by Arnold Nelson

      I have been fighting this for about 2 hours. This is not really my sort of thing. When God tells you to do something you have to do it even if you don't want do. These are my opinions. If you don't agree that is fine. Our country gives everyone the right to say whatever they want and it gives everyone the right to agree or not. So if you don't like what I am saying fine I respect you right to disagree please respect my right to speak my mind.

      I don't think it matters what church you go to or even what day of the week you go to church. God said we should work 6 days and rest on the seventh. God never said which day that was, Man did. I believe as long as we rest 1 day a week God will be happy. The way society is, it is impossible for everyone to rest on the same day anyway. I go to a Methodist church now and I love it there. We are not a big church but we have a good church family. I have never been in a church where there is so much hugging, it is neat.

      I always felt bad because we have such a small group of kids in our church. Last Sunday someone pointed out we have kids so our church is growing. There are some churches with no kids and they are dying. It made me look at things differently.

      I don't consider myself a Methodist. I consider myself a Christian. I am a son of God and I do things to please him. I do many small things around the church. Most of which very few people know I do. I don't do them to get recognized. I do them for the Glory of God. If I see something that needs doing I will do it. If I can't do it I find someone who can. Sometimes I start to get overwhelmed and I have to pull back and stop some of the things I do until I get myself under control again.

     When we volunteer we do it not for our own recognition but for the glory of God. I think most churches are like ours there is a small group that always comes forward when asked and the majority sit back and do nothing. I have a friend that calls them churchians. churchians are people that come to church and worship God. When church is over they forget about God until next week.

     Something that has been bothering for a long time is that these people that come to your house or call you on the phone and insist you have to be a member of their church or you will not be saved. You do not have to be a member of any specific church to be saved. You do not have to do a thing to be saved. Jesus already paid the price for our salvation. He died a horrible death for our sins. As long as we believe that we will be saved.

     When we do things we should do them to honor God not for anything we might get out of it. We should not do things for our own glory all the glory has to go to God or we are doing them for the wrong reasons.

     Another thing is these people who say you have to give 10% of all you have to the church or you will not be saved. God has said in the Bible that everyone should give 10% but he understands some people can't. You give what you can and God will use it and reward you. If you are like me and can't give much money to the church give your time. The church always needs volunteers. there is always much that needs to be done Sometimes you have to look a little but there are always needs in a church. Everyone has talents. Everyone's talents are different.

     The trick is to find something in the church where you can use your God given talents. I have never seen a church turn volunteers away. If the job they wanted was full there were at least 2 or 3 similar jobs that needed doing.

     When I became a Stephen Minister we had to get up in front of the church and tell the church what Stephen Ministry means to us. I held up the Stephen's Ministry poster it showed a broken man in the back a cross and a whole man in the front. I explained what the symbols on the poster meant.

     They mean the the only way a broken man can be saved is by going through the cross and when he comes out the other side he is whole again. I said there is one thing missing, the Stephen Minister, and that is alright because my job is to lead the man to the cross. Then God takes over. God gets all the glory for making the man whole again. A Stephen Ministry has to stay in the background so that God gets all the Glory. It is the only way it can work. Confidentiality is the biggest asset the Stephen Ministry has. Without it the system will not work. To God be the Glory.

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