The Voice of Jesus

by Arnold Nelson

Have you ever wondered what Jesus sounded like? I have been thinking about that a lot tonight. There's no way for us to know for sure because there were no tape-recorders back then. This is just my guess on what Jesus sounded like. This is base mostly on the Bible and some on what I've been told from other people.

I don't think he would have a big bass voice because if he did would definitely scare some people. And I've never heard of anybody being afraid of Jesus except the people that were against his teachings.

I don't think he had a high tenor voice either because he had a lot of authority in his voice and high voices don't seem to have that much authority in them.

I think he had a very nice baritone voice which could be very authoritative when it had to be and also very comforting when it had to be.

I think there was a lot of soothing comfort in his voice. There was also a lot of forgiveness in his voice, and a lot of love, for Jesus was love. We know it because the Bible tells us that. The Bible also tells us how forgiving Jesus was. He even forgave us when we put him on the cross. He got on that cross not for anything he did, but for what we did. He got on that cross so that we would have a chance of going to heaven to live with him for all eternity.

Jesus was a very caring person and I'm sure that came through in his voice. He cared most for those that most people thought were worthless. He knew there was something good in them. The problem was to make them see there was good in them and to make them follow him.

Jesus had so much authority in his voice he could even control the storms, yet his voice is so gentle not even the smallest children were afraid of him. Jesus was an amazing person, I wish I could have been back there in biblical times and been able to listen to him preach. He preached to thousands at a time, He did it without a microphone, so his voice must have carried unbelievably well because everybody heard him.

Think of the most beautiful voice you ever heard and I will bet you the voice of Jesus was much more beautiful, there will never be anybody who could ever come close to the voice of Jesus. We will never know exactly what Jesus sounds like until we get to heaven, but these are my ideas.

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