Don't Knock Back

by Anthony Poynton

There is a tale from my childhood that filled me with fright, of a weird thing that happens to people at night.




While you're tucked up in bed, in the dark of your room, and familiar objects look strange through the gloom. You feel you're observed, it's a very bad feeling, then you hear something knocking at your walls, floor or ceiling.




Tugging at your soul, a mysterious force, makes you leave your warm bed and go hunt for the source. The knocking gets louder, your heart starts to pound, you move closer and closer to the ominous sound. An icy cold shiver runs the length of your back, but don't ever, ever ever, ever ever knock back.




The original tale, as I recall, tells of a lad named Billy Mcgrawl. One cold winters night, in the midst of a dream, Billy got woken by a terrible scream. He ran to the window and looked out on the street, but all he could hear was his thumping heartbeat.




'Just a dream' Billy thought, 'Really nothing at all' then something knocked at the boy's bedroom wall. He walked up to the wall, hypnotized and wide eyed. Then the foolish young man raised his hand and replied. Three times he rapped with his fist on the plaster; Poor Billy Mcgrawl had invited disaster.




Billy tried to move, but his body had froze, then blood started dripping from his eyes ears and nose. His nerves pulsed with pain from his head to his toes, then his feet left the floor, as his whole body rose.




Suspended in the air, and paralysed by fright, he saw his room filling with gold liquid light. It sparkled and shimmered like sunlight on the ocean, as it weaved a web around him with a fluid spiral motion. Almost enveloped completely, like a moth in its cocoon, he looked up and, was stunned to see, the night sky, stars and moon.




One by one the stars went out, and Billy felt deep dread, as a huge black shadow slowly filled the sky up overhead. He started feeling drowsy then his eyelids flickered shut, the next thing he remembered was a sharp pain in his gut. The semi-conscious boy lay strapped down to a table, he opened up his mouth to scream but found he was unable. Many bony figures with grey skin, and huge black eyes, inserted long steel needles in his head neck chest and thighs. They stole his blood; they drilled his skull and fiddled with his brain, while Billy, wide awake inside, felt terrifying pain.




Three days later, Billy was found wandering through a wood, confused and talking to himself, and covered in dried blood. When asked where he had been, Billy did explain, so they took him off to a hospital, for the seriously insane.




The End

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