The Ticket

by Aisha Khalid

You really cant go any further than what your ticket says child, he was told.

The look of disappointment must have showed clearly on his almost scarlet face.

But I really want to go the child thought. I really want to meet them, especially her- the one who has been so kind to me these past few months. I want to see what she looks like, I surely must have permission to see her once.

A pleading look must have certainly appeared on his face because what he saw now on the other end were somewhat apologetic eyes.

But, the ticket cannot be altered.

Where is my ticket going to take me then? He implored.

Someplace even better than you thought you were going child. Someplace even better. Youll get to play there all day with kids just like you, they may vary in size, but child, they are just like you. They all had tickets similar to yours.

This somewhat reassured the child. He wasnt really apprehensive any more. The stranger though new was very kind, he somehow knew that much.

A thought struck him at that time that made his mouth slightly form a downward curve- an action that took some effort as this was the first time his mouth did this particular exercise and probably the last.

What about them? They are expecting me, theyve been waiting for me for months.

Theyll be sad the stranger agreed but theyll understand.

The child was now ready. He somehow knew exactly what he had to do now, just a swift movement and the rest will happen itself. The stranger was there to guide him. He wasnt scared anymore, just sad that he didnt get to see them- didnt get to form faces to the voices that he had been hearing for months.

He got ready to feel his warm surroundings one last time, hear the heart go thump thump one last time and then he was ready, he did a swift action with his legs which wrapped the cord around his neck- tightly- then there was just a release.

He had come to where the ticket was supposed to take him . Surrounded by merriment he forgot about the thing that had passed just a few moments ago. He fell in love with this place instantly- the stranger was right, there were others like him here. Everyone had a happy face here, all he felt now was a warm glow, he understood that this place was better, he understood that a day will come when hell get to see them, meet them. He just had to wait.

Oh, he just had to wait a little bit longer to meet her.

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