answers, you don't need answers!" I looked at Frank in disbelief! I couldn't grasp how he felt like he could talk to me like that and get away with it.With that I told him that if he didn't tell me what was going on I would fire him from my site. He stared at me for what must have been five minutes but felt like days and yelled, "You don't have the authority to remove me from this site!" I yelled back "Watch me!!!" and with that walked out of the office. On the way back I left a message with my boss Mike and told him that I needed to talk to him first thing in the morning regarding Frank. I wanted him out of my site ASAP. The whole night was sleepless, I kept thinking about Frank and how he had some nerve talking to me that way, but I would show him!The next morning I got a call from Mike asking me to swing by the office before I went to the site. I told him okay that wouldnt be a problem at all. So I get to the office and Mike is out front waiting for me and he asked me to step into his office for a chat. Once in the office Mike closed the door and said, we needed to talk about Frank. He said that I was to not correct him from this point on, and that I was to leave him alone to do his work. Mike then told me that should I fail to follow these instructions he would be forced to let me go. I couldnt believe what I just heard him say! I asked Mike how he could tell me that when it was my job as supervisor to discipline behavior like this. Mike shook his head and said this is the way of things, if I liked my job I had better follow orders. With that, I said ok and I left the office, what more could I have done?!I was so mad that I didnt know how to re-act! I went to work the next day and Frank greeted me with his normal Hi Boss, how are you doing?! I told him that I was fine and asked him again what was going on. I asked him if he worked with the government and he laughed. He said Iwork with people much more competent then the government! I said tell me what youre doing or I will go to the police. He laughed and said What will you tell the Police? That I was talking with people next to a van in the parking lot?! I told him No, but I will make sure that everyone I know will be aware that something fishy is going on here! Frank looked at me and said in the most serious voice ever I would hate for you to get hurt, you should just forget everything you saw!With that I went home, happy with the fact that I may have scared Frank a little bit. Later that night I was going to make some pizza but I forgot to get pizza sauce, I was not happy about it but figured eh, what the hell I will make a trip to the store for some pizza sauce, I really wanted some pizza!!! As I was walking to my car I noticed an SUV sitting at the end of the block that I had never noticed before, with what Frank had said before I have to admit I was a bit paranoid! I get in my car and sure enough the SUV speeds up behind me! I went faster and tried a few turns but I couldnt lose the SUV it was right on my bumper! Then all of a sudden the SUV speeds up next to me and rams my side! A few more tries and sure enough my car ends up wrapped around a telephone pole!I looked to the street and the SUV parks in the road and a guy walks to my broken window and says Frank says next time youre dead! I then passed out and came to in a hospital room. I was discharged a few hours ago with a broken rib and some other small injurys but thats okay, what does not kill us only makes us stronger! I have a feeling that I need to share that with Frank tomorrow!!!!The Next DayThis was it, I was going to finally get some answers today. Frank was going to tell me what was going on. I didn't have much of a plan as to how I would get him to talk so I figured I would do what has worked so far, I would just act in the moment! I get to work at my usual pace and I half expected that when I got there Frank would want to fight me or something, I mean the guy did try to get me killed after all. I get into the guard shack and when Frank sees me he smiles and says "Hi"! No, sorry I tried to have you killed, no sorry I have been less than honest with you,,, Nothing! I looked at him point blank and asked him, did you try and have me killed last night?! He looked back at me and said "Well you were being a bit nosy." To which I was not sure how to reply but I said Well I have every reason to be!Frank then asked me to have a seat. He explained that he worked for a group of people who were not know, and those who thought they knew had no Idea what was really going on, or who they were. He told me that this group had no name, they just were there. Frank then told me, "The current government is full of people who are corrupt and our job is one that is going to try and fix this problem. The packages that we are having sent in are documents that in time will be released to the public. They are here because this is the last place anyone would think to look. Every lie the government has ever told is in that cage. From the JFK Cover up to Roswell and everything in between. We have people inside every aspect of government and not just here in America. We will only release this information when we are able to educate the people of the world first. Thus far the American people have been kept stupid and afraid of the government and that is there greatest tool. If people depend on their government for food and income theywill not question that power. If they are kept poor and stupid they will be too weak to rise up. We are starting a revelation that will help people get back on their feet and break away from the need to the government. The government should work for the people, not the other way around like it is now."

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