Truth or Fiction?

by Arnold Nelson

Truth or fiction. I will give you 12 stories that I have heard, or that I have personally been involved in, and you decide whether truth and fiction. I will also stick one or two that I have made up in there just for fun. In the end I will tell you what I know about the stories and whether I believe they are true or not. Then you have to decide whether to believe or not to believe me.

1. An old man gets stuck on a mountain trail after dark and two angels come to his rescue.

2. An old lady falls in her yard a guardian angel catches her so when she hits the ground she doesn't even get hurt.

3. A lady has a serious traffic accident and after the accident, she can't find her two children anywhere. Finally a police officer said "They're in the back of my car. The kids told me their father left them there and told them to wait for their mom."

4. A young man a hitchhiking from Dallas to Los Angeles gets stuck outside Wilcox, Arizona and finds a pickup truck with the door unlocked, crawls in and sleeps. The next morning he finds a store two door down and get some water, which probably saved his life.

5. An old man gets stuck on his roof when the ladder falls. Finally a friend comes for a visit and helps him down.

6. A man escaped a burning building by following a light no one else saw.

7. An old couple gets stuck in an isolated part of the desert when his care breaks down. Some good Samaritans give them enough water to get the car down to the freeway where a policeman called a tow truck. Then they go next door to a restaurant and find a couple going where they were going. The couple gives them a lift.

8. A man was watching a burning bush in the middle of the desert. The bush was not consumed. A voice was talking to the man from the bush.

9. Three men were thrown in a fire for not bowing to the king. When the king looked in there were four men in the fire and the fire was not even hurting them. They were having a nice conversation.

10. A lady had a strange urge to stop at a grocery store she never stopped at before. There was a mother in there trying to buy food for her kids and gas for her car. The lady helped out.

11. A man jumps off a bridge and is caught by an angel and is set safely on the shore.

12. A man prays for his paralyzed sister to walk again. After his prayers she did walk across a swimming pool with weights on her ankles to hold her down.

Did you figure out which was True and which was fiction. Well here our my answers.

1. A man went to Hawaii with his wife and 2 of her sisters. They were told of a beautiful waterfall and he wanted to see it. So they decided to walk up. Part way up the sisters decided it was not worth the climb. He was determined to see it. They got a late start and he climbed slow. Shortly after he left the falls the sun went down, it got dark, and he was trying to feel his way down the trail. A short time later a man came up with a flashlight and shined the light on the trail so he could see where he was walking. A short time later another man came up the trail to help. One was ahead of the man the other behind. When they got down, they talked to the second man for a while and thanked him. When they looked for the first man to thank him he had disappeared. No one knew who he was or where he came from. That man stuck on the mountain was my Brother-in-law.

2. A friend told me this. I believe her. She said she was working alone in her yard and tripped. As she was falling she felt someone grab her and set her down gently, so gently she did not even hurt her bad knee. She said it was her Guarding Angel. I believe her.

3. This was an E-mail I received a while back. A lady was in a bad accident. After the accident she was running around yelling "Where are my children, where are my children." Everyone thought something was wrong with her because no one had seen any children anywhere around the accident. Finally just before she was taken away, an officer came up to her and said "They are sitting in the back of my car. They told me their father put them there and they were to stay until the mother came for them." The mother got a shocked look on here face and said "Their father died last month." I don't know if this is true or not but being a Christian I believe these kinds of stories until someone can prove they are not through.

4. That young man hitchhiking was me. I had been riding with a drunk most of the afternoon. He had a bottle under his seat and an empty gas tank. He keep asking me to put gas in his car so I did because it was better then hitching. When my money ran out it was late in the afternoon, we pulled into Wilcox AZ. He said he was going to sleep in his car that night and try to find work in the morning so he would have gas money. I didn't trust the man and wanted to get as far away from him as I could. So I got back to the freeway and tried to get another ride. It was starting to get dark and the temp was dropping so I knew I had better get help fast. Finally I saw a light in the distance. I followed it to a mobile home. I knocked, there was no answer so I decide to get in the back of a pick-up in the driveway to get out of the wind. It was still cold so I checked the drivers side door, it was open, so I climbed in. It was warm inside so I slept on the seat. In the morning I walked a very short ways and there was a little grocery store. I went in and they gave me a bottle of water, Which I really needed. I tried to find the place years later so I could thank the people that saved my life if they were still around. Where it happened there was nothing but desert and no sign anything had been there for a long time.

5. My friend told me this. He was up on the roof doing something and the ladder fell over. This man was 86 and had no business on the roof but he was stubborn and decide he could do it. So He just sat on the roof for about 2 hours until a friend came over for a visit.

6. This is just a story I made up. It is fiction. I found out from a loyal reader this may not be fiction. She remembers hearing about a story like this.

7. The old couple that got stuck in the desert was my dad and his friend. They had a Cadillac and he knew Cadillacs never break down. Late one night his Cadillac did break down. They were stuck in one of the most isolated parts of the California desert. Some people stopped and said they would send a tow truck back but none came. One family was on their way back from camping let them have all the water they had left.

My dad started putting it all in the radiator. Hi friend said to save one for them to drink. So he did. He got the car running and ran it until it stopped again. When it cooled down he did it again. He did it about 3 or 4 times before he got to the interstate.

Then the police stopped and called a tow truck. They were towed in Needles California. After they got the care towed the were sitting in a restaurant nearby trying to figure out how to get to Laughlin, where they were headed. They heard a couple saying they were going to the same casino they were going to. They asked the couple for a ride and the couple took them to the casino. They got there about the same time I was finishing my night shift there.

It was a family effort getting his car running again. My brother was able to find another engine and had it sent to California. One of my Brother-in-laws came down from Oregon and towed the car to another Brother-in-law's in Garden Grove California. There my two brother-in-laws put the Cadillac back together for my Dad.

8. That man with the burning bush was Moses. God was talking to Moses through the burning bush. God told him to take his people out of Egypt and to the promise land. Moses tried to refuse but God said you can do it. God said your brother Aaron will help.

9. The three men in the fire were Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego. The king had them thrown in the fire because they would not bow down and worship the king. The fourth man in the fire was Jesus. He was there to protect His children like he always promised.

10. This was another E-mail I received a while back. A lady felt a strong urge to stop at a small grocery store she had never stopped at. When she got to the cashier there was a woman crying. Because she didn't have enough money to buy food to feed her kids. The lady looked in the parking lot and saw an old car with three kids sitting there. They all looked hungry. The woman told her story, she had taken her kids and left an abusive relationship. She was driving cross country to her parents home in California. She was out of gas and out of money. She did not know what to do. The Lady was moved with the woman's story and payed for the food and filled up her tank.

11. This was another story I made up.

12. The man that was praying was me. My sister lost the use of her legs in 1970. She was 23 years old. They never found out exactly why. She has some use of her arms. I prayed like crazy for a while that she would one day walk again. Other then that one day in the pool she never walked again. She married her PT instructor. That was a not suppose to happen. PT instructors are not suppose to fall in love with their patients. They have been married over 40 years and have been through a lot together. They are very happy and She stays busier then most people who can walk. She makes the system work for her and if it doesn't she changes it.

This world is full of strange and unusual stories. Most of them defy any explanation we can give. The only answer is God is still working down here to protect his children.

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