The Accident

by Arnold Nelson

    This is a fictional story. I woke up this morning with this weird idea for a story. Sounded good so I'm putting it down before I forget it.

     I am driving down this long narrow road. I am on my way to work, thinking about what the day will bring. All of a sudden I see this car coming towards me like a bullet. He partially on my side of the road. I go as far to the right as I can, but the road is narrow, I can't get out of the way. I slowed as much as I can, but there's no getting out of his way. He hits me in the left headlight. My car spins around and flipped over a few times. My car comes to a stop about 20 yards off the road, about 20 feet below the road, upside down. I start trying to move to see if I am alright, but all I can move is one arm. I'm stuck hanging upside down.

     I hear a bunch of people running towards my car. Now they are looking at me to see if I'm all right. I can't say a thing, I try, but they can't here me. I hear someone say he's alive, but he pinned in there pretty good. I hear the sirens and then the fire department is here, they bring the heavy equipment and pry the door open. They put a sheet over me as they cut out some of the metal so they can get me out. Then one fireman says hold his head I while I cut the seat belt. So one of the fireman is holding my head all the sudden I feel the seat belt giveaway. I dropped to the roof of the car. Then they are carefully me pulling out of the car and putting me on a stretcher and checking me out.

     I hear one of the firemen say both his legs are broken, one arm is broken, it looks like he has some broken ribs and internal injuries. We had better get him to the hospital in a hurry. I tried to talk but no one hears me. They quickly put me in the ambulance and start an IV and rushed me to the hospital.

    In the hospital the doctors checked me out and send me for some x-rays. I keep trying to talk to them but they can't hear me. Then finally they put me in the hospital room, in bed. Now I can rest. After the doctors leave I see my sister Karen and brother-in-law Paul. They are talking to me I try to answer but they can't hear me. Then Karen says The doctor said he might be unconscious for several days. Paul says We need to find a lawyer for him. Then pastor Tom comes in and introduces himself to Paul and Karen. Paul and Karen leave. Pastor Tom talked for a while but I'm so tired really don't understand what he is saying, then he says a prayer and leaves.

     When I wake up. Paul is standing there. He's saying something about he has a lawyer for me. When I wake up he will have the lawyer come over and we can talk. I tried to say thank you but he can't hear me. Paul stays with me for a while and then he leaves. A few other people come in for few minutes and leave. The doctors and nurses are always coming in and checking up on me and giving me medication and shots.

     About a week later Karen and Paul are there again. I start trying to talk to them and finally they can hear me. They asked me about the accident. I tell them what I remember. They were surprised I could remember so much. A few hours later a man comes in to see me. He introduces himself as my lawyer. I answer all his questions as well as I can. Then he wants me to sign some papers.

     There's a problem I can't use my left hand and I'm left-handed. So I scribble my name with my right hand. The lawyer said it would be all right. There were times I wish I had died in that accident I was in so much pain. I guess God still has plans for me. He won't let me come home yet.

    I'm in such bad shape they will not let me live on my own anymore. They put me in an assisted living place and they gave me a wheelchair. I can walk but I have a lot of problems, I can't walk more than about 20 or 30 feet without resting. The good thing is my lawyer got me a good settlement so I never have to worry about money again.

     They told me the guy they hit me was over twice the legal limit for DWI. They also said this was his third offense. They figure he was going over 100 mph when he hit me. They said I was lucky to be alive. There was no luck involved. God didn't want me home yet so He kept me alive.

     Please if you drink, don't drive, people are killed every day by drunk drivers. If you use drugs, don't drive, it can be worse then driving drunk. These days there is something else that is very dangerous. People who drive tired, sometimes they don't realize how tired they are, and they fall asleep driving, which could be just as bad as drunk driving. Please if you feel tired take a break, walk around little bit, have a cup of coffee, and clear out your head then continued driving. It might cost you 10 or 15 minutes but it could save a life.

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