One Hard Head

by Arnold Nelson

     On December 26th I was walking out to go to work. I walked around the corner of my mobile home, towards my car. I caught my foot into a drainage pipe, that I didn't even know was there. The next thing I knew I was falling forward I hit headfirst into a bunch of gravel that was on the ground. The first thing I remember thinking was I was warm enough because I was wearing my new coat. Then I felt the blood running out of my head. I lifted my head a little bit and I saw a puddle of blood where my head was laying. My head was really hurting. I laid there for a couple of minutes to get my strength back. When I got my strength back. I got myself back on my feet. I put my gloved hand on my forehead to try and stop the blood. Then I walked into the house and grab some paper towels and put them on my forehead. Then I put my gloved hand back on my forehead to hold the towels there. Then I sat down in my chair and call my brother-in-law and asked him to help me out.

     To backtrack a little bit, I live in the small mobile home on my sister and brother-in-law's property. They have a big mobile home not far from me. My sister was working. My brother-in-law cannot work but he spends his days with his friend they put together antique trucks. So he was just a couple miles down the road from here. They also have a dog about two years old. He is a Blue Heeler. He is a very spoiled dog and he is very much loved. When my sister goes to work and my brother-in-law goes down to his friends, Buddy the dog comes over here and stays with me until I go to work.

     Buddy was walking out with me the day I fell. He must have gotten scared because I didn't see him for a while after I fell. It took about 10 minutes for my brother-in-law to get here with his friend. They both looked at the cut in my four head, then he went over to see where I fell. His friend said that the cut did not look very deep. He asked me what I wanted to do, I wasn't thinking too clearly so all I said was put a patch on. He told me to go in and lie down.

      He went to get his first aid kit and put a patch on it for me. He came back and cleaned it up and put a patch on it. Then he gave me something for my headache. Then he left. Before he left he made sure I had everything I needed and then he said if I needed anything else give him a call. I just laid there for about 15 or 20 minutes trying to make the headache go away. Buddy laid on the rug next to the sofa. All I had to do was put my hand down and I could feel him. It was his way of comforting me. It was a comfort too. Then I decided to sit up and watch TV because there was not much else I could do that time.

     A few minutes after I started watching TV my phone rang. It was my sister, my brother-in-law called her and told her what happened. She was calling to make sure I was all right. After we talked a few minutes she said she would feel better if I went to urgent care and got checked out. So I agreed and she said she would call her husband back and he would come and take me to urgent care. So that is what happened. Urgent care was busy we sat there in the waiting room for over two hours before we could see a doctor.

    The doctor put 15 stitches in my head and then she used super glue on the bridge of my nose. My brother-in-law was watching everything with interest. I could not see anything she put a sheet over my head with the hole so she could work on my forehead. While she was sewing me up we were joking around and I said gave him some lessons on sewing people up. So she gave him a couple lessons. Then they sent us home.

    The next day was my day off so I was able to rest and recuperate all day. On Friday as I was walking out to go back to work Buddy was walking next to me. As we walked around the corner of the mobile home towards my car, Buddy did something which really surprised me. He went over and set by the pipe I tripped on so that I could not get anywhere near it. He wanted to make sure I would not tripped again. The next few days I had to answer a lot of questions about what happened, how it happened, and why. You see Walmart is like a big family. They all worry about each other, especially when they think somebody's hurting. Also many of the customers know me after well over a year of greeting people, they were all concerned about me too.

    God was really watching over me that day. I could have been hurt a lot more seriously. I got out of it with just a 3 inch cut him on my forehead and a cut on the bridge of my nose. My eyes blackened a little bit but not very much. I guess I will always have a scar on my forehead. Who knows it might work good if I ever decide to dress up as a pirate or monster.

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