Aurora Colorado

by Arnold Nelson

     After the massacre in Aurora, Colorado it seemed everybody had opinions on why it happened. So I decided I would put my opinions down too. After all, this is a free country and everyone has a right to say anything.

    I think we are creating a society of loners. Nobody talks anymore, all they ever do is text, and the video and computer games we play are getting more and more one person against a robot. The music and television shows we watch are filled with more and more violence, the games we play are getting more and more violent.

     We are being de-synthesized and we don't even realize it. These violent games are like any other addiction. After a while, you don't get the same feeling from them, so you have to find more and more violent games finally it gets to a point that some of these people with mental problems seem to cross over the line from fantasy to reality. And when they can't get the feeling from the games any more. They go out and get a few guns ,which are easy to come by, and then they find a location where there are a lot of people, and start shooting.

    In their warped minds they think of it as just another video game and they try and see how many people they can shoot and kill. They want that feeling back that they used to get from the video games. The problem is, it is reality and in reality when people are shot, they cannot come back and play again. It is way too easy in our society to buy guns and bullets.

      If you cannot buy the gun legally there are many in the black market , who will sell you a gun, no questions asked. Most of these black-market guns were stolen from collectors. Most of these collectors lock up their collections and do everything they can to keep them safe. I had a boss one time who told me that locks are only to keep honest people out, if someone wanted to come in, a lock would only slow them down a little.

    I know the Constitution gives people the right to have guns for their own protection, but some people go overboard on that, they have a lot more guns and ammunition than would ever be necessary to protect themselves and their families.

     I have been told at a lot of the gun shows there are illegal sellers who sit out in the parking lot and wait. They have people inside, looking for buyers that have been turned down by legal sellers, they take the buyers out to the parking lot and the illegal sellers sell them guns.

    There are also the survivalists who are convinced the United States is going to crash and it will be everyone for themselves. They stock up on lots of food and lots of guns and ammunition to protect their families. Some even have electric generators, so they will have electric power when everything goes down. I heard one talking and he says when it happens he is going to sit in his house with guns in his hand and anybody that comes near , he will shoot first and ask questions later.

      The problem with this thinking is, if this happens and I pray it doesn't, people will gather in the small group for protection, when they get hungry, they will get food anywhere they can. They may see that man in his house with food, they are not going to stop and think about the guns. They are going to band together and stormed the house. One man sitting there with guns might be able take out one or two people but if 15 or 20 are storming his house he does not stand a chance. They will get in and take advantage of the women and the girls in the house and then eat food then go on and look for more.

      I have been thinking and thinking about the problems with guns. Years ago, I came up with one suggestion, but no one ever takes me seriously. I said let them have all the guns they want but ban bullets. People just laugh when I say that.

     The only others solution I can come up with is God, if you believed in God and trust Him. He will take care of you. There have been times in my life when I've turned from God and tried to run my life myself, but I only make a mess of things. Then I turn back to God and he straightens out my life again. Remember if you lose your earthly life it doesn't matter, God will take you up to heaven with him, and in heaven everything is perfect. There are no guns, no hunger, no poor people, and no sickness. Everything you need is provided for you, God will take care of you. All you have to do is believe that Jesus died on the cross for you. That is the only way to enter heaven.

     The American Indians have a saying It is a good day to die. They are not afraid to die. They know there is something beyond death and the are ready for it when it comes. I am ready whenever God calls me. Every time I pray about it God says It is not time yet. There is more for you to do. So I keep going one day at a time.

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