Innocence of Childhood

by Stacey

The young girl sat on the Roundabout watching silently as the other children played. All day she had been looking forward to the visit to the park. She only got to come once a week. If she was lucky. As The Roundabout carried on in it's own little act of circular motion, the sun gleamed on her natural blonde locks. That's when she caught sight of a man dancing in the distance behind some iron bars.

Curious, she moved closer. It looked like so much fun.

She stood against the bars her small hands wrapped tightly around them. Watching curiously at this grown mans every step.

The man danced softly and joyfully in the light of the sun.

The sunlight reflected on the lens of his glasses.

No care in the world.

Just the pure act of being outside was enough for him. He began to leap and dance like he was dancing the tango with a make-believe partner.

The girl curiously watched, as she slowly released her tense grip on the bars. She felt more at ease now.

She had never seen a grown man act like this. No grown man she knew had ever danced with so much happiness and joy like that of a child.

Even though the man looked silly the girl was innocent to the fact that the park was right next to a mental institute but the pureness in this little girl allowed her to watch curiously.

Until her mother stopped talking to her friend and realised her daughter was standing against the bars. she ran over like a crazy woman and pulled her daughter away from the metal bars whilst shouting at her ` They are naughty mister's in there! You must never go near there againyou hear me!'

`But mommy, he is having so much fun dancing in the sun'

The end

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