The Bible

by Arnold Nelson

I really can't remember where or how I got the Bible but it has always been my favorite translation. It was called the Living Bible. In 1973 I was in the Air Force stationed at Norton AFB. I got a notice saying I was going to be transferred to some place called Goose Bay Labrador. I had never heard of the place. When I saw the name I was thinking Liberia. So I figured somewhere on the equator, not bad.

Then I found out it was way up in NE Canada. It was cold and isolated up there. We had 1 TV station the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Co.) and 2 radio stations an American and a Canadian station. We had a movie theater.

There wasn't a lot to do up there so I played a lot of bingo. There was bingo almost every night between base and the civilians and I think the RAF (English) had one too. So I played a lot of bingo and every night I read the Bible. I started with Genesis 1.1 all the way through to Revelations. As I read I got a strong urge to start marking verses. At first I resisted because I don't write in any of my books especially the Bible. The urge kept getting stronger until finally I gave in.

     The time came for me to leave Goose Bay and the Air Force and go back home. The Air Force came with some boxes and packed and shipped my stuff back to California for me. I started to tell them to pack my Bible then something told me to carry it, so I did.

    When I left I was carrying the Bible and 2 suitcases. I was flown to New Jersey where I was mustered out of the service. Then a bunch of us were driven to the airport and set free. I said set free because that was what it felt like. After 4 long years I was free, to go where I wanted and do what I please.

    My first stop was to fly to Boston and spend some time with my friend who was going to school there. I checked into the hotel and went to my room and found out I left my Bible somewhere. So I went back to the check-in counter and they said check with the lost and found. So I did, They had my Bible.

     I had several days up there and had a lot of fun including watching an Angel and Red Sox baseball game at Fenway park. In the game there was almost a fight between people on one side of me and people on the other, but they cooled down before it got past the name calling.

    I took a side trip back to Montreal to see if I could find a bathroom door knocker for my sister, I had bought one months ago and she asked me to look and see if I could find one for her, I never found another.

    I went back to Boston spent another night, then headed for Florida. I wanted to see Disney World but for some reason when I got my ticket I told the ticket agent Miami. So I went to Miami first. I used to love bus trips I met some of the nicest people on buses.

     I got to Maimi. It was about 1 am and the bus to Disney World didn't leave until 7 am. So I went next store to a hotel and tried to get a room. I was told they were all filled up. So I spent the night in the bus station.

     Spending the night in bus stations is not one of my favorite things, but I managed. I remember there was one lady in there who was high on something and started running around and then collapsed. The paramedics came and when they brought the lady around she was mad. She refused to go to the hospital she refused any more help and she started yelling at everybody close. She was mad because no one helped her when she fell.

      Finally the bus to was there and I got on and headed for Disney World. About an hour out of Miami a girl about 18 or 19 came up to me and noticed the Bible I was carrying and asked if she could borrow it. I gave it to her. I looked back once and she was seated with a man about the same age and they were both reading the Bible.

     She came back with the Bible about 30 minutes later and started to hand it back to me. She said thank you. I said 'Keep the Bible I brought it for you." She just said "Thank you" and left.

    I got to Disney World and had a great couple of days then headed back to California. When I got back to California I started a new life as a civilian. I did try and replace the Bible but they quit printing that translation. I finally found a used one and bought it.

    I used the replacement Bible every time I read the Scriptures in church.

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