The Judgement Day

by Arnold Nelson

      Several years ago him . I gave a talk to the children at a church. I started out giving them some dates. These dates meant a lot to me and to anybody else that was old enough to remember.

    The first date was when I was in seventh grade. See how many of these dates you remember: November 22, 1963

                               July 20, 1969

                               January 28, 1986

                               September 11, 2001

                               February 1, 2003

     Anybody who was around during that time could probably tell you exactly where they were when they heard the news. I think I will wait until the end of the story to tell you what happened on those dates, if you don't remember. No matter how bad or good the events were on those days there is something coming up that will be far better or for worse then anything you could possibly imagine or anything that has happened so far.

     It is called the judgment day It is the day when each of us will have to go before the Lord to be judged on what we did or didn't do here on earth. There will be no high-priced attorneys and no friends to help you. It'll be just you and God. And you have to explain to God. what you did and why you did it, And if you go to heaven, it will be happier then anything you could possibly imagine. If you end up going the other way, it can be worse than anything you could possibly imagine.

     Here is the way, one of the finest country singers of our times, Loretta Lynn, sees the judgment day.

      Standing Room Only Billy Walker-Bill Carlisle- arr. Loretta Lynn-F. Heighton

                                    Standing room only,

                          not even room to kneel and pray.

                    Standing room only on the judgment day.

                         Last night I had an awful dream,

                           that the end of time had come.

                       The trumpet that had been sounded,

                            and life on earth was done.

                         An angel stood one foot on land,

                              and the other foot on sea,

                           and as I tried to kneel and pray,

                                  a voice said unto me.

                               There's standing room only,

                                 it's too late now to pray.

                                There standing room only,

                                 this is the Judgment day.

                                 People filled each church

                                     and churchyard

                                just as far as I could see.

                               I heard pitiful cry for mercy,

                              and then I realized it was me.

                              I saw the Savior then appear,

                               as he split the eastern sky.

                                I saw the tears of joy on

                                     a Christian's face,

                               and I heard the sinners cry,

                                 and as I tried to touch

                                     the saviors hand

                                 with one last feeble plea.

                                I cried again have mercy,

                                 have mercy Lord on me.

                               I saw a tear come to his eye,

                                 as he turned my sole away.

                                I didn't know him yesterday,

                                 and he knew me not today.

                            The earth was burning all around,

                                the world went up in smoke,

                               and as the flames engulfed me,

                                      thank God, I awoke.

                                  Then I got out of my bed,

                                     got down on my knees

                               and you should've heard me pray.

                                  For in my dream I witnessed,

                                   God's great judgment day.

                                      Standing room only on

                                   God's great judgment day.

     I promised you, I would tell you what was so important about each of those dates.

     So here is November 22, 1963 that was the day John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas.

     July 20, 1969 that was the day. Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon (it's funny, some people still believe all of the moon landings were a hoax).

     January 28, 1996 that was the day the shuttle Challenger blew up as it was taking off from the Kennedy space Center in Florida.

     September 11, 2001 that was the day that terrorist blew up the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon and tried to damage the White House.

      February 1, 2003 that was the day the space shuttle Columbia blew up as it was reentering the Earth's atmosphere.

     I still remember where I was when all these events happen, do you?

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